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  1. Renzourin

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    Oh jeez where to start? Kingdom, Solo Leveling, God of Martial Arts, Soul Land, Star Martial God Technique, Tower of god. At least a dozen different Monthly series. Yeah I read alot of manga.
  2. Renzourin

    Can I change my username?

    You can change your nickname yourself. You are limited though to how many times you can do it per month depending on your usergroup. Its under account settings
  3. Renzourin

    Can I change my username?

    Wait a bit while i find out if such a thing is still possible. Might take a few hours as i got some things i gotta do today I'll let you know via pm the results.
  4. So no more Anime Download from kametsu? any replacement dude 😭

  5. Lol it was bad, but if it was the guns will the bullet line should've appeared regardless. The fact that it didnt probably means the fucking thing was jammed the fact that the system knew it wouldnt work in the first place and didnt show the line is why i think it was jammed. and she tried to fire it and it blew up on her face because of it. Regardless Finale was awful.
  6. Renzourin

    Free Games Megathread

    Thanks for the epic work Koby crusader kings 2 is definitely interesting.
  7. Renzourin

    [UPCOMING] Multi-stage server maintenance

    Once you bring down the entire server for maintenance I would suggest posting updates to the Kametsu discord and point people there if they need updates that way theres no dark period.
  8. Happy Birthday Brotha.

    1. Renzourin


      Thank ya Brother

  9. Renzourin

    Kametsu is now on Discord!

    I'm in Renzourin#1311
  10. Renzourin

    Teen Titans Go! (2003) Comics

    I've moved this to the cartoon section sorry for the delay.
  11. Renzourin

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2016

    Just in case you were kidding, I nominate Izetta, the last witch
  12. Not that the comedy was bad, but i'd rather more plot and mecha action the second season left alot open and the third season while funny just didnt satisfy any questions really.
  13. Renzourin

    New Theme: Titan + Updates + Snow

    Nice Work Koby, i popped in and my default was titan apparently and it looks fantastic man
  14. Renzourin

    Games you regret buying/playing

    Considering that No man's sky is now under investigation for False Advertisement i'd say even Free is overpriced for it.