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  1. Beave

    An alert about Donations

    Koby, it's all good. The Uploader Title is fine for me, even I do more than that now I was thinking we should make a Funimation/CrunchyRoll section or something like that.
  2. Attack on Titan S3 EP 4 is taking forever to DL from Funimation. I'll post the episode in the morning.

    1. Neroextreme


      Thanks for you hard work. I 'll wait until full season dubbed release.

  3. Beave

    An alert about Donations

    $15.00 from me.
  4. Updated lists in PDF and are on Mega.
  5. Island Funimation Dub will be late today. I will be at one of the schools to film a martial arts movie.


    Should be back about 5pm PST.

    1. Beave


      Episode 9 posted



  6. Currently, uploading Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- - 22 - Raiju's Warning. Funimation Dub and Free! -Dive to the Future- - 07 - A Solitary Medley! Funimation Dub. Will not be able to post the episode until after 7pm PST. THe episodes should be in the Folders in about 1 hour.  Sorry for the delay.

  7. Tomorrow Black Clover will be late. Going to California Youth Karate Nationals 2018. To help our you fighters.

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    2. Sinbad


      Wow, that's amazing.


      You must be pretty strong then 💪.


      I too would have learnt martial arts if there were any instructors around me but I couldn't find any.

    3. Beave


      Not that strong. Don't need strength on this art. Its all technique. See https://m.facebook.com/CardenasArnis



    4. Sinbad


      Thanks for the details.


      Still, it's amazing plus I can't learn martial arts now cos I am a college student now and I have to attend classes from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


      But if I get time in future, I sure would like to learn Martial arts (preferably Taichi).

  8. Just finished a Dual Audio Remux of ACCA 13 in 1080p. Anyone interested?

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    2. Beave


      I can do that. I'll upload it tonight and post it as I can.

    3. mrbaer


      thanks you


    4. Beave
  9. I use OneNote 2016 to make the working list. Then converted to PDF. There is about 13 or so years of work in there
  10. Hi, Mr. Beave please add more Black Clover Dubbed episodes


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    2. NeutralHatred


      Beave has been releasing each episode as it airs within a reasonable time frame. There is no reason for asking an uploader to add more.

    3. Golumpa
    4. Neroextreme


      thanks man my bad you are awesome Mr. Beave. funanimation  don't work in India that's why I can't check out.

  11. Episode 53 in Dub and Dual of My Hero Academia Season 3 will be posted later today. 


    Funi site was acting up this morning.

  12. Beave

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Spring 2018

    Food Wars Season 3 2nd Cour
  13. Wow! Food Wars! Third Plate - 2nd Cour was awesome. Go Yukihira!

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    2. Beave


      The anime is way better in Sub anyways.


    3. Inverti


      Disagreed. Stephanie Wittels will be keeping her role as Erina unlike the JP ver for S3. I'm sticking with whichever cast is more consistent. Not to mention that Food Wars is definitely and undoubtedly one of Sentai's better dubs. 

    4. basheer_naimi


      Well they replaced the Japanes voice of Erina because of health issues but they sound mostly the same so that's a good thing. And about the dub while i can't say it's bad but Erina's English voice was a disappoinment for me, well in general i didn't really like the dub of this show it wasn't bad but not on the same level of some other dubs.

  14. Currently, uploading Basilisk to MediaFire.  Will post once completed.