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  1. Have you compared it to FFF's video? deanzel's already done a dual release with that, so you might be able to get away with a simple audio upgrade instead of a full sub sync. FFF on a good day is definitely up to quality.
  2. Some torrent clients will let you forcibly download pieces in sequential order, so if you'd done that then it could work in theory. However, this has to be set before the download starts. Also, it will usually result in slower speeds due to only allowing particular pieces instead of the freeform "whatever is most available and fastest" as the torrent protocol is meant to operate.
  3. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    I'm happy to provide 720p if it's not too much additional work. It'll depend on how much work it takes to sync the subtitles after I do the 1080p version with your encode. Unless you want to encode 720p yourself of course, but if not then I can look into doing Winter's. I already have the files.
  4. Chrome find is a bit wonky with docs, yeah. Protip: once the sheet is fully loaded, ctrl-f will bring up the internal search instead of chrome's, so just give it a second before searching. Also we do keep it in alphabetical order.
  5. This is already in progress as a project from myself and @Scyrous. Stay tuned.
  6. [REQ] ---closed---Dennou Coil Coalgirls subs

    Dennou Coil project is currently progressing via MTBB, actually, as he's doing a lot more work on the subs and TS. He wasn't happy with Coalgirls subs at all. Once he finishes the sub set, we'll be making a final mux using those + Yousei-Raws + 5.1 audio. see sheet
  7. Yosuga no Sora (Sub) [Hi10 BD1080p]

    Doki, Coalgirls and ANE (including both 720p and 1080p) are available on XDCC: https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=yosuga No bonus materials though, sorry. They weren't in the torrent I grabbed originally. If you can't do XDCC for whatever reason, hopefully someone will be willing to grab it and mirror it to MEGA for you.
  8. There's actually three encodes available, all 10-bit from Kuroi, Kagura and ANK. Since U2 is still on freeleech I've gone ahead and queued them all. I'd actually be interested in a final mux of this show, as the best dual we have right now is Raizel and it has desynced subs (framedrift). So if anyone is interested in picking it up, I'm happy to supply raws.
  9. Seedbox questions

    In some cases this may actually be permissible if you contact staff first. For example, it's not allowed on PTP unless you notify them ahead of time and provide details on where you're seeding from. They'll add it as a note on your profile and then you should be good. So if you're in doubt on a particular tracker, try contacting staff about it and see what comes up. My seedboxes are all from Feralhosting, as I found they provided the best ratio of price to storage space while still including unlimited bandwidth. Unfortunately most full dedi providers (like what Koby uses) don't provide unlimited bandwidth, which is something I absolutely must have. My primary seedbox pushes over 50TB/month on average easily, and I have two more boxes on top of that, plus the box running my XDCC bot which is another 10TB/month on average (when it's not breaking ;-;).
  10. Didn't link it since the request here was for the Cartoons index, while that sheet only covers dual-audio anime. Doesn't really help him out, sadly.
  11. All of those indexes are quite outdated at this point. I definitely don't have time to handle such a project, so for now your best bet is to rely on searches or resources like the best release spreadsheet. If anyone wants to volunteer to help update and maintain those index stickies, please do contact staff and we'll see what we can coordinate.
  12. So basically this is how requests work right now: Post it in this thread, and I'll take a quick glance but probably won't do it as I'm swamped enough in my life even without considering the anime projects I'm still running. I'll add it to our collective sheet as an open request (the purple boxes) with whatever details I gleaned from my own quick research or whatever you provide me. That way, all the current muxing group can see it and someone might pick it up. With the number of people we have on the muxing group now, it's got quite a good chance of being picked up after all, particularly if it's an easy one. edit @sfaxt: It's seeded on U2, and since it's freeleech I'm pulling it now. If anyone wants it for project I'm happy to provide.
  13. JT's Index

    HELLO JTACDF I LIKE WHAT ARE YOU ARE DOING SO FAR. but seriously - good stuff, always glad to see another top-quality muxer (and especially more following scene naming <3). If you'd like, I'd be happy to add you as part of the Kametsu projects sheet, as well as begin mirroring all your content to XDCC and such.
  14. right up until they have to do the torrent three times over because of fixes =P
  15. I can't make the torrent, it'd have my passkey in it. I'm happy to help seed (the files will all be on my seedbox anyway since I'm still doing public trackers), but whomever is doing the AB upload needs to make the torrent themselves so it has their passkey.