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  1. Basically a file transfer protocol used in IRC clients. So yeah, if you used an IRC client, you can download files from there as well on top of chatting. Here's an XDCC basic guide I've wrote up, https://pastebin.com/qF5NsGpL Torrent from private tracker + VPN
  2. ramensama92


    Eden of the East Fate/Zero HAL Inuyashiki :^)
  3. ramensama92

    Hey it's Kevin

    Hey Kevin, I'm ramen.
  4. ramensama92

    How do I delete a topic?

    I think you can click on Report post and ask for it to be deleted
  5. ramensama92


    Welcome to the club.
  6. Got a tablet with dual OS of Windows 10 and Android 5.1 from my brother,
    forsome reason its USB female port can't detect a NTFS HDD, but it can detect FAT32 thumbdrive.
    And somehow it can detect HDD if I use a USB OTG adapter..

    1. Badguys


      Made in China stuff sometimes can be that wonky.

  7. Should be. To be more sure, perhaps you could scan just the comics and separate the scans to individual comics, with chapter folder/zip name included which issue it was from.
  8. ramensama92

    Law of Ueki or Flame of Recca?

    Flame of recca has better art, but Ueki has more memorable story and fights imo. So I suggest ueki. Plus, the anime adapted the manga fully. I'm not sure where you want to stop for this first major story arc, but for ueki, if you want to read until they gather all the team members for the next part of the tournament, Vol. 10. for Recca, the part where the anime decided to end instead, Vol. 16. (tfw no sequel )
  9. I noticed I've been uploading/mirroring some titles that you have uploaded before,
    I feel like your kouhai or something. 9_9

    1. NeutralHatred


      If only your senpai was more active.

  10. Great... ._______.
    OS not detected.
    Probably cos the harddrive is totally worn out alrd.
    Guess it's time for me to learn how to install  linux. :3

    Manage to backup everything just yesterday tho. :')
    Now at an internet cafe.

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    2. NeutralHatred


      Or just reinstall Windows and save you the headache of learning a completely different OS that requires a lot of tweaking to get anything to work?

    3. Nabull


      Yeah, unless you are thinking of getting into programming, hacking etc 

      You're better off using windows

    4. Badguys



      Why would you want Amazon-sponsored bloat?

      If you got an x64 computer, try Manjaro or Antergos

      Otherwise, Gentoo and AntiX are your best choices

      All I listed are lightweight OSes, with varying difficulties (Manjaro, Antergos and AntiX are easy, Gentoo is hard to install, but wicked fast since the packages optimize to your computer).

  11. Man, JJBA: DiU Duwang scanlation is like something so shitty,
    that it deserves a special place in the history of mankind.

    Disclaimer: The scanlation I mean, not the original manga.

  12. Any suggestion where to post Chinese TV Drama outside of private tracker? @_@
    Got someone asking for Zhen Huan Zhuan according to my note,
    but I forgot to note down down the contact info.
    I'll be posting it on nyaa and r/MEGAlinks for now. :/
    Don't remember well, hopefully I did tell the requester about that.

    1. Badguys


      Just pack the episode in a password-protected RAR and upload it to MEGA.

    2. Koby


      There really isn't any good public torrent index that isn't dedicated to anime-only that I could personally recommend.

  13. ramensama92

    Anime you cant get a enough of

    Steins;Gate | I'm a sucker for time travel Sci-fi
  14. ramensama92

    What is your favourite Transformer

  15. Wake up
    Do upload
    Open IRC to see muh IP got banned again
    *Goes back to hibernating

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    2. IkarosBD


      @ramensama92 that's usually what ends up being the case, someone with an infected system connects to the access point and/or previously had the affected IP prior to you. It's why we can make exceptions like this if necessary.

    3. Badguys


      Sounds like he's got malware.  This is one of the reasons that I use an adblocker, along with an anti-malware system.  Harp on me about "you kill websites by doing that" all you like, Malvertising is still a booming business due to people who allow advertising in their browsing on websites lacking a rigorous standard.

    4. IkarosBD


      @Badguys well yeah that could easily be the case. But in his scenario, and from what I've been able to dig up, it's more likely he just got unlucky and was assigned an IP (dynamically ofc) that had previously been assigned to a malicious actor who had gotten it listed then.