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Found 100 results

  1. Forestechoes

    Forestechoes on youtube

    I have just started a channel on Youtube of piano performances of tunes from Anime and game related music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2u9dYszD6sPA7Ck8L38i7A While the video quality is average at best due to the encode i'm using, the Audio is at high quality. as of the time of this writing i have recorded 5 vids and i will be keeping the channel regularly updated. Please drop by and subscribe, see if you recognize any of these tunes from the beautifully composed anime and games of this world
  2. Trinity Soul

    Anime Icons

    Okay I learned some new tricks and started creating new icons for my PC. I thought I would share them with all of you! =D Mega Link Feel Free To Download And leave feedback and requests if you think I do a good job. This is the first 2 that are on the list http://prntscr.com/kj3g2l Images used before i modify for icon come from Bing searches
  3. Is anyone as hyped up for the next season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin). Who is your favorite character in the series?
  4. In the series, after it became known that Ryuko and Satsuki are sisters, the series asserted that Satsuki is the older sister. I think that's incorrect and Ryuko is the older one. My reason being, when Soichiro Kiryuin (Ryuko and Satsuki's father) was still with Ragyo, they experimented on their daughter who died in the experiment. At the time, Ragyo was pregnant with another child. After the experiment, Soichiro Kiryuin was ambushed and he faked his own death and fled with the presumed to be dead baby (the one experimented on), and changed his identity to Isshin Matoi. This baby grew up to be Ryuko. After this incident, Ragyo gave birth to a baby that grew up to be Satsuki. Doesn't that make Ryuko the older sister? Did I miss something?
  5. Is it a good idea to make a anime out of "Song of ice and fire" universe ... i mean tv show is doing its best to follow the main story arc ,yet there are lot more that they have not followed in the books (things predate mad king like dance of the dragons and stuff and cities like yi ti and shadow lands) ... so is it a good idea to make the series in to anime or animated version of self after(when the show ends) a 5 or 6 years.
  6. TheAnimeXplorer

    Which genres would you prefer?

    For me a combination of Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, Action, and Mystery would be an awesome anime!
  7. Wrote and recorded a song about the anime "Ergo Proxy". I hope this is considered appropriate here. https://www.reverbnation.com/discordiaofficial/song/23167945-anamnesis-featuring-melody-torres ANAMNESIS It was a moment that defied all words Brought Forth “The Awakening” In a world that was born from him Proficient development….life There is no escape from what you know He rides “Merchant of Death” They are like clockwork wounds This production line exists within the dome…sleep (Half Chorus) Where are the memories lost in time I’m wide awake, My dreams unauthorized Where are the memories, Cast aside Delete the truth, Deny, Anamnesis Lie Through the poisoned winds, their journey ends in sleep Alone I ride Waves of shifting sands, these darkened lands will shine beyond the haze Seek forgotten truth, The God I knew in me “Must Live Again” Fate awaits the three. The ones like me I’ll crush beneath the tide. (Full Chorus) Where are the memories lost in time I’m wide awake, My dreams unauthorized Where are the memories, Cast aside Deny the truth delete what’s in my mind Where are the memories lost in time I’m wide awake, My dreams unauthorized Where are the memories, Cast aside Delete the truth, Deny Anamnesis Lie (Bridge) Rage across these skies Brings forth the blackened tide Rips and rapes the wake, Beneath these wings of hate I must find a way, my love will live this day Isolate my fear, my rage, my life, my tears….. (Full Chorus) Where are the memories lost in time I’m wide awake, My dreams unauthorized Where are the memories, Cast aside Deny the truth delete what’s in my mind Where are the memories lost in time I’m wide awake, My dreams unauthorized Where are the memories, Cast aside Delete the truth, Deny Anamnesis Lie Close
  8. marquis

    Marquis' Art Gallery

    M A R Q U I S ' A R T G A L L E R Y DESCRIPTION: Check periodically if you can! This will be the thread I'll be posting my up-to-date OC and commissions of Anime in general. COMMISSIONS: For those who have interest having their ideas come to reality, inform me anyway you can. For more information and other works: http://benderninja.deviantart.com S P O T L I G H T [flash(0,4)]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jar1I5EimXA[/flash] S O U L I S T I N G S KARAGATA, SHIV NUKEGARA, SOU JOUCHAKU, SETSUNA ZIPPO SHINSEN, SHIGERU
  9. i completed watching flcl... But story still seems confusing... Can anyone explain it.... Please....
  10. ab8895


    Before playing Jump force, how many episodes of an anime should i watch atleast? I've Seen One piece up Until 325 and Naruto (not shippuden) until 198. I've seen the other. The reason I'm asking this because i don't want to see any transformations of the characters before i watch it in actual Anime.
  11. JimDaddy

    Guess that Anime!

