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  1. Catar

    Is x265 encoding worth it?

    complicated question, to be honest. There are pros to H265/HEVC, especially in the realm of HDR content (which AVC/H264 does not support). There are also plenty of cons. I'm not particularly experienced in encoding myself, so I'm just going to trot out the same answer I've been pasting for a while now, from notthegrinch (one of the most knowledgeable people in encoding on the internet): this is explaining rules on PTP, generally considered the best private movie tracker. (this post is about four months old now, but still accurate)
  2. ~NOW RELEASING: Gravity Falls 1080p BD Remux~ because i can.
  3. Catar

    OCR subtitles from Netflix accurately

    The reason is actually that NTb (and other major ripping/encoding groups) have access to the original Netflix files directly, which include all the Netflix subtitles in their original format. They aren't doing anything special beyond just downloading the video directly from Netflix (or Amazon, or whichever site it is depending on the show). and no, no one on this site has the method to download those files.
  4. Catar

    SendTo-rclone-GDrive [Moodkiller]

    look at moodkiller here, putting effort into his rclone scripts. meanwhile: C:\rclone\rclone.exe copy --size-only --verbose --no-update-modtime --transfers 3 --checkers 15 --contimeout 60s --timeout 300s --retries 3 --low-level-retries 10 --stats 1s S:\jails\sonarr_1\mnt\Media anime:scv/content @Pause
  5. ~UPDATES!~ for index-only folks: Claymore is releasing again, about one episode per day. We're actually gonna finish it! Hunter x Hunter Volume 4 (episodes 51-75) has been released. Steins;Gate 0 isn't as good as Steins;Gate, but you should still be watching it because freeka is a god. symphogear AXZ encodes from Beatrice aren't done. catar can't fangirl over them yet. everyone be sad with me ._.
  6. Catar

    Attack on Titan Season 03

    I thought the encodes for AOT S02 were from AoD? or am i misinformed.
  7. Catar

    [CLOSED] Video To PNG/JPG?

    What you're asking is impossible. Videos don't record every frame. Video compression only records what changes between each frame. If you extract them to individual images, it will always be larger. Usually much, much larger.
  8. these two right here are the problem. Aegisub doesn't use these properly. Honestly, I'm still not sure myself why mkvtoolnix applies these delays on some videos and not on others. If it's lossless audio, I'd go ahead and just make the delays in Audacity. If lossy, you can use DelayCut to do it losslessly. or you can just try to work around it, since it'll play corectly in the final mux.
  9. Paste the mediainfo of the file here please. Helps a lot to diagnose small issues.
  10. Catar

    MEGA links down.... Suggestions!!

    moved to Tech Center. The Feedback & Assistance board is for asking questions or giving feedback regarding the community and staff. Please make sure you're posting in the correct section next time, thanks.
  11. Catar

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    gee if only there were a naming scheme where that wasn't an issue :3 but srs this actually looks cool and saves me the effort of doing it myself. thanks Moodkiller. there would be a heart at the end of that but it automatically transformed it into an emoji so I had to kill it. Sorry =(
  12. honestly the most important change really. now all of you can see hibiki in her full glory.
  13. Catar

    Best subtitles for Nichijou?

    it's a little awkward, there's not really a good place for questions like this at the moment. We're thinking about changing this board to be more of a general release discussion area, since encoding is just one part of making a good release and there's so much more to cover than that. Anyway, to answer your question, I'm not really sure but I'd almost certainly go with Underwater-Commie at a glance. I haven't watched the series though.
  14. Catar

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    @Badguys please do not doublepost. I've merged your posts into one.