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  1. Reminds me I should try watching the whole Endless 8, before moving them to cloud storage. :3 Haven't watch 2nd to 7th iteration.
  2. Reminds me of a country where the internet is so censored/filtered that pirated content become a black market product. Filled up HDDs distributed like drugs.
  3. For me, TV series 720p, movies 1080p
  4. I should be more diligent in making backups. Didn't note down some of the fishes I shared here or imported in the past, now I need to open 130 "Boxes" and make sure all fishes are noted in an Excel file. :')
  5. Yeah, I'm not much a forum person, and I feel more comfortable on IRC and/or Discord (especially IRC, hint hint). :3
  6. quote of the day:


    The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

    The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  7. RIP DL section.

    I'll just be lurking here and on IRC then


  8. you can find out yourself by using the search box at the top right of this page. Protip: DDL mirrors for latest subbed/dubbed anime torrents are available at animetosho.org If you want to request a mirror for expired/DMCA'ed link or skipped torrent, go to our Requests subforum. Since you can't do torrents, I suggest looking into XDCC method of file sharing. The only case I know that would make you unable to download through XDCC is if you don't have permission to install the client required.
  9. Watched it as a kid as well. I think I should rewatch it sometimes. :3
  10. alrd 444 posts...

    1. Badguys


      The Japanese would call that "the number of the beast".

      It has something to do with 4 being the number of bad luck or death in Japanese culture.

  11. Happy Birthday.

    1. gskumar


      Happy birthday ramensama

  12. Is this actual dialogue, or made-up??




    1. Saf


      You think the subbers put that in themselves? What anime is this, anyway?

    2. ramensama92


      One of the seasons of Symphogear.

      Maybe @Catar know?

    3. Catar


      Nah, that's reasonably accurate.


      Someone's not watching my release though. For shame! ;-;

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