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  1. Nardlen

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  7. Nardlen

    Tupac vs Eminem

    Eminem for me. I like his writing style and his delivery more.
  8. Nardlen

    fav tv character

    Johnny Bravo.
  9. Nardlen

    The most fun a game has ever given you?

    Pokemon White, I played the game a ton. It was my first introduction to the Pokemon video game series and I don't regret playing it one bit.
  10. Nardlen

    Favorite food

    Just a nice, green apple.
  11. Nardlen

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  12. Nardlen

    Favorite Game?

    Banjo-Kazooie, one of the best platformers.
  13. Nardlen

    Random and Prob Unpopular thoughts

    I like rainy weather and I also like walking in it.
  14. Nardlen

    Adventure Time final episode today.

    I thought it was anticlimactic at some parts and I'm disappointed that they teased villains in Gumbaldia and didn't do crap with them. Not just the villains, some characters barely get any screen time. But the parts that I enjoyed the most were the dream sequences.