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  1. I got the Instrumental version of Despacito stuck in my head and it won't stop, The one with All the instruments playing it.

    1. elegeng


      Haven't heard the instrumental version. I should give it a go then if it sounds so catchy.

  2. Wow, that is a big list!!! I will look into them. thanks you for replying!
  3. Love the new background/Theme!! Great Job Kametsu Workers! Thank You

  4. I haven't seen those, I will look into them. Thanks for the information.
  5. 3 Maltipoo pups, all healthy little girls :) 

  6. I have to laugh at some peoples stupidity, Yours in particular YukinoAi. If You were a student I would fail you for misleading a point with both your references and the way you use them. You can't twist words to fit you POV while disregarding all previous information, you have to do both research and fact checking. I can say that i saw a flying pink hippopotamus in a tutu and publish a story about it, that does not make it fact. You are using biased resources and are twisting words in order to fit your argument.. CNN & Wiki.... Really? Jeff Sessions? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Being accused of something is not the same as being it. Read all what Jeff has done in his lifetime career, not just one thing said that is taken and blown out of proportion. Jeff went after and prosecuted the HEAD of the KKK in Alabama. The "Racist' remarks he supposedly said were during the time he was prosecuting them. You have to look at the context of what is being said. The use of the term "Racist" is thrown around all the time to try to slander and create turmoil and doubt, especially in politics. This is why there is Vetting Hillary? Don't get me started on her. Breaking the Law and endangering the entirety of the United States.. Really, you are going to defend that ? Look at the people she surrounds herself with. Tearing our Country Apart, that is not being done by trump, it is being done by whiny people who have taken it in their own hands to cause chaos and turmoil. Illegals. My grandfather worked years to get papers in order to come into this country, he took the time an effort to come LEGALLY. Trump said he is going to go after all the Criminals first, what is so wrong with that? Go to your little Crying corner 'Safe Zone'
  7. It makes not difference if they are full nutrient or full of all kinds of nasties, If they started banning stuffing like energy drinks it would open a whole can of worms. There are a lot of things that are bad for us, it is up to each person to be able to govern themselves on what they eat and drink. If they did do anything, they would put a age requirement, due to the possible harmful properties when too many are consumed in a certain amount of time. That could be acceptable because a lot of children don't read warning labels. Same with alcohol and cigarettes, have to be a certain age to buy. As for me, Caffeine does not really affect me at all. I rarely drink soda's or carbonation, I prefer tea, but I can sleep right after with no problem. I do like Mountain Dew, monster and venom's, when I want something carbonated, but I prefer the monster Rehab's if I am going to drink something regularly. Don't know why, but caffeine has never really affected me. On the other hand, my family can't drink it if they want to sleep, they will be energized. If someone is allergic to something and then eats it, you are not going to sue a company for his/her stupidity. People are responsible for their own actions.
  8. I live in the USA, but I know you are not alone. In some of my FF stories that I wrote a while back, I had a lot of views from different countries all over the world, including many in the Middle East.
  9. I wish I was introduced to it earlier. I didn't watch my fist anime till I was about 18 and already graduated highschool
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