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  1. Puella Magi in Latin means Magical Girl, but that's not the only meaning. Puella means "a young girl" but it also means "a female slave". Magi means "magician" with trickster personality, similar to Loki (from Norse mythology) or genie, so it can be translated as "deceiver". Then "Puella Magi" can be translated as "Slave of the Deceiver".
  2. godchild by Kaori Yuki
  3. https://www.rogerebert.com/roger-ebert/who-killed-bambi-a-screenplay Here's the link of the screenplay itself
  4. Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer were actually trying to make the punk version of hard days night called "Who klilled bambi"? but with the sex pistols as the cast members but it never went into frutition but Roger Ebert managed to put the full screenplay on his personal website.
  5. My dad loves Richard Pryor ,Gene Wilder and George Carlin.
  6. Many of the shadows that the phantom thieves use are named after famous thieves in fiction like Aresene named after Aresene Lupin.
  7. This is really by far one of the best anime i've ever watched in my life.
  8. got one in late 2020 still getting games for it
  9. I do and i'm focusing on JP exclusive imports like Dream Drop Distance and Amigami Eb Kore Plus
  10. gothic metal punk deathrock darkwave
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