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  1. Had a bit of trouble getting english dub of Episode 12 of Attack on Titan Season 3. THe episode was checked and is uploading into the mega folder. Will post it in the morning.


    BTW, We did pretty well at the Tournament today. 


    Happy Veterans Day all!

    1. mrbaer


      Happy Veterans Day all!  And you BEAVE

  2. Today the Anime I post will be late.  I am the Veterans Day Tournament in Rancho Bernardo. 

  3. Saturdays, just got busy for me in IRL. The Posts will be a bit later than usual on Saturday for SSSS.Gridman Dub and Radiant Dub. I should be starting them at around 2:30pm PST.

    1. Neroextreme


      no problem.... by the way Goblin Slayer is awesome.... they are adapting Attack on Titan style.

      First episode is so realistic I never even imagined that.

    2. mrbaer


      That's Ok with ME!!! BEAVE


  4. Currently, uploading Goblin Slayer and Ulysses. Will post they are up after dinner around 8:00 - 8:30pm EDT

  5. I'm off to Norwalk, CT today for a week. Today's releases will be later today I hope. "Hoping Remote Access works out"


    See you on the other side of the States.

    1. mrbaer


      Thanks for the update


    2. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      Best not to run nor walk to CT.  ;)

    3. Beave


      I made it ok. I flew using United. 


      San Diego, Chicago, White Plains. Then drive to Norwalk, CT

  6. beave do you have Attack on Titan Season 2 dubbed or dual audio or any link

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Neroextreme


      couldn't find any working dual audio link any ware with good quality like beaves that's why asking. If you have any link please share

    3. Koby


      It's not hard to use a search engine. >_>

    4. Neroextreme


      when I did other animes and others seasons appeared  only

  7. Updated lists in PDF and are on Mega.
  8. Currently, Uploading SSSS.Gridman episodes 1 and 2 to Mega. Once Upload is completed, will post the anime thread. 

    1. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      Sounds like a Mega Man villain. Looking forward to it.

  9. Hi Beave, another request, if possible? The anime "Cheer Boys". I've seen previews of it and it looks not half-bad. It's English dubbed. Thx.

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    2. Code Geass Fan
    3. Beave


      The episodes are uploaded.  


      Template made for posting completed.


      Just need to post the anime.


    4. Beave
  10. Beave

    An alert about Donations

    Koby, it's all good. The Uploader Title is fine for me, even I do more than that now I was thinking we should make a Funimation/CrunchyRoll section or something like that.
  11. Attack on Titan S3 EP 4 is taking forever to DL from Funimation. I'll post the episode in the morning.

    1. Neroextreme


      Thanks for you hard work. I 'll wait until full season dubbed release.

  12. Beave

    An alert about Donations

    $15.00 from me.
  13. Updated lists in PDF and are on Mega.
  14. Island Funimation Dub will be late today. I will be at one of the schools to film a martial arts movie.


    Should be back about 5pm PST.

    1. Beave


      Episode 9 posted



  15. Currently, uploading Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- - 22 - Raiju's Warning. Funimation Dub and Free! -Dive to the Future- - 07 - A Solitary Medley! Funimation Dub. Will not be able to post the episode until after 7pm PST. THe episodes should be in the Folders in about 1 hour.  Sorry for the delay.