    Hey everyone! JD here with a forum game I'm kinda surprised doesn't exist yet. Title pretty much explains it all, but I'll go ahead and explain it since I'm waiting on my dinner to cook. Rules are simple- I'll post a screenshot of an anime and you'll guess it! The first person to get it correct then gets to post one and so on and so forth. Hints can be given, but only if the poster decides to give said hint. Make sure and rename the image before you upload it so as not to give away the answer! By the way, let's try not to cheat and reverse image search it. That's lame and Ren-chon would not be impressed. More importantly, this might happen. I think all that needs to said has been said, unless modmins decide otherwise, so I'll kick us off: GUESS THAT ANIME!
  12. Which fansub group has the best translation for Nichijou? I've been meaning to find it for my remux of yousei-raws' encode of the series.
  13. Hi guys, so quite recently I've been upscaling Digimon BD episodes from the 1080p raws, by first adding filters to the raws in PowerDirector, and then sharpening and upscaling in XMedia Recode. The upscaling algorithm I use is Lanczos (very expensive CPU-wise I know). It is beyond my current laptop's capacity to upscale the 2K I get from upscaling the raws, to 4K. However, assuming that I do buy a powerful enough machine sometime in the future, I wanted to know what would be better to upscale an anime like Digimon (specifically Zero Two and Tamers): Lanczos with +0.8 sharpening in XMedia Recode, plus an HDR pass in PowerDirector Ultimate Suite, or upscaling via Waifu2xcaffe, and then applying an HDR pass? I vaguely remember seeing a video on YouTube of an upscaled 3D Sonic short, just a little over 11 minutes, that took 80 machine hours to upscale. Is it gonna be that bad? Should I stick with XMedia Recode? Or is Waifu2xcaffe, or the more user-friendly iteration AutoWaifu, worth it?
  14. So since there wasn't a dedicated thread for Tamers on the forums, I thought I'd make one myself. First things first: which group(s) will be handling the raws for Digimon Tamers? I've been visiting FY-RAWS' website daily, on the off-chance that they've already released the 8-bit raws. Can someone who knows Chinese ask them if they plan to do Tamers? Also, does anyone know if any release group plans to do the 10-bit raws? Next, what are your thoughts on the new drama CD? Do you think Tamers should have a continuation? Finally, what did you like the most about Tamers? Feel free to discuss anything pertaining to Tamers in this thread.
  15. SoultakerSpirit

    Kametsu TV (Youtube)

  16. i've never watched a single episode of anime, or atleast, not that i know of. the amount of shows seems a bit overwhelming. if someone could send me a couple of good ones to start watching that would be perfect.
  17. Shaheryar Ahmad


    Hi Guys , My name is Shaheryar . I studying Computer Science.My Hobbies are play computer games,I also play Football on weekend and My interests is in getting a new general knowledge from internet,books e.t.c. My favourite anime was Tokyo Ghoul,Recently I watching Naruto and Dragon Ball
  18. whats your favorite "psychological-thriller" anime? mine are: Death Note, Stein;gate, Erased. looking for something similar, with good story!
  19. normalsomeplace

    Getting Back into ANime !

    My anime viewing history is not that great. My entire watched anime would be Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, High School DXD (am not sure of which series),Attack on Titan , Death Note ,No game NO Life, SAO (Season 1) , Knights of Sidonia and that's it , as you can see when you type in good anime to watch in google I am pretty sure this list pops up. I want to expand my viewing base and genre . I am begging/open for suggestions . Ohh! and I tried MAL got some recommendations but I am looking for some recommendation from the community.
  20. Hi just finished watching Kingdom the first 2 season's and it's one of the best Anime's I have seen in a while apart from Naruto and One Piece of course. What does everyone else think of if you have not seen it make sure you do it's great. Now that I have watched the first 2 season's can't wait for season 3 to come out cannot find any information about season 3 yet hope it's not to long a wait. Thanks for the reply. Dubbed: Season One: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=781679 Season Two: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=791959
  21. pattaenoh

    About torrenting...

    This is a dumb question but what are the big chances of getting caught by uploading torrents to nyaa or on a cloud storage that you can share? I'm afraid of knowing in the back of my mind that one day I might get caught in big trouble from my provider for doing all this torrenting/downloading, especially anime in particular... I'm not sure if the US is a country that can detect piracy or torrenting easily or you can suffer major consequences if you do get caught.
  22. Can anyone tell me which codec is better for lossless anime or in general? h.264 or h.265? because I see some h.265 projects on nyaa.si and they look about the same compared to some of the kametsu projects so is it not necessary to have a large hard drive to store h.264 anime or just have it small by using h.265?
  23. cysearo

    Manga vs Anime

    Hi, I am new user here and am new to manga and anime in general. Something which has always bothered me is the disparity between the manga and the anime in some particular series. How do you decide if you want to read the manga or watch the anime if you have an option? I guess what I'm really asking is what factors do you consider before making the decision?
  24. hakison goku

    Bleach quincy blood war arc

    State your views regarding that if the last arc of bleach manga should be aired as anime or not ? Please also share any news regarding bleach anime revival.