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  1. Maybe nostalgia has blurred how much I actually enjoyed the devil is a part timer. Will have to rewatch to see if it really is my no.1!
  2. Hmmmm horrible was probably not the right word. Sometimes I find the characters being voiced in english to not match what I feel like they should sound, hence I will go to the sub and see if that issue is resolved. Not knocking on the dub, but just in that case I prefer how the sub sounds to the dub (latest example was Karakai jozu no takagi san. main cast sounded better in japanese than english to me). However, my first preference is usually dub. Really liked the my hero academia dub and tbh all might sounds better in english than japanese. Personal preference. I never liked the sub>dub argument. I always take each anime as a case by case and see which one I like
  3. IKR, not sure what is taking so long. Usually I like to watch the dub, but if its horrible i switch to the subs. Might have to go straight to subs at this rate
  4. DW you can watch the rising of the shield hero! But ya, I was hoping for a season 3 as well
  5. I came to kametsu from english dub kingdom (damn that was a long time ago). First anime I watched was darker than black and I've been hooked ever since. It sucks that things had to change but realistically if jail time was gonna happen no one can blame koby for anything. The man and the admin team and the dub team worked hard for a lot of years, and weren't being paid for it. No one can fault you guys for anything and the entitled pricks that do, well this place will be better off without them. Thanks Koby and everyone else for the awesome work that had been done for all the years and hopefully more awesomeness to come in the future! Plus I mean in the last few years streaming anime legally has become more affordable than in the past so its not like its the end of the world. Going to jail is like the end of the world. Only thing that bugs me is that CR, funi, amazon prime and netflix dont really have any anime movies so im at a loss where to watch those. Amazon I guess. Should have dl Princess mononoke when i had the chance. Curse you procrastination! My greatest enemy in life XD Anyways, glad to see kametsu back and running!
  6. These types of questions always annoy me. If ATLA isnt considered an "anime" does it mean its any less awesome than it is? Or if it is considered an "anime" does that mean its automatically better than what it is? The show is spectacularly awesome regardless. Btw its an anime............. kidding, im kidding. It doesnt matter
  7. Never watched the first season, but everyone has been raving about it. Guess now is the perfect time to start
  8. The devil is a part timer is probably my favourite comedy, but this is definitely a close second. Also if you havent watched it already but darker than black is a superb anime, one of my personal favourties
  9. Nope. But that's because I just finished watching it :P. Great show, absolutely hilarious
  10. The " It's told very squarely on his shoulders" reminds me of Cory Barlog talking about how God of war was going to be just one giant cut. Will this movie actually have the camera over his shoulders? That would be pretty interesting
  11. I'm pretty excited about this show. Usually I wait for the dub version of the show before i decide if I will watch the dubs or subs. Didnt realize that CR is now doing dubs as well. Is this a recent phenomenon?
  12. Ancient Magus Bride --> something really magical about this anime (no pun intended). makes me feel like a kid again. the world and characters have been superbly created. im forcing myself to not watch more than 1 episode every couple of days. otherwise id burn through it darling in the franxx --> first couple of episodes i was hooked. first klaxosaur fight was EPIC. i really like the art style. although im not too excited as i was in the beginning. not entirely sure what changed re;creators --> concept was cool but ive been slowly watching it. not terribly exciting. soundtrack is legit tho inuyashiki --> watched the first episode SPOILER ALERT ............. it was gut wrenching to watch the old timer be treated so poorly by everyone around him. had trouble getting through the first episode.
  13. First of all welcome to kametsu and anime in general! You didnt mention what kind of genres you like so ill offer a few from each. If you like: actiion ish --> fullmetal alcehmist, darker than black comedy ish --> the devil is a part timer, one punch man (more action but i did burst out laughing a few times) thriller ish --> erased shonen ish--> my hero academia (prolly in my top 3), you could try naruto but thats like 500 episodes sports --> prince of stride random choice --> yona of the dawn
  14. Well Optimus prime comes to mind ( did you know he has a prime number of letters in his name :P). But I really like starscream. Not sure why, just something about him. Badass second in command.
  15. I dont mean to point the finger at you specifically. Its just your comment was the first one I saw that was relevant. But I think there is a skew in this survey. Mainly because this website has a primary but not necessarily exclusive audience who are looking for anime with an english dub. And so maybe it doesnt capture the true aggregate nature of peoples preferences. Sorry but my statistics instincts kicked in and made me write this post
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