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  1. House of Cards Hawaii Five-O The Following The Walking Dead Agents of Shield Can't wait for Game of Thrones
  2. I have a Blackberry 9800. My next phone will be an android.
  3. I enjoy all varieties of music. I just can't seem to get into country. There are a few song i do like.
  4. Just finished doing my Resident Evil marathon. All I can say is, is that I'm thoroughly satified with this franchise.
  5. What a nice clean look. Thanks for the upgrade Koby! Very nice!
  6. I was really enjoying this show. I understand that the whole ratings thing. But you got to at least finish the season or give some type of closure. I'm so disappointed with Fox right now. Why keep Fringe with lower ratings and cancel Alcatraz which btw has higher ratings is beyond me.
  7. Thats awesome news! Thanks Koby!
  8. I'm on the fence on this one. As long as he picks the right role, I guess I'm good with that.
  9. You learn something new everyday. I had no idea about that. Thanks!
  10. I'm loving the season 2 thus far. I hope they can keep this pace up.
  11. The suspense is killing me! lol...
  12. Unbelievable is the word I'd like use. There are no membership fees here. It's all free. If you don't like the rules in place here, then take your ball and leave. No one is forcing you to stay. Koby has done a great job and to offer up crap like that is just shameful.
  13. Good points everyone on the zombie change. I naturally assumed it was in the water. The virus or whatever you want to call it, will lie dormant until you die.
  14. Sweet!!!! It feels like an eternity since this show was on.
  15. big_teddy

    Terra Nova

    That news sucks. I didn't think it was the greatest show either, but I thought it was better than most. I think if your going to kill off a show, at least give it a last episode for some closure.
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