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  1. The cold and cruel darkness looms in the background... Will Rockman answer my call?
  2. nada! I shall call upon Rockman!
  3. nopes its old me! next should be Limitless?
  4. haha nope! Perhaps Space will post after me?
  5. Is in Class F (I donno what that means though)
  6. Nope. I had to google to find out what videophile meant... Are you an outdoorsy person?
  7. Nope its me... Next is Limitless!
  8. yes yes its me! Next is Limitless!
  9. Wants to know about fantasy! Fantasy is a world you create in your mind, just the way you want it, where all your wild dreams come true.
  10. Nope! Limitless, will you be next?
  11. No! It's Kinara again! Limitless, you got to be next!
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