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  1. I have the strange sensation that ants are walking on me XD

    1. jobonline20
    2. ZeroPenguins


      Whoa sounds like you're on some crazy drugs. lols

    3. Anras Rune

      Anras Rune

      I think a trip to a "safe" place may be in order here Mae. Don't worry, the straight jacket is made of silk...

  2. LOL zan ^.^ sillyhead XD
  3. OMPH! 'Ello Riku ^.^ Thank you.
  4. Hmm.... it looks interesting... I shall give it a look-see ^.^
  5. I found it quite funny ^.^ though I enjoyed the manga more then the anime.
  6. Eating peppermint Chocolate... mmm yummy...

    1. Trend


      That mixed with some good pretzels would be amazing

    2. Talena Mae

      Talena Mae

      *drools* Now i am gonna get some! ^.^

    3. The Welsh Paddy

      The Welsh Paddy

      Why not chuck it in a blender with some icecream and make a shake?

  7. I know it is a bit late, but congrats Koby, I know you will make a good Daddy ^.^
  8. i like three of the main characters, Squall (as ff viii was the first ff i ever played) Zidane, as who doesn't love the monkey man, and Cloud... cause well... it's Cloud XD
  9. I have to say Romance ones.... I can read a manga with romance, but I can not watch it XD
  10. Used to all the new things now.... I think XD

  11. All in all, I cant remember how many we got too... some were just stop-overs others a day. I did! I got to see Dallas Texas! (I swear all thoes big guys love little aussie women XD Paddy! *hugs* thanks ^.^
  12. Umm... not much difference really, but I think there are more people living here then there xD Lol, hopefully it wasn't dictated by Koby as well hahaha. So did you manage to get loads of animes and manga? Though I heard prices over there can be expensive. Nah, just did a lot of clothes shopping ^.^ but i read a lot of anime and manga while i was there hehe
  13. I would have to say China. Everything was so fresh and tasty ^.^
  14. Well it is nice to get out there and see how others live. I stayed away from Disney, it didn't hold any interest for me XD Umm... not much difference really, but I think there are more people living here then there xD
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