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  1. [UPCOMING] Multi-stage server maintenance

    Once you bring down the entire server for maintenance I would suggest posting updates to the Kametsu discord and point people there if they need updates that way theres no dark period.
  2. A call for donations

    I am indeed on the Discord @Koby At some point i had hexchat for running the IRC in fact upon checking i do have hexchat lol so yeah i'll try hanging around that more often.
  3. Happy Birthday Brotha.

    1. Renzourin


      Thank ya Brother

  4. A call for donations

    Since Koby is somewhat busy these days send me a PM with a snippet of a screenshot with some proof of donation(since i dont have access to the donation account and cant therefore check myself) and ill handle the upgrades to your rank myself. For some reason when i tried to set Lykos i found that Koby had already added it as a secondary group but it isnt showing now so i made it primary instead. anyway @Lyokomzm you are now a donator ill need pm's from the rest in this thread as mentioned.
  5. Kametsu is now on Discord!

    I'm in Renzourin#1311
  6. [MEGA] Cartoon Network City

    Consider this a Warning Alonso, he has told you before that he will get them in due time, that his internet is unstable and he cant be sure when. Stop asking when and wait, if you post again asking for when they come out or where they are since he already told you. I will hit you with a 3 Day temp ban.
  7. Teen Titans Go! (2003) Comics

    I've moved this to the cartoon section sorry for the delay.
  8. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2016

    Just in case you were kidding, I nominate Izetta, the last witch
  9. Not that the comedy was bad, but i'd rather more plot and mecha action the second season left alot open and the third season while funny just didnt satisfy any questions really.
  10. New Theme: Titan + Updates + Snow

    Nice Work Koby, i popped in and my default was titan apparently and it looks fantastic man
  11. Games you regret buying/playing

    Considering that No man's sky is now under investigation for False Advertisement i'd say even Free is overpriced for it.
  12. notifications

    IF you have your Browser open, and on kametsu and lets say you're playing a game a notification will pop up that someone replied to a thread you posted in. But if your browser is closed it wont work.
  13. Can't start GTA IV or EFLC on new PC

    Yeah thats an Asus RoG only newer then what i've got, the fucking thing likes to default to the Intel chip it uses for on battery graphics to extend the battery life, Go into your Nvidia control panel and use the global options to force it to use the Nvidia card no matter what.
  14. Post Your Desktop

    My current one