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  1. I personally love all of TheChaosLegion's encodes. Still, its best to just check series out on a case by case basis. Makes it more likely that you will get the best quality.
  2. Why not finish some of your On Hold Stuff? A bunch of it seems to be good and ones you enjoyed. Also, anything on my list that has an 8 or higher is highly recommended.
  3. Signature for the thing I quoted means everything, including both images and all text. So again, its a good idea, but technically doesn't work.
  4. Samurai Flamenco, why are you so bipolar... I liked the Kick Ass part, keep your Kamen Rider and Power Rangers away from me!

    1. professa X

      professa X

      LOL havent heard from you in a while!

    2. Kenzou


      hey hey i like the kamen rider and super sentai part in Flamenco also the kick ass and the dark hero bit as well

    3. lemmingllama


      It was good, just that the series had way too many problems with deciding what it wanted to do.

  5. For one, this looks awesome! For two, the rules say that everything in your signature, including both images and all text, should in total be maximum of 600 by 220. Maximum Total Size Limit [images and Text inclusive]:Width: 600px Height: 220px So technically this wouldn't save you. Again, its not really a big deal if you go over as long as it isn't ridiculous, but still breaking rules
  6. You might be entertained by the fact that Cyberfox is an x64 Firefox browser. So apparently someone else had the same random thought as you!
  7. How about now? Just finished adding the permissions. Wonderful, everything shows up now. It might also be nice if people could schedule events on the calendar, like when Kametsu's new releases are expected to be posted and such, or to schedule events for games.
  8. Are you sure its operational? Both the calendar links at the top of the page as well as searching for new content by Calendar don't work for me.
  9. The maximum height of a sig is 220px. Source Of course, this rule isn't really enforced so I guess it isn't a huge issue.
  10. Thanks for the set Eve, looks pretty awesome! I would have thanked you earlier, but I didn't have a chance to get on until now.
  11. Thanks for taking on my request! And I typically think of icons as desktop icons, they even have their own special file type if its supposed to be an icon
  12. Thanks for the opportunity to showcase some of your work throughout my posts! I quite enjoy it. *Render you want used: Clicky Feel free to use any other renders if you have others you think look better*Size of sig: 500 by 220 would be best, but again anything works if you think it looks better Matching icon Y/N: Assuming icon means an avatar, then yes please. 150 by 150 would be bestText on sig: lemmingllamaPrimary color used: Any, feel free to have fun with it If you do take on this request, then I look forward to seeing your work!
  13. I also just use the "have a lot of external hard drives" plan. I have three different drives that hold a total of 8TB. That and my 1TB internal normally works for me
  14. I typically don't trust the online playtester thing, since it assigns a probability to each card. So I can't mana-shuffle or pile-shuffle and expect my mana to be laid out nicely. I personally haven't really had any issues with it, and when I do then I can normally get enough card draw or use Sensei's Divining Top to fix it up. I have been considering adding more mana, but mainly so that the fireballs get even bigger. Edit: Updated deck lists, also added in another land for my Melek deck since I had a spare spot.
  15. Yep. I had to be out in this rainstorm, I was dripping wet but only at the front since I was running into the wind. Also when I was driving, I got hit repeatedly by tsunamis whenever other cars hit potholes. So much fun
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