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  1. Is anyone having problem with certain pages loading? I keep going onto index pages and they don't seem to be loading the background or any of the pictures except the banner...

    1. Breathless


      Everything is loading fine for me. :|

    2. DuLake


      I got an error page earlier, something about the mySQL server being down (or something to that end).

    3. Mute point

      Mute point

      Only thing that doesn't like to load for me is comments on yahoo.

  2. Don't know who follows the football here, but Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid... Madness, utter madness. O.o

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    2. body569


      yea we got fucked really hard germans is on a rage these days !

    3. Anras Rune

      Anras Rune

      Inorite! I thought Bayern would win, Barca has been playing like crap recently. But Dortmund? My god

    4. body569


      yea pretty surprising :S

  3. I like what you've done with this. Good to see you back and writing again!
  4. Name: "Sir Lancel Aincroft" althought his actual name is Harry Age: 21 Gender: Male Appearance: When people talk of neckbeards this is the man they think of. He is the epitome of internet denizen and all round nerd. Unkempt and greasy hair, a "beard" that won't grow in properly and enough sweat to coat a thousand DnD maps. He has lost a lot of weight however, every since he decided to join the "Tourney". Career aspiration: A true knight, savior of kingdoms and taker of maidens. Shitty job they're working instead: Cashier at burger king. One deviant behavior they most dream of engaging in: Unsurprisingly, the defiling of as many maidens as possible, all at the same time. Favorite curse word: Your mother was a pig and your father smelt of elderberries! Religious affiliation: Pastafarian Choice inebriant: "A good knight does not drink swill!" Most loathed song: Anything by anyone even mildly attractive (If male) How many inches they add to their penis size in open discussion: "A knight does not speak of such things!" - Sir Lancel "Harry" Aincroft. But normally 4
  5. Lol, the title made me think it was a Minecraft fanfic. I nearly wept with joy that I am not the only one that does them... T.T Looks good though. I too write stuff that comes up in dreams and the likes. Normally though it ends up a bit of a haphazard mess without some proper structure till I pull my finger out my ass...lol Waiting on chapter 1!
  6. DuLake? Holy shit son, where you been? lol That aside, I have a bit of a puzzler. I've been going through a bit of a dry spell recently when it comes to writing and have been finding it hard to just sit down and get it done. But this isn't the problem, the problem is I've gotten like this due to a lack of character inspiration. I've basically got the background details and the plot for this story set up, and have already started writing it in earnest. But this character is supposed to be something of the emotional core of the early narrative and I can't seem to convey that properly. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.
  7. I meant that I took a while to see what you guys were actually chatting about. But meh, no matter. About the characters, that was kinda my point. Because you don't connect with the Courier like you do with the Lone Wanderer, the character interactions weren't as impacting on you as the player. But objectively speaking I feel the characters were much better written. If the attachment to your character was like that of the Lone Wanderer then i feel we'd all be saying that New Vegas had better characters. Character models and builds have always been a problem in large scale RPGs, especially open world games as large as Fallout. I mean, look at Skyrim (I'm using it because it is the most recent large scale open rpg). Other than the variations in race there is actually a lot less build variation than it appears. Its a limitation of the hardware capabilities, a huge drain of resources and strains the budget. Generally, having too much character customization can and will detract from the rest of the game. Not necessarily a lot, but definitely enough to impact overall quality. I did look into the capabilities of the Creation engine today; saw some test footage, technical specs and the likes. If even a modicum more of the potential sitting in the engine is coaxed out, then whatever game is created using it. But while trawling for info on the engine I came across some more information regarding the game itself. Well, hints really. Three Dog will be making an appearance in the game, judging by the tweets his voice actor (Erikk Todd Dellums) was allowed to post. Jason Bergman also hinted at the Mojave at least appearing in the game when he tweeted, "You'll get no tips from me. But the Mojave Wasteland was a fun place to explore, wasn't it?" So whadday'all think? Three Dog will be back, so I hope we will see more of the Capitol Wastes. Maybe the newly rebuilt Capitol Wastes become a new superpower like the Legion or NCR? I certainly hope so...
  8. Don't know if this works for folks outside of Austrailia, but I guess its worth a shot. Bioshock Infinite and 3 other games for 51 bucks. http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/au/en/pc/games/shooter/bioshock-infinite-anz/

    1. -Zero-


      It didn't work for me, and I live in the States. It shows up as $59.99.

