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  1. The lowest price to recover the data was $200 even if they fail. went up to $500
  2. So a few months ago my computer got hit by a virus and I was unable to boot the hard drive until I reformatted, well turns out it did the same thing to my Portable Hard Drive as it cannot be read when plugged in at all. My computer does not even recognize it to make the sound when I plug it in. There's a bunch of save files and photos I've built up over 15 years I wanna get off of it if possible. But it seems hopeless. It clearly gets power but is unable to be recognized. I dunno what virus it was and I don't have any records of what my pc did when it got hit aside from being unable to boot my drive.
  3. Alright so I've finally had time to try and fix this and nope nothing works. Page up and down does not change which drive is on top. There are no key commands in the bios start up menu all I can do is press enter or click on something and it just starts up as if I've done nothing. Just starts up the old drive. http://puu.sh/kqznB/ba20bc4258.jpg Clearest photo I can get. I've checked the cables, switched them. I've done everything. In order to start up my pc I have to unplug the old drive. Currently my SSD in plugged into the dark brown port but I've tried all combinations, both in the dark brown ports, switching them between ports, one in brown one in another etc. nothing is different.
  4. As I stated I used it on my old motherboard, It has an OS on it and its currently in use. I have to unplug the HDD so it will boot from the SSD which I am using right now.
  5. Motherboard: http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-z87-pro-atx-lga1150-z87-e2-84506-1145.htm I recently got a new motherboard but whenever I plug in my second hard drive it refuses to launch my newer one I've been using on the old motherboard. Newer one is a Kingston SSD while the old one is a seagate HHD, it's practically broken but I never bothered to take important files off of it. I go into the Boot menu when I start up the PC select the Kingston drive, double click or hit enter on my Kingston drive and just starts up my old drive. I've tried seeing if I can click and drag the Kingston and move it up the list but I appear to only be able to double click or press enter. There are no key commands or anything on the screen.
  6. I've reserved some orders on hobby shop recently, just waiting for releases and shipping First order I reserved was Goku figure I couldnt resist how cool it looks with the real clothing Second is a Sakata Gintoki outfit Gintama being my favorite anime of all time, I could not resist a chance to wear official cosplay Another thing I've bought recently is a gift for my boyfriend My boyfriend kept complaining how expensive figures are but once he got this he couldn't stop talking about how awesome it is. I haven't really bought much of anything else in these last few months.
  7. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAhNBr2Wytk
  8. For years I had lived a not so good life, My parents are separated, My dads a abusive crazy lying fuck, while my mother just doesn't care about her children and wanted to abandon us after her divorce. Been through lots of other stuff but I always managed to live through it, and finding something to smile about. That was until a man decided to lie about loving me. People talk about love like it's nothing. But once you really fall in love that person becomes the only person in the world who can hurt you and when they turn on you, it's the worst feeling in the world. He called me a worthless bitch, that he never loved me after promising me a life and claiming his undying love to me, to trick me I guess. I lost 60 pounds, I was skin and bones and could no longer recognize my own thin arms. I became depressed, I lost all faith in humanity. People are horrible. They care not for others. This went on for months, I tried, I got into a relationship. But this man cared not for others. I told him I was depressed and he said he didnt feel like comforting me and I dont understand that, tried to make me out to be the bad guy, Dumped me and ignored me from then on. His friends(who were also supposed to be my friends) then harassed me, threatened to phone the cops on me and other horrible shit. I tried overdosing on advil and tylenol(I'm supposed to be allergic to it but I guess I'm not) Failed. So then awhile later after being harassed even more, I had lied to my doctor and got a prescription for sleeping pills that were sitting there for awhile, So i downed the whole bottle and started hallucinating, got taken to the hospital. Afterwards my mother said it's my own fault and asked when I'm paying rent. it was a month later when i met my current boyfriend who seems to be the person besides me in the whole world that gives 2 fucks about anyone but themselves.
