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Cheetos or Doritos?


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I prefer Doritos they have more flavor in them and I just really don't like Cheetos that much in general they have this strange unpleasant taste when I eat them.

Well, Cheetos are only better if you find them months after you opened the bag. for some odd reason, lots of people like stale Cheetos more than the normal ones

For some strange reason everyone who I know say this is true, but I just don't see how aged snack food can taste better than fresh ones.

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Oh man, I LOVE Doritos. Nacho cheese ones are a staple and good, but I like things a little hotter usually. The Spicy Nacho ones are decent, though not really spicy. The best were the Flaming Hot ones they had back in the late 90s/early 2000s! They have some other spicy ones come and go, but I still remember the Flamers fondly! It irks me to no end that they have Flaming Hot Cheetos (multiple different kinds), but never brought back the Flaming Hot Doritos! Anyway, the Roulette ones were really good that came out a little while ago (6 months or so ago I think it was), but again it was only a limited time. =( Hopefully they'll bring them back again. Until then, I stick with the Spicy Nacho.

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Just now, Green Dragoon said:

Back when I was introduced for Cheetos, The original first, then I tried Hot Cheetos from a sibling of mine I think. It was really spicy back then, I couldn't handle it one bit. It was back in 1st-2nd grade. Ahhhhhhh the vibe. Now, Hot Cheetos is my fav.

I haven't ever tried them. I'll get some this weekend now that you said they're good.

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