    2. Anras Rune

      Anras Rune

      Ah well, twas worth a try I suppose. Also, that sounds about right, the aussie dollar is worth more after all

    3. -Zero-


      Ah, that would explain it then.

  9. Well, this thread took me about half an hour to decipher... :/ First, I guess I'll open with some pretty much obvious facts. F4 is pretty much confirmed to be using the Creation engine, which is the same engine that was used in Skyrim. Bethesda spent too much time and money to develop the engine for it not to be used, not to mention Skyrim used but a fraction of its potential. Which brings the next probable addition (which has been rumoured since the beginning and hinted at in some of BS and OS's comments), a Skyrim inspired skill system. Considering the intial development of said system was originally intended for New Vegas, it seems logical that it'll come full swing. More importantly, it seem a much better system in general, especially for a game like Fallout. Use a gun type, get better with that gun type. Hack a computer? Skill increase. Lastly, it seems that we will not be seeing this game until at least mid next year. The Creation engine was limited by the current 8yo hardware of the current console generation, so I (and many others) think that it'll be released to coincide with the next gen beauties of 2014. Phew, facts/logical conjectures aside. I never experienced any game breaking glitches while playing either of the Fallout games. This I attribute to me having played it on Xbox, which is generally less buggy with Bethesda titles, thankfully. Of course, there was always the noticeable lag issues with all the DLC and the occasionally easy-fix bugs like the Archimedes II firing animation playing constantly or bodies zooming towards me when I sneak-sniped them with big calibre weapons. As you can probably tell by that, NV was generally more buggy for me than Fallout 3. I feel F3 had a superior main story arc, but NV had better radial story lines and better characters. Sure, Fawkes, Elder Lyon and Moira were funny/cool/well-made characters, but when put next too Caesar, the King, Benny, Yes-Man and Veronica too name a few? No contest. New Vegas' characters were generally better written; as was general dialogue and character interactions. NV's biggest downfall was the lack of impact you felt on the Wastes while playing and the complete absence of an emotional tie to the Courier. I did prefer the weapons in NV too, with the weapon modding harking back to F2, albeit in a much more direct fashion. Personally I'd like to see a melding of the stories in F4. I've always hated the NCR for what they did to the BoS and want to see the BoS play a larger role again. Maybe the East Coast guys decide to bring their new tenets back to the outdated farts back in California, but they run into the Legion and NCR fighting at the Dam? Or post Vegas events with either side having decimated each other. Meh, I don't know. Maybe even a new country? Basically as long as the Brotherhood plays a more prominent role again cause come on guys, they've saved the Wastes three bloody times now, why the get ragged on so hard? Sorry if this was TL;DR, I wrote this while writing articles for the Informer, among other pubs n stuff.
  10. This. Modern shooters are manically boring these days, bring back the nazis. Plus, Frostbite would render the setting perfectly. On a side note, I'd love to see a new Mirror's Edge game. Always like that game, found it different and very fun if a bit unwieldy. Another I'd love to see is a continuation of the Dawn of War series, which with The Creative Assembly having been basically given access too the franchise by Sega buying Relic, I feel there is a distinct possibility that when this game does come out (and it fricking better) that i will die of nerdgasm
  11. *sighs* My hopes are not high for this game. While I enjoyed the first (in very brief bursts) they completely duped soo many people. Can't trust a studio that speak utter bullshit to their player/client base. Funny how that seems to happen a lot in survival/horror games...
  12. FInally, someone sane! Seriously, I couldn't give a crap about this game. The last was was so bland, and so ridiculously overrated that I STILL haven't bought a copy. If this one is anything like GTA4 then I'm boycotting it. But if they veer back to the San Andreas vibe then I'll probably at least give it a chance
  13. Just got in a massive argument with a mate cause I said GTA4 was the most overrated (and blatantly bribed) game of the century. Come on, I can't be the only one that thinks this...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DeathTheKid


      GTA SA was where it was at. Can't wait for V. Hopefully it'll be like San Andreas.

    3. Mute point

      Mute point

      I'm not a fan of GTA to begin with.

    4. Pinkie Pie

      Pinkie Pie

      I actually really like GTA as a series, but GTA IV didn't really appeal to me as much as the others did? GTA V looks legit as fuck though.

  14. I'll add folks too the steam group when i get a chance. Must say, pretty mucj everybody has dota but no one in the group seems to play with anyone else... Also on a side note. Holy shit breathless! 900 hours played?! I feel completely and noobishly humilated, haha.
  15. Interesting, I am in many categories of things that I do actually do. lol
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