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  1. I've started re-watching Inuyasha from the actual DVD, I'm trying to watch it each disc a day. I also re-watching the original Digimon (so-so), that would be the adventure one. So I miss watching these back when I was around in Elementary and Middle School. While it was on Broadcast. Good quality time to spend.
  2. What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light When I watch that, it gave me a feeling I want to go play Online games again and enjoy life. Just like good old days. Plus wanting to give a second chance to try XIV once again.
  3. Last Manga You Read

    I recently finished reading the whole volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, along with my previous reading, Zexal. I'm thinking about reading GX next and checking it out at the library. When I'm returning back to the educational community.
  4. who is your favorite comics superhero?

    Right there. In addition, Cyclops, Wolverine and Gambit. I grew up liking them, along with Spider-man.
  5. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    I finish watching these series on Netflix: ID-0 Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Movie: Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 3 - Hi no Ishi wo Tsugu Mono Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name) This Your Name movie is really good and the OST gave me a inspiration when it comes to music.
  6. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently playing .hack//g.u. Last Recode, considering saving dollars of getting the original release, I think. I recently caught up the latest episodes for Batman: The Enemy Within.
  7. Which Kingdom Hearts do you Prefer?

    The original series are much enjoyable. The gameplay is easy, such as easily gaining more experience to level up. Compare to BBS, it's harder to level up because when you fight stronger enemies, it takes a while to gain more experience. Well overall, it's takes a while to level up, it's just me.
  8. Favorite Old School Videogame

    I think I said it before, don't remember if I did. Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, the two ID Software games I will always remember in my heart. Know them since when I was little. Even if it's the FPS rated mature game.
  9. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    This is currently one of the two shows airing on Cartoon Network. Another one, that would be Teen Titans Go! It's more like marathon week days.
  10. Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Not long ago, I bought a 4 for 20 pre-owned game at Gamestop? back in June? If I remember right. Bought some typical game like Call of Duty (Black Ops 1 and 2, Mordern Warfare), Bioshock 2, Tomb Raider, Prototype, Walking Dead Survival Instinct, and Heavy Rain for the PS3. Now Recently, I bought two PS4 games. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto and Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey. (That game can be hard due to time limit, to me that is, thinking about the Atelier PS3 series but it turned out I did okay on this one)
  11. Been a while by me, but I watched a whole first season of Fairy tale, it has a long 8 ish episodes of saga each, makes me feel like I reached close to episode 50. Follow by Hunter x Hunter, kind of feels like Yu Yu Hakosho like where they're doing the competition/tournament. After that, I try starting watching Gintama. Yes the main stream or big anime to get into. Almost rarely watch Anime these days but here I am.
  12. Random Talk.

    I have been here around 7 years since c-w. And now I don't go here much because I think I get out more and attending to school. I guess going out is a most important thing and socialize with other people for real also. And I happen to miss the community.
  13. Recent Gaming Purchases?

    I've pre-ordered two PS4 on Gamestop: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Tales of Berseria Collector's Edition Obviously, I'll be paying over 200 dollars for a couple of video game.
  14. Anyone into J-Drama or K-Drama?

    It's all started when Erika Toda a one that portrayed for Misa in the Death Note Live-Film, to call this a bit awkward to say but I decided to look it up since she's attractive. I've checked one of her drama series which is Nobuta wo produce along with Maki Horikita (which she's attractive imo) with two other actor's with their main role. Watched the series and got hooked to J-Drama. As long it's involved the actor/actess's that I know, then I would check the other series. That was 8 years ago back when I enter a first year of college. I somehow stopped two years after that, I don't know what makes me stop. I kind of tried to bother checking out K-Drama's due to attractive actress's, but not really much.
  15. Favorite Old School Videogame

    That happened to be my favorite Star Wars game. Back in the day, I used to download maps, mods and model (characters) to mostly have fun in multiplayer. Plus fan made stories for Single player. Improved moves/skills then Jedi Outcast.