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New to anime, where do i start?


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Just like other fictional media, we have genre you know.
Perhaps you could share other fictional title that you like?
If you're more of a fan of myths, try Fate franchise.
If you're good in history, try Hetalia: Axis Powers.
If you like sports, try Captain Tsubasa (2001) or Yowamushi Pedal.

If you like robots, try Gurren Lagann.

You can try the top anime from MAL if you don't know where to start,

Exclude Gintama tho. That one is just a mess of parody, you'd only find it funny after having like 500 anime under your belt.

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First of all welcome to kametsu and anime in general! You didnt mention what kind of genres you like so ill offer a few from each.

If you like:

actiion ish --> fullmetal alcehmist, darker than black

comedy ish --> the devil is a part timer, one punch man (more action but i did burst out laughing a few times)

thriller ish --> erased

shonen ish--> my hero academia (prolly in my top 3), you could try naruto but thats like 500 episodes

sports --> prince of stride

random choice --> yona of the dawn

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