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  1. KRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what, I'm now working under the Network Admin at my school. I actually get to help with managing the network and running it and stuff! That awesome news aside, how are you doing?

  2. Happy Valentines Kro!

  3. Krogothwolf

    SWTOR, The Light can be Dark? Noooooooooooo

    Prologue is rought levels 1-17ish, Chapter 1 is 17-31ish, Chapter 2 is 32-41ish and Chapter 3 is 42-50. In terms of levels anyways. You can obviously stream through the story if you have higher levels guide you through them, but those are the levels of the chapters you'll be dealing with.
  4. Krogothwolf

    SOTW #66: Final Fantasy VI [Results!]

    I had to flip a coin between the two terra's!
  5. Krogothwolf

    Hockey Day in Canada! Woooh

    So, here I am following a tradition of watching Hockey Day in Canada that I've been watching every year since before I can remember. Naturally, I watch hockey fairly often, but this day is a site around the tv and watch hockey from 12pm to 10pm. It makes for a long day of hockey! Which is awesome. Get a spread out, watch games. Though its a bit different this year since we now have a 7th CANADIAN TEAM IN THE NHL(bummer Altanta, thanks for sending us the Flames and the Jets(again) sucks to be you.) Anyways, I realize as I've started eating snack foods, and planning when food will come and appear, that this tradition is spiraling out of control but I don't care cause well, FOOD AND HOCKEY! What could be better that that. So it's fun to watch hockey and everything and I'm really hoping the Flames make the playoffs. Because it sucks not being able to cheer for them during that time. So, anyone else watching it? or watches hockey in general?
  6. Krogothwolf

    Irish is closing shop.

    Having pro level around doesn't mean a site isn't right for GFX? Shit that's got to be a stupid thing to say. If people do it here and enjoy doing it here then it's the right site for GFX for them. Honestly, having people around with an elitist attitude doesn't make something right for it. It's just makes it a site full of douchbag dickheads who think they are the best shit since slice bread. This place is good for it because people are generally warm, friendly, don't restrict things ridiculously, don't consider themselves better then others because well I'm Pro level. And it lets people improve at their own pace without feeling pressured. Also, apologizing before saying something rude doesn't make it better. Actually it makes it worse. "Hey, sorry I'm gonna be a dickhead asshole here, but..." Yeah, you sound more like a dickhead asshole when you do things like that, and its worse when you know the thing is going to be an insult on almost everyone's abilities.
  7. Krogothwolf

    What did you do while Kametsu was gone?

    I tried to find amusing ways to hurt myself like normal. Took over the world in a campaign and played SWTOR.
  8. Krogothwolf

    This Warhammer cost 40k!

    Okay, so I've been an avid Table Top Gamer for yeards(actually decades really) The first one I played was Epic, then Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Plus a slew of other random ones I've given a try. I still always, Always go back to Warhammer 40k even over Fantasy Battles. There's just something awesome about it. The Tagline says it all: "In the Grim Darkness of the Future, There is Only War" What's not to love about that? Read the lore? yeah everyone is trying to fuck everyone up. Sure they have alliances among the races every now and then but in the end its everything for itself. Eldar? Screw you everyone we have our own plan for things, if you get in the way will murder you all, and then some. Dark Eldar? Yeah we want to torture everyone! Woo! Torture rules! Human/Mankind? Burn the Heretics, Kill the Mutant, Purge the Unclean! They also want all xeno's dead too. Orcs? They just wanna fight everything and anything. Tau? Sure they were peaceful, once, then they tasted war and want to conquer the galaxy and make everyone follow their ideals! Necron? Kill everything and anything. Tyranids? Consume all life and use it to make them stronger. So yeah, that sums up all the main species, its no wonder no one gets along in space! Personally. I have a small Tau army and a Massive Blood Angels army(I am 100 Space Marines shy of creating the Chapter(thats 1000 marines+support vehicles). And enjoy bringing them to against the enemies of mankind. FOR THE EMPEROR!!! Anywho. I love it mainly because, the dice gods are fickle beings and make some games turn into the most hilarious battles of all time. The stories involved are awesome and great(and will appear here if people actually like these games). But anyways, I was just setting them up the other night looked at them and went. Man, this would be awesome if I could have a chapter vs Chapter match against someone. But not many people have as many minis as me. It's sad but true. I've got some really old ones in there. The biggest game I've been in was like 600 mini's aside between 6 people. God it was so much fun. It was part of one of the GW sponsored events. Armageddon. GW sponsored events are fun because you're fighting within their lore to create future lore. Anyways the battle was the biggest one here for it and it was a glorious thing. It was Blood Angels, Ultramarine's and Imperial Guard against a massive force of Chaos. The battle was fought long and hard, and had some memorable moments. Such as one portion of the imperial guards was almost wiped out, save the Commissar and 2 troops. They held off 4 squads of traitor marines till reinforcements arrived. It was awesome. They survived the entire battle after seeing their force slaughtered and went on to slay a demon prince it was glorious dice rolling! We couldn't believe it. The Ultramarine force carved in the entire chaos front in almost the first round of shooting in a display of hideously made chaos armour. And my blood angels got into hand to hand quickly and it became a shit show on that side of the board. The middle was jammed pack with almost 400 minis hacking and slashing at each other. My furious dreadnaught engaged and destroyed a Bloodthirster of Khrone only to explode from a lasshot of a cultist. The Death Company though was the star of the show as they swept past their foes in a clusterfuck of blood and limbs then carved through the entire back rank of the board that was all their heavy weapon teams. It was one of those "holy shit" moments when they first group of heavies I ran into and just rolled 5's and 6's. This was offset when my my tank forces all hit everything in sight but couldn't wound worth a damn and my Honor guard spending the entire match tied up with the same squad of cultists. These where the best and strongest marines and they couldn't kill cultists!!!! It was an awesome game, it really was! Anyone else play? got stories? Share em cause I have tons more! Chaos? DEVOUR THE SOULS! DESTROY THE UNIVERSE AND TURN IT INTO THE WARP!
  9. Krogothwolf

