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  1. Nope never have and not really interested enough to pursue it. Maybe if they get around to legalizing it in my state, I'll give it a whirl just to say I did, but not in any rush or do I really care that much.
  2. I download and keep a lot of anime (currently at ~11 TB). Why? Because I enjoy it and maybe I'll get around to (re)watching it. Also on digital media, it doesn't take up too much physical space (see below). I used to buy a lot of it too on DVD and BD, but I realized I haven't put a disc in in years, so now I've stopped and put that money towards more hard drives instead... Probably going to sell off most of the physical media I have collected over the years at this point and maybe just keep the few series on disc that are my absolute favorites.
  3. Yellow! Just picked it one day and has stuck ever since.
  4. If the file is just encoded with a bad/wrong aspect ratio, I've found the fastest and easiest way is to just open it up with MKVToolNix (or use it to remux and do the following, if it isn't already an MKV file) and force the aspect ratio you want in the video stream parameters. The is basically instantaneous and doesn't degrade the quality by adding yet another generation of encoding to it.
  5. Oh man, I LOVE Doritos. Nacho cheese ones are a staple and good, but I like things a little hotter usually. The Spicy Nacho ones are decent, though not really spicy. The best were the Flaming Hot ones they had back in the late 90s/early 2000s! They have some other spicy ones come and go, but I still remember the Flamers fondly! It irks me to no end that they have Flaming Hot Cheetos (multiple different kinds), but never brought back the Flaming Hot Doritos! Anyway, the Roulette ones were really good that came out a little while ago (6 months or so ago I think it was), but again it was only a limited time. =( Hopefully they'll bring them back again. Until then, I stick with the Spicy Nacho.
  6. Avatar is definitely not anime! Animated in a similar style, but totally not made for a Japanese audience.
  7. These are pretty interesting guys, keep them up! Like thy52, I mostly just know of the Pokemon banned episodes.
  8. Haha was going to say... Gale. But straightface beat me to it! Do you mean the GGO arc in the first half of main series Season 2, or the SAO Alternative that takes place in GGO that was out a few months ago? I thought the time in S2 where they were in GGO was OK, it wasn't my favorite. Haven't gotten a chance to watch Alternative yet, but hopefully soon! Watching S3 Alicization right now and enjoying it so far though. The hate for SAO is really annoying, especially on reddit /r/anime. Turns me off from even going there sometimes since they are so circlejerky/hivemind about stuff like that.
  9. Just started watching this, but I'm enjoying it. There needs to be more good scifi on TV!
  10. Haha this is in perpetual "coming soon". The thread goes back to 2011 and even then referencing articles that were a couple years old. We'll see how well Battle Angel Alita does. How well that does, might determine whether any other adaptions get traction.
  11. If you are going to watch the OT, Harmy's Despecialized editions are the only way to go!
  12. I like Vol. 2, but not as much as the first. Really wondering what is going to happen with Vol. 3 now that Gunn is out. Sounds like they are going to at least use his script, but who knows how it will turn out without his direction.
  13. I enjoyed both. The books are classics and great reads. I think the movies (especially the extended versions) are probably the best book to movie translation done. Sure some things were cut, there's no way they could have made them otherwise in a reasonable time or budget. But it was so well done that I don't even mind. And I know everyone complains about no Tom Bombadil, but honestly he did almost nothing in the novel and was probably one of the first and easiest things cut.
  14. This could be interesting. Will keep an eye to see where it goes. It's a great time to be a geek (especially a comic book one)!
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