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  1. Uhh.. I got a LOT of NES games still. Stacks and stacks of them...
  2. But the time seems limited, you wouldn't be able to go through an entire Oblivion Gate. But I'll manage.
  3. Ok, so where's the Invisible spell? I just lvled up to 15... slow progress? ehhh, I got the game like four months ago.
  4. Ahem, yeah.. those kinda situations are terrible. But, it never happened to me that way. If I've ever seen anyone with a dress around their nutz, I would say... What the F*ck! then walk away like nothing ever happened. AHEM!*
  5. Thats some good info, thanks. Sweet, the Oblivion gates are getting the best of me. -_-'
  6. .... 231? oi.... looks like I'm going to be busy for a while. I'm kinda lost too. I'm at the Fighter's Guild in Anvil, theirs this "Rats" quest I can't finish even if my life depended on it. ehh Lama, do you have this game? because it would be a shame if I'm telling you all this for no reason.
  7. Monad-Gnostis


    Several cats, sometimes I lose track of them. Cat hair is everywhere, man.
  8. How many is there? I've been doing quest after quest for about three weeks now, and I don't see an end to it. How many quests are? Have any of you ever beat Oblivion? What is the actual end to this game? Lots a ? But seriously though... Its become a pain in my side. Recenly I found a Unicorn, lol sweet!
  9. Ahem* This is an extremely old thread. Oh well, I had a PS3 before they came out... it was crappy. 20gb hdd, the hardware sucked because it didnt get all the quirks out yet. I only had it for songs at the time. Later on I got METAL GEAR SOLID - Guns of The Patriots, which was really cool! But in order for me to play I had to get rid of plenty of songs (about 1,500) ... yeah, this ain't going to happen again.
  10. Thank you. It was messed up when I found out my score didn't go up.

  11. When you play again open a second tab in your browser and leave it on the Whos online screen while your playing, It will auto refresh every minute or whatever and keep you logged in.

  12. Ok, ^_^ lol, I won't spoil it.

  13. I beat XIII but I'd rather you not spoil XIII-2 as I'm playing though it at the moment.

  14. Definately, I beat both already... Do you mind if I spoil you?

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