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  1. @Audioboxer sounds like the attachments were certainly nuked. What I'd recommend as a method of restoring without having to download tons of video/audio you still have is to use MKVToolnix's Header Editor and go trawling through AnimeTosho for the attachments, since they scrape them and have them as a nice small separate download. The header editor will allow you to attach (or remove) files without remuxing the file entirely, which will save you a ton of time and disk activity. Still going to be an awful manual trawl, but at least it'll speed it up a bit and save you a ton of bandwidth.
  2. Ah, that was it. After we did the Kametsu x2 muxes, we noticed some of the Russian dialogue was still missing from the Signs track, so I went back and restored it for my own personal copy. It still has other issues though I believe. And yes, the dub for Durarara is fantastic. One of the few to use the L.A. union VAs, and it's a great group. (also for someone who only watches dubs, a nice change of pace from all-Texas with Funimation and Sentai >.>)
  3. I honestly mainly use ZFS just because it was built into FreeNAS and was easy to use by default there. However, it does provide some very nice features for protecting against data corruption, integrity and automatic repair features, and better support for very large sized pools (like what I have).
  4. If you grabbed the Kametsu tagged ones, there's a newer CTR tagged one with a couple fixes available on XDCC, though I can't remember what those fixes were, sorry.
  5. Yeah, there's actual Russian dialogue in both the dub and sub. Coalgirls didn't put it on their Signs track so English viewers don't have any clue what's being said during those sections. Our release uses TCL's unreleased 1080p-10bit for S01, which is less cropped than Coalgirls and Kuroi for the same quality.
  6. The CTR-Kametsu Durarara project died a glorious death and was subsequently reborn as a forbidden taboo release passed from user to user in secret shady backrooms. It has every season complete with upgrades on the existing Kametsu releases (mainly unifying the OP names to all be Western-order as the official Drrr OP does, restoring all Russian dialogue, etc), but ended up having some timing and styling issues with the subtitles track. Basically, it's near-perfect for dub watchers and sub viewers will have some issues with it. It can still be obtained if you know where to look.
  7. Spent all my effort on the index itself. Too lazy to add more. You're all special in my mind though.
  8. Ooh, do tell about Noein. I'm always on board with improving any of my releases (or them getting trumped. I don't mind if I'm not involved, my tag doesn't need to be on everything =P)
  9. No worries, I think it's only really linked from my index thread right now. Easy to miss. I'm probably gonna sticky it in Requests here now with my new fancy moderator superpowers.
  10. time to close up shop, Hark0n's gonna make us all look bad. Hark0n I will be happy to provide you both xdcc and DDL (Kametsu threads only for DDL). HEVC was dead on arrival due to poor planning and bad licensing structure. AV1 has massive support behind it and is avoiding those pitfalls. We still need to wait and see though, it isn't bitstream-frozen yet.
  11. Both seasons are actually already an active Kametsu project. I believe @Scyrous is taking lead on this one. Also, protip: most current projects on Kametsu are available in this nice spreadsheet.
  12. that's all I'm seeing at a glance as well, unless you want to start diving deep into rutracker. Doubtful there's much though.
  13. Live-Action

    It has been ripped by SA89 (P2P option) and by a Kametsu member. However, it is in our "Live Action" section, which is restricted to more active contributing members of the forum. contributing doesn't necessarily mean uploading your own stuff, just be an active member on the forum and you'll get access eventually. and don't spam, of course.
  14. Index 1+2+movie is 59GB, Railgun 1+2 is 70.8GB. have fun :3