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  1. Zankyou no Terror and Psycho-pass are my favourites. I really recommend those!
  2. Argh, maybe it's my fault, I guess the topic title can be a little misleading... It is anime series that were never finished/completed, in other words, that were dropped. Also, adding a few more: Shinrei Tantei Yakumo and Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Kamisama had a nice potential, but the story was totally unexplored. To be honest, i love the first three episodes, I think it is worth watching just for those. :C Also, I fear the dropping might happen with Akatsuki no Yona, if it is true, I will be really...mad.
  3. Yea, it was a very satisfying ending, but I felt like I had to suffer through entire series just for ending. x.x
  4. I knew you would mention this :D, but I am one of those people who rarely uses IRC channels, and having shoutbox just made everything easier, everything you like in one place, place that always seemed a little warmer to me than those channels. Goes without saying, I like the current Kametsu, too. Of course, life is one of the factors that pushed some members away I guess, including me. Can't be a part of anime world as much as before. x.X Edit: Aww this bring backs memories https://web.archive.org/web/20111014051049/http://forums.kametsu.com/ (pfff I sound like grandpa and his youth stories)
  5. I kinda miss the chatbox too, on the home page of Kametsu, it was very convenient and doing better job in getting people closer together imo. I became friends with many members here because of it! I know we have threads for that, but imagine if we had both. D: Plus, I miss wiping the floor with Kam members in arcade games that were around, too. @[email protected] *flexes* We also had groups that were free or you needed invitation for them, like guys only and girls only groups and you couldn't see contents if you weren't a member. Those were fun too!
  6. Yeah, I know, I wanted to say that I'd just rewatch first season, or maybe even second and give up on the series altogether. It got really repetitive and even though the last season took a slightly different turn, I feel like it is not the turn I can stomach... But like I said, the only reason I will continue watching is the curiosity as to what are they going to do next. But if they kill off Daryl, I am drawing a line. :@
  7. I am not sure I like what TWD turned into, what happened with good ol' zombies... But I am curious to see how they will deal with situation. Only that part can redeem this series for me. x.x
  8. It's Durarara!! I really liked it. Even though i managed to spoil myself about the direction this series will go, I will keep watching despite that x.x For Shizuo if for no one else, he is just epic...
  9. Hakuouki, a bit useless main female char, frustrating 2nd season, even more frustrating ending of it... But overall was good.
  10. Hi!! (>^_^)>

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    2. Renzourin


      see ya around obby!

    3. Koby


      I wonder why none of them visit. Eve comes around but chills in the SOTW Comps... The rest: shazi, stuy, etc... IDK why they just stopped coming around or what we could do to get them to visit. I wish more people would carry on discussions. It's dead here and it's sad.

    4. Renzourin


      Right now Shazi is really busy with college and life with josh i think she told me at one point why she stopped coming but i've forgotten the reason why.


      As for getting them to come back maybe reach out to them?

  11. Well adding another one to the list, Saiunkoku Monogatari. There are just too many unsaid things. Sigh...
  12. Yea ill definitely be watching this, tho i am not having my hopes high, since i am not familiar with either director or acting cast, at least at the time of hearing of it. Its nice to see that dude from Viking there tho. And trailer looks promising :x
  13. My list is too longish for my taste but... Bones Supernatural The Walking Dead Vampire Diaries The Originals Teen Wolf Arrow The Flash Beauty and the Beast Game of Thrones (kinda, haven't watched last season yet...) Vikings (also kinda, don't rly like it that much so thinking of dropping it...) Those are all that i could think of atm... but ive bookmarked tons of other shows to watch too, just need time for them x.x And as many lives as a cat has...and some more.
  14. I am sure that i am speaking for most members here
  15. Omg, its exactly what i was thinking,
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