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  1. wait why am I in this thread? What have you done ;-;
  2. this isn't really a great argument. Encoding isn't a real-time task, games are. Any CPU can be used for encoding, even a raspberry pi. It'll just take years. What you're really looking for is a ratio of cost to speed, with bonuses for low thermal output, low noise, etc. No matter what you buy though, if you want good quality out of it, expect encodes to still take hours/days depending on size, target quality, etc. The most important stat is going to be raw CPU or GPU speed (GHz), depending on what you're using to encode. If it's a codec supported by hardware encoders (e.g. NVEnc on NVIDIA, Quicksync on Intel chips, etc), then you can get a decent speed boost.
  3. does not appear to, but my IRC client is on a machine that doesn't actually have any media players on it. I just tested it quick with a portable exe. is that command really so important to you? =P
  4. I'm on 2.12.4 and have no issues downloading from XDCC. You may want to investigate this further.
  5. It's been added to the main post now.
  6. I second this request. I'd do it myself but too busy.
  7. Sorry, that's an outdated link. Will fix when I can.
  8. I just check AB, to be honest. Never really bother to look through the forum here since I'm not gonna be downloading by DDL anyway. If it's not on AB then I check our xdcc parser, and then if there's nothing I start hunting for sources because I probably have to make it myself =P
  9. ~RELEASE: S Y M P H O G E A R S02 (G)~ https://kametsu.com/topic/59060-drivetorrentctr-s-y-m-p-h-o-g-e-a-r-the-swan-songs-of-the-valkyries-bd-1080p-hi10pflac-20-subtitled-it-continues/?do=findComment&comment=552266
  10. no worries. I can't keep track of them all myself half the time. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q77LGybXGMIpbi1zyJDAkhJphg98NOarCBjdrrbL6Jg/edit?usp=sharing A non-exhaustive spreadsheet of projects that I'm at least vaguely aware of. been working on this as an attempt to reduce overlap.
  11. Currently listed as an upcoming Kametsu project, from Idle and Etzimal. see all Kametsu projects here:
  12. FakeEtzimal has... quite a bit more than that. <.<
  13. There is. Anything available is on my XDCC bot. Just open the parser from the link at the top of this page, then click on FakeEtzimal. Everything is sorted by release group, scroll down past mine to see other groups I've mirrored. The list will update daily or so; I try not to update it too often as it locks up downloads for anyone actively transferring for a few minutes whenever I do.
  14. Nope, there isn't. And it's not something I would do either, nor should it. Mass download pages like that aren't really a good idea, sorry. If you want to download everything I have en masse, I'd recommend either setting an RSS feed on my Anidex group in your client (easy and simple), or going on IRC and asking my bot to batch every pack number under my group tag. My packs are sorted by group so this could actually be done in a single command, but it would take forever to finish =P Or if you're on AB, you can just click the DL button on my profile next to Torrents Uploaded. I've only uploaded my own stuff so nothing else will be grabbed.