    Resident Evil should be scary again...

    Yeah, you're right, they are adding -action to every genre now. I'm waiting for RTS-Action...oh wait they sorta did that haven't they too? Maybe 4x-action will be the last one to fall and then every game will just be titled "action game"
  10. Krogothwolf

    What the fuggggggggg?

    You know how to plug a tv in, you know how to turn your car on, open the trunk and open the doors. Plugging and unplugging cables in a computer is not that hard, and if you unplug something you can plug it back in can you not? This isn't the rocket science part of the job I'm talking about, I'm talking about PLUGGING CABLES IN AND NOT USING A DVD DRIVE AS A CUP HOLDER!!! ARRRRRRRRRGH
  11. Krogothwolf

    Random Talk.

    YAY FOR OXYCODENE!!!! YAY FOR HIGH MAE, that means she'll be crap....she'll probably be even more devious because pain will not hurt her. RUN FOR THE HILLS EVERYONE!
  12. Krogothwolf

    Habits or compulsions.

    I make things go boom. Hehehe, and boom spectacularly. Poor KroSaw The Magnificent and the entire KroCrusher series They never stood a chance really. I also tend to hurt myself a lot because I have a compulsion to do stupid and dangerous things. Just because I want to see what would happen or if I could do it. Like jumping off the roof onto a trampoline, only to hit the tramplonie then bounce off it and slam into a tree and nearly break my nose, neck and other body parts. I have to have the volume at 5 or 10. Usually people who have to do things in even numbers aren't bothered by 5 because its a division of 10 and makes things seem okay.
  13. I sent these to Mute for lesbian themed anime, not sure how good they are but never hurts to look. Sasameki Koto Maria-sama ga Miteru Strawberry Panic! Battle Athlete Victory
  14. Krogothwolf

    Resident Evil should be scary again...

    The problem is that the Survival Horror genre has gone into the Survival Action genre. RE 5 was scary not because of the monsters, or just the shock of some creature randomly bursting through a window, or wall, or door. It was that you had x amount of bullets, x amount of health and x amount of saves. You had to be careful and conserve things. It added to the whole experience in general. You got through a hairy fight "do I use the health thing or not" then you decide not to turn the corner and BAMN you are one dead mofo cause you didn't use the health. Plus the clunky controls and camera also added to everything it was almost perfect. Dead Space and Dead Space 2 add the whole low ammo/health thing but it's not actually scary. It's got some good moments but on a whole, it's not that scary when compared to the first time playing RE.
  15. Krogothwolf

    What the fuggggggggg?

    I don't even want to get on e-mails. Do you know how many people don't even understand proper email etiquette? Or the fact that even if it's an internal email sent to someone in IT going "2, u, thx, r" is not how you're suppose to send things. Fuuuugggggggggggggggg I STILL WANT TO MURDER THAT GODDAMN ACCOUNTANT! Honestly, there building overlooks a busy road, if I just throw her out the window she's sure to die! If not from the fall then from a car! SHE JUST CRASHED HER COMPUTER BECAUSE AFTER I SPECIFICALLY SAID, HEY DUMBASSS DON'T PUT YOUR COFFEE CUP IN THE DVD HOLDER, SHE DID IT AGAIN. SHE THEN MANAGED TO SPILL IT INSIDE THE COMPUTER! MURDERESS RAGE IS GROWING! KRO SMASH! KRO NO LIKE ACCOUNTANT KRO DESTROY!