  9. Me and my boyfriend :3 Also Sakura is such a cute name, I want my first sons name to be Hiro.
  10. That's because you are children. Complaining like this only makes whats he is saying even truer. Only kids fight on a forum over stupid shit. Only kids cry that they got banned. Smarten up.
  11. What if they made a phone lol
  12. Those are kinda eh but while ago Ren told me to try here http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/pretty good it seems, If I'm lucky enough to catch the release.
  13. Just hitting in general seems to raise ki, and being hit. Sometimes I'll get combo'd and end up with full ki after I go flying.
  14. With a post like that I doubt he did anything you didn't deserve. There is no auto targeting you must press a button to target and press it more to switch between, It is 3D fighting, going up and down is a bit awkward, you will find yourself just locking on and speeding over to them. Very few environments can be destroyed but most of them have items underneath which you find with your scouter. Items are just potion materials tho. To use energy attacks and keep transformations it drains your ki which you can up as you level up, Worst part about this tho is you cannot charge up your ki unless you replace an attack slot. To do attacks you have to hold one of the trigger buttons down, it will show all your attacks on screen and you press the button beside it. To do heavy attacks you hold two trigger buttons down Honestly I find the game fun but the controls are kinda eh. Id rather play darksouls.
  15. yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy thanks Sakurachan
  16. Thanks a ton for these, I'm looking forward to Gintama and Digimon. Once In awhile when I'm bored I check out your older lists and pick something up
  17. You're asking the wrong question in your pool, I would NEVER pay $100 for 13 episodes but I would pay $60 for half a show or the whole thing. I have some anime DVDs kicking around but I'm too poor to get more.
  18. My Utorrent auto installs updates, is my PC already infected? I don't see any signs Scanned my whole C drive with kaspersky, don't see anything and don't see those names anywhere. Maybe I'm just lucky, I stopped auto updates now.
  19. The only places I know of are Crunchyroll and J-list, not a very good list. My problem with Crunchyroll is I like old anime and they only release new stuff and it's gone after release and J-list just doesn't have that much to begin with. My goal right now is to get something nice for my bf's birthday in a month but I need some better sites.
  20. What is the American Language? There's plenty of Native American languages. If you are referring to English, the Language you are typing it does not belong to America there for is not "THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE" English is the #1 most common language in the whole world and America is a small part of it. In fact English started in other places in the world like England before America was even a thing. But enough of that, just like everyone was saying not much you can do about. I do plan to someday learn Japanese for fun and this convenience. If your super lucky people will rip games to PC and translate them.
  21. This is an old post lol I play Warframe now
  22. My boyfriend's parents got me a Spray Pump and a bunch of candy, My mom got me a tea pot, 10 Strawberry Pocky, a $25 Walmart gift card and some no win lottery tickets. My boyfriend got me a rice maker early and we have used it a lot.
  23. You can't be so silly as to stop watching anime all together just because a few people said they are childish... You seriously didn't know by now that 90% of America/Canada thinks all Japanese anime are cartoons and childish? People are ignorant about MANY things not just Japanese anime and you will run into this a LOT in your life so man up and watch what ever you like and not let anyone stop you from watching it. You like what ever you want, nobody can tell you different.
  24. seirachan

    Pokemon X/Y

    I'm not into programing but the animation is pretty good, seems fluid to me but in battle when it tries to show both Pokemon like in the old Pokemon Stadium games, it lags. It's only while it's showing both pokemon for a few seconds. Also I'm staring to not see any point to adding someone I don't know. There is no communication. I will not trade or do anything if I am not asked first. The 3DS is seriously lacking that. Just because little kids play on it, they don't want them being bullied and stuff. But I think they shoulda locked it with parental control instead of taking out communication completely.
  25. Wow no theard for this? Welp just like last year post your Halloween costume I was cosplaying as Petra from Attack on Titan SPOILER ALERT More pictures here http://s14.photobucket.com/user/Saiyuki4Life/library/Petra%20Cosplay?sort=3&page=1
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