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Possible ISP Banning in the States?


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Some new bill has caught my attention and just thought I should let you all know about it too.

I'm talking about the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act",

introduced into Congress on September 20th, 2010. If it passes it would allow Internet Service Providers to completely block any site offering illegal downloads of stuff such as Kametsu.

Go here to see what it does:

http://torrentfreak.com/us-lawmakers-wa ... es-100920/

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/20 ... u.s-senate

Go here to track the status of it in Congress:


Go here to see public reactions to it:

http://www.techeye.net/internet/combati ... hts-groups

Basically, that means that Megaupload, Rapidshare, and torrent sites like the Pirate Bay and Demonoid can easily be taken down or blocked in the United States with legal authorization. Sadly, sites like Kametsu might be one of the first to go.

Pay close attention to this as this is the first serious measure Congress has taken to restrict and control the internet of Americans. This can have global consequences...but especially so in America.

For starters, the bill only applies to copyright infringement websites. Next, the apparent blacklist will expand to any anti-government website. Then, it shall expand to all websites that are not expressly authorized by the government. Lastly, government control shall encroach into our privacy -the government will monitor all activities that we do on our computer against our will.

This is already happening in European countries like Britain and France.

http://torrentfreak.com/france-starts-r ... rs-100921/


Just to let you know if this law gets passed, all downloads on this forum will be taken off, my megaupload and other upload site accounts will be deleted, and the sites we host/run that do nothing but offer downloads will be completely take down and a redirect to the forum will be set in it's place. We would essentially become a forum only for discussions with no illegal activities going on. That way our community can remain intact.

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Ive been reading everyone is getting the IP address of each site and saving them unless this really does happen, looks like were going to go back to IP address instead of htmls :/

I saw someones comment on torrentfreak and loved it

"Sorry Guys but as an American, this has nothing to do with any concern for CW infringement or piracy. This is yet another dumb Democrat political move. Only two Republicans are sponsors on this Hatch and Voinovich (who is retiring in 2011) This will get nowhere, unless it’s attached to a “for the children” bill."

Lets pray this wont happen DX

Whats next, fansites? That will be the next thing to go :(

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Wow, this really sucks >.<... That being said I'd still come to kametsu even if it didn't have any anime to download... I rarely download anyways because my hard drives are full D:

I really hope this bill doesn't get passed... If it does I'm sure the rest of the world will follow shortly after the US... :\

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Its a little thing called capitalism.. The big companies essentially pay the bills of the congress men. Its absurd. Hopefully we have people in there that aren't corrupt and will stand up and see the big repercussions of passing this. US does this, Canada will follow in suit soon enough along with all of the other countries.

Here's hoping! >.<

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These "congress" people need to start thinking about other people and NOT just about themselves/big companies.......... Are they trying to make the US the #1 hated country? They are sure doing a great job at that at least... This little statement proves part of what a GREAT job they are doing to screw up the United States reputation AND the good country it USED to be before all of the unneeded spending, giving money to OTHER country's, still printing even more money(which is making our currency worth less and less every week), and passing laws that WILL NOT help anyone..

"The MPAA has already applauded the introduction of the bill and offered their full cooperation. “In the coming weeks, we look forward to working with Chairman Leahy and the Senate and House committees to help strengthen the bill,” MPAA’s Bob Pisano said."

The US needs to start acting like the United States and make a plan so they do NOT do any more damage to our currency, people's privacy, people's hard work(websites.. among other things), and most of all the reputation of the US. If americans are already hating it here it shows you that the congress and whoever else is involved with making, passing, and enforcing laws like this is doing a VERY VERY bad job when they could instead be passing laws to HELP people or instead of spending money on things that will only make the government more money.. They should be building more buildings for jobs and starting companies that will help everyone out and not just the government....

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