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  1. "INFJs are effective in occupations involving substantial intellectual work, caring for other people, and requiring creativity" The first two are spot on for my job... and the the third fits my hobbies quite well. It's funny... The first time I took one of these tests it told me I should go for a purely physical job.... Why is that funny? Because at the time, I was looking into what it took to be a pro wrestler... >.>
  2. Based on the yields for the others and the pattern they show, the answer is 112.
  3. Some stores around here start Christmas stuff as soon as the after halloween sales clear out the skeletons and fake spider webs.
  4. But if they stop making games, they can't make the Legend of Dragoon remake! Just because no one has said anything about planning to do it doesn't mean they won't!
  5. Because you react like that when you find one?
  6. Developers rarely even think about what women want in a game. Though to be perfectly honest, on average, most probably want the same things guy's want. Just we tend to not want the same kind of fanservice. I do... But that's just me.
  7. I prefer my speakers because my headphones have a short cord, and they make me stay right there if I want to keep listening.... And I like to get up and move around! Also because HD audio sounds better than non HD audio.
  8. Doesn't "Red" start with Pikachu in the manga as well as the Anime? I admit that I haven't read it, but my understanding was that the show started out mostly following it... This does follow the games though. Anyone who ever started with Charmander knows how much of a pain Brock and Misty can be if you don't level up a lot and capture something strong against rock and water.
  9. There are multiple causes for not getting enough air while sleeping, each with its own name. Sleep apnea is one of the more common, and would indeed use a CPAP machine as one of the potential treatments.
  10. Snoring can be indicative of a variety of health problems. They may want to see a doctor.
  11. Homosexuality The word, much like heterosexuality, implies a purely sexual connotation. However, for most, it is more about love than it is about sex. On both sides of the fence, I have seen this to be true. More and more states are approving same sex marriage. It is only a matter of time before all states allow it. And probably a short time after that, people will finally realize that the world isn't crashing down around them, and they'll stop making distinctions between the various possible types of couples.
  12. The robot speech was pretty much me, except I pursued other interests too. I have an excellent memory for facts, so in high school I didn't have to study all that much. In truth, it was very boring. Once I got into college though, things actually became a challenge, and I enjoyed it very much. Plus, there was much less drama among the students in the halls... Which made it a billion times better than high school.
  13. I think if I had to live with some of the people I work with, they'd have to come up with a cute serial killer nickname for me.
  14. Worrying about stress is usually more stressful than the original source of the stress could ever be.
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