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  1. Just in case you were kidding, I nominate Izetta, the last witch
  2. Not that the comedy was bad, but i'd rather more plot and mecha action the second season left alot open and the third season while funny just didnt satisfy any questions really.
  3. Nice Work Koby, i popped in and my default was titan apparently and it looks fantastic man
  4. Considering that No man's sky is now under investigation for False Advertisement i'd say even Free is overpriced for it.
  5. IF you have your Browser open, and on kametsu and lets say you're playing a game a notification will pop up that someone replied to a thread you posted in. But if your browser is closed it wont work.
  6. Yeah thats an Asus RoG only newer then what i've got, the fucking thing likes to default to the Intel chip it uses for on battery graphics to extend the battery life, Go into your Nvidia control panel and use the global options to force it to use the Nvidia card no matter what.
  7. My current one
  8. My xbox one keeps shutting off when my mother in the front room watches netflix yet it doesnt do that for me in my room or when i game. Anyone have any idea why?

    1. Koby


      Maybe a bad outlet / power tap / surge protector not giving a good constant power to the xbox.

  9. Anyone can contribute their encodes in the appropriate sections so go right ahead.
  10. THen i'm afraid you'll have to wait for now, i Don't have the upstream anymore but if all those files are under 100mb then they fall under Mediafire's limit and can be reuploaded to there which doesnt have any annoying ads if any of the other uploaders care to do it
  11. It does make sense getting used to the site. Stop using your phone and try using a PC the adblockers for proper browsers are far far more effective you can always transfer it to your phone via usb
  12. I use firefox and had no issues downloading, after the new tab pops up go back to the old on and click download again and it should work Also bullet please try not to double post so much use the edit button to add onto your existing posts
  13. Holy shit those are some stupid fucking designs i mean jesus ugly as hell and childish
  14. Changed mine to Setoki Nozomi from Seinarukana: Spirits of Eternity Sword 2