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  1. Not quite the forum I knew, anyways, Hi Apollo.

    1. Apollo


      Hey Asch!!! How you been? It's been a while.

  2. Whatchoo been up to bro?

  3. Asch


    Thanks ^^, I may resume in May-June, but still unsure.
  4. Asch


    A major update, I have included last of my requests.
  5. Yeah i haven't been, I have been on holidays for quite a while, and haven't had much time on my laptop ^.^

  6. Nothing much, and I am always on MSN, never seen you online for quite a while.

  7. I'm good, what've you been up to lately? Haven't talked in quite some time.

  8. I am fine, what about you ?

  9. ^.^ No problems at all~ So how you been?

  10. Yes, I am back, technically, Nice to meet you again Yuri, and sorry, I was not on MSN then.

  11. Sad to see your graphics come to and end :( But you'll still be one of my favourite graphical artistd ^_^

  12. Asch


    Sorry guys, but I am unable to give time to gfx with all the stuff going on : Here is the colored version of my 2nd sig : And something : http://aschv.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4ihfwb http://aschv.deviantart.com/#/d4i4z4g
  13. Asch


    Updated, or well, closed.
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