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  1. just a quick update for everyone, this is also posted underneath the Leaderboard in the second post and I will continue to update it there as needed whenever I remove something: CTRBOX STATUS (last updated 2017-04-24): Listed below are my releases currently not seeded by my box. I unfortunately have limited space on the CTRBox and cannot seed all of my releases in perpetuity (totals nearly 2TB for all files released so far). Any help seeding these would be hugely appreciated! If you need help getting the files for anything currently unseeded, please PM me and I'll see what I can do. (Please don't use this just to get the files from me; this is only for people looking to seed long-term and in public on Nyaa). Currently NOT seeded on CTRBox Blood Blockade Battlefront: Both 1080p (27.22GB) and 720p (8.64GB). Bodacious Space Pirates: Both 1080p (27.86GB) and 720p (11.11GB). Chaika the Coffin Princess: Season 1 1080p (26.95GB), Season 2 1080p (22.9GB). Eden of the East: Season 1 + Movies (27.57GB). Movies must be seeded separately on AB. Maria the Virgin Witch: 1080p only (20.43GB) No-Rin: Both 1080p (19.27GB) and 720p (7.59GB). The Rolling Girls: 720p (13.83GB) Space Dandy: 1080p (47.18GB). Release is in two separate torrents on AB. Yurikuma Arashi: 1080p (21.09GB) Currently NOT seeded on CTRBox (and not really worth seeding) Only Yesterday: Both 1080p (12.98GB) and 720p (3.31GB). Contains false lossless audio, grab Kametsu's official release. Cross Ange: ReinForce's 1080p encode (58.56GB), not really worth it as Coalgirls' encode is better and still has lossless audio, while saving 21GB. As I release anything else (rare but it happens), I will have to remove more releases from my box. I will remove releases in order of highest seedcount first, starting with Requests and moving onto official releases if I have to. As of this writing, the next release removed would be Gungrave (540p, 12.28GB), which currently has 14 seeds in the public swarm. kbai. -ctr
  2. ~RELEASE: Girls und Panzer der Film~ @Etzimal won't let me rest in peace ;-;
  3. I'm on win7 personally, and never used your app since I only did BD releases, no need for funi audio. Just trying to help out a bit here.
  4. He stated "using windows 10", kinda stray off at the end of one line but it's there.
  5. Cartoons and Animation board would probably be fine, it's really a catch-all for non-Anime (I. E. Non-Japanese) animation. Just try to get as much information about the contents and the source if you can, this site is a lot less about dumping content and more about curation. Or at least that's how I treat it <.<
  6. Seemed like the best place to put this. AnimeBytes had a DB leak by former staff. Contents still unclear, it has been reported both scrubbed and unscrubbed. News is on AB's front-page, some analysis going on there and also here on reddit: Despite the alarmist title, AB will be fine, move along. Change your passwords and keep seeding, etc. In other news my seedbox has had a lot of trouble connecting to AB tracker lately, so if you're having trouble getting my stuff there, grab from Nyaa (it's seeding at both).
  7. yeah, definitely did not see this coming. Maybe I'll actually watch it now.
  8. >three year old thread also both your images didn't mention Edge. Not that I think it's better than firefox/chrome/opera but still.
  9. Certainly in the past on other forum software, but in my experience on this board, many people prefer it since they rely on the notifications or email system to pay attention to threads. This leaves three options: Subscribe to the thread when you might not care about it, and get notifications/emails about every post. Quote the person you want to react to the thread, since this will notify/email them by default. Direct mention them with @username, which will also notify/email them by default; this would probably be the preferable one, but at the same time seems to be less used since the interface for it is both less reliable and more effort, and in addition looks much uglier on some forum themes than a quotebox. Personally, I prefer quotes out of those three options, as they also (assuming they are used correctly) provide direct context for what the new post is asking about. Also, I might point out the irony of you calling out forum etiquette when you necro'd a thread over a year old that was already resolved, but that's a much easier mistake to make and I don't personally care about thread necromancy anyway. I think that's something we've really lost from modern social networks like reddit, where old threads are doomed to archived death.
  10. chiming in as a standing user of Brave, definitely my favorite theme of the current set. I do think @Moodkiller is right though, a poll would probably be a good idea.
  11. 6x4TB + 2x8TB in ZFS RAID0 here. Plus about 12 TB total across other various machines, and about a TB of SSD space between two machines. Good times.
  12. ROVERS and CiNEFilE are all scene, so the quality may not be as high as P2P. I believe SPARKS / GECKOS / CHD are as well, but I'm too lazy to track them down right now. CtrlHD, DON, TayTO, and VietHD are all HDBits internals, D-ZON3 is an internal at AHD. good stuff. REVO / niizk / philosophy-raws are all P2P anime-releasers. Philosophy is a lot more hit-or-miss than REOV/niizk, sometimes overbloated, but usually solid. I don't remember where SA89 makes his home, I usually pick his releases up off BTN. Pretty solid though. TrollHD is very hit-or-miss. One of the few groups actively capping in 4K though, but frequently below scene quality depending on the cap. Their early netflix caps were plagued with interface popups and other errors, but I haven't seen a lot of their more recent stuff. WiKi and HDMaNiAcS I can't remember right now. edit: This isn't necessarily true. A straight remux may not be the best quality, as there are occasionally source defects to be fixed. Anti-aliasing and debanding are particularly common fixes on anime blu-ray encodes, for example. actual encoders could do better explaining here than me though.
  13. hey man not everyone uses RAID. That said, I'm running 8 drives in raid 0 because I like to live dangerously :^)
  14. give steins;gate

    1. ragnawind


      The english release just came out today, so he may still be waiting on the english audio to release it.

    2. Koby


      I'll have it out shortly. Currently trancoding the English audio and English Commentary to flac, then gotta figure out the delay, mux, qc, upload.