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  1. Stuy

    Dr Strange

    Just saw Dr Strange tonight and all i can say is.. it's the first live action movie that i have ever given a 10 to. (i'm a sucker for mind blowing visuals and abstract concepts like Inception and The Matrix) has anyone else seen it, if so your thoughts?
  2. i'm seriously not joking here, but Cross Ange is an incredible sci-fi it's in my faves and i gave it a 10! also Re Zero is an absolute must watch (though it's not sci-fi) also check out Psycho Pass and Ghost in the Shell tv series
  3. coke all the way. pepsi leaves me with a terrible aftertaste... > <
  4. work work and more work, when am i going to get a break > <

    1. Koby


      Still working hard?

  5. work work and more work, when am i going to get a break > <

  6. work work and more work, when am i going to get a break > <

  7. samsung galaxy s2 is the best phone i'v ever had!!! i'll probably keep using it for the next 5-10 years
  8. I know i'm late but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE XD

    1. Alice


      Just a wee bit late. LOLs

    2. Dark_Angel13


      lol just a bit late, merry late christmas to you too

  9. I just finished watching sword art online, as it was mindblowingly amazingly awesome and is easily in my top 10 out of 600+ animes's that i'v completed. (even though it was way too short) watching the last ep knowing that i wouldn't see any more, I felt a little sad and empty inside I almost wished I had put off seeing the last episode for a year or two well all I have to fall back on now is medaka box and fairy tail (not really interested in anything else atm) lets hope for more fantastic anime for next year ^ ^
  10. omg yesss the fairy tail filler is over, so happy ^ ^ the grand magic games are finally here! FAIRY TAIL IS THE BEST!!! also watching sword art online (which is a 10/10 and i would recommend to everyone) medaka box season 2 (which is bloody awesome) code breaker (really enjoying atm) Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (this was really refreshing and i enjoyed it a lot) Zetsuen no Tempest (looking forward to more)
  11. Stuy


    delete this post
  12. Stuy


    just wondering how many ppl on kametsu are playing GW2 (guildwars 2) post your thoughts on the game, what you think could be done to improve the game, what you think of the story you picked for your character and your favorite class and race also if you want post your character name, server, race, class and current level i'll start this off XD Character Name: Elskadis Server: Sea of Sorrows Race: Female Norn Class: Warrior Level: 26 this is my new main, i was a human mesmer but i wanted to try playing a warrior for once
  13. I'd be stuck in guildwars 2 With the constant threat of dragons trying to destroy the world, hostile creatures everywhere and legions of undead raiding the country side.. I think i'll be just fine XD
  14. ok i'v looked nearly everywhere but i can't find the find any of the groups no FFForever which I created and what's worse is I can't find the guy's club!!! i hope that this is just me having a blond moment and not what i fear has happened (that all the groups got deleted!) please help!!!
  15. if I'm really happy (which is hardly ever) then my eyes turn sky blue, I even ran to a mirror to check and they were right O O most of the time their dark marbled blue, i'v been told by my friends that have seen both sides of my eyes, that my normal eyes are really intense and a little scary (actually a lot of ppl tell me that my eyes are intense)
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