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  1. Did you just double post and quote yourself and summon me to this thread unnecessarily? you're playing a dangerous game, son.
  2. Hah, no, this was actually just because I wanted to watch it and saw that REVO had done a release, which Koby always swore by. That lead to me doing comparisons because I saw Yousei-Raws had done one as well, and here we are.
  3. 24-bit is already pretty standard in private trackers like RED. I usually grab FLAC albums for my archive, then transcode them myself to V0 VBR to put on my phone. Works well enough, and with LAME built into foobar2000 with easy encoding presets, takes almost no time or effort. Good stuff.
  4. Look for V0 VBR mp3s over 192/320 CBR. A proper VBR encode will be the same quality at smaller size since it doesn't give the same bitrate for every second of music even when it doesn't need it. It's just smarter compression.
  5. Desire for higher bitrate is understandable, but do keep in mind that this isn't actually 192, it's VBR encoded with qaac. The bitrate adjusts based on what's needed. The quality could be adjusted higher or lower than the current settings we use (this qaac preset is used by myself and most other releasers here including Kametsu), but we've found it sufficient to produce quality that's near-indistinguishable from the source. In all honesty we could use it on the 1080p as well and save a ton of space over time here, but FLAC is still used for the principle of it (1080p source video and lossless audio -> 1080p encode video and lossless audio for archive purposes).
  6. ~project complete: Wolf's Rain~ now including an AAC edition for space-sensitive @Etzimals.
  7. Thanks for this. I'll give it a lookover and then probably release it since LNS' release is doubtful at this point.
  8. That chart sure gets depressing over time as all the groups besides Beatrice-Raws vanish and the styling gets worse >.> Anyway, regarding my spreadsheet: It was originally just going to be my own stuff and Kametsu, then it's started to balloon outward as I realized how many other quality releasers are working around here. I'm planning on taking another pass at actually organizing it sometime. I also want to make a clear area for requests that have been rejected for whatever reason (no viable quality options, no one wants to do it, etc.). I'm a little iffy on splitting it up into season though. Ideally, the actual active project sheet should be decreasing in number, not increasing. We should be finishing this stuff, not picking up more and more =P For the "Best Releases", that's an option, but it will start to get unwieldy very quickly I think. Google Sheet's Ctrl-F search does search all sheets though, so that's good at least. No need for that, not everyone is proficient at forum navigation. This thread welcomes all requests, so long as they're not already listed on the spreadsheet that's linked right at the top. Yeah, I had Jackett set up at one point, but I honestly didn't end up using it that much. I prefer going to the individual sites myself and being thorough in that way. I just keep forgetting ANT >.> It also acts as a good way to make sure I login to all those sites regularly to keep my accounts active.
  9. Yes, FLAC both and includes commentary as well. Looks all good from mediainfo dump at least. I'll have it on my XDCC later today.
  10. Well that might just be everything already. I really need to add ANT to my usual checks, I'm so bad about keeping up with things there <.< Thanks for finding it!
  11. index

    i'm offended and refuse to follow this thread anymore.
  12. Forge is actually pretty sufficient, but I see there's actually one from mawen1250 on U2 that might be worth investigating. I did like that show, so I will definitely look into it.
  13. Season 1: Already done by Dragon (Dragon-Releases). His stuff is usually on ANT, or you can pick it up on Kametsu's IRC channel by XDCC. Season 2: still airing, so I wouldn't do it. Dragon might pick it up once it hits BD, else come poke me again.