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  1. If the show is about a zombie apocalypse, and the leaders are all females, then YES it is sjw trash.
  2. Just found out the new spin-off will revolve around 2 female leaders...sjw trash. Won't be watching it. On a good note though, a movie is being made starring Rick.
  3. From what i've seen nearly 40% of the main characters are black and they are the rulers of Westeros...so yeah, worthless sjw series.
  4. From the casting I have a feeling this will be a worthless sjw series. I have to agree, for the most part, with true fans who've hated the rushed last 2 seasons of GoT. 'Bloodmoon' is a horrible working title, stick with George R.R. Martin.
  5. 1st episode of final season was good, not exceptional, but it helps to build up to the finale. It was about time to, some of them are looking rough, they didn't age well. I'm now rooting for John Snow to win the Game. The mother of dragons beauty took her far, but it is over.
  6. This is also a show i'm wanting to check out, it better get a dub. Magmel of the Sea Blue is the third show i'm interested in. Anything else, besides Attack On Titan, which is a given i'm watching, i'll wait for reviews on down the road.
  7. This is one of the few shows that interest me this season, hopefully it gets a dub.
  8. I heard it is going to be a movie. Can't wait for it to get dubbed in English.
  9. It's about time! I love this show, but damn some of them are not aging well. We need to see the spin-offs starting this year too.
  10. Please, please, please don't be another sjw POS series. TWD is getting destroyed because of it, and I haven't watched FTWD since mid season 2 because I was rooting for the zombies, hated the main characters that much. A 50 episode series based solely on the 1st year of the outbreak would be perfect. 3 series based on the 1st year of the outbreak would be better, one based in China or India, because who doesn't want to see 1,000,000,000 zombies devouring everything in their path.
  11. I'm guessing The Punisher was cancelled because Disney wants to remove all content from Netflix and start their own streaming site? I'll definitely be looking forward to The Many Saints of Newark.
  12. I never gave thought to watching this anime, thinking it would be a kiddie show. Is this a kid's show or an anime starring kids?
  13. This could be really good, especially now that Vikings is coming to an end.
  14. Just finished Goblin Slayer, I give it a 10/10, even though episodes 10 & 11 had some issues with lazy animation and the dub gave a male voice to a female barbarian who had a very small part.
  15. I will not be watching this, reason being Jesse Pinkerman should of been killed off in the series quite early. His character ruined it for me. I hope he won't appear in Better Call Saul, not sure if that show is still around, it's been awhile.
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