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Idl's drawings

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Well since this is becoming so popular might as well post my amateur attempts at art*just refering to myself by the way)


that's all for now, don't know when I'll update though.

I don't think this is fanart since it isn't really based of off anything

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lol idl. you're skilled at the thing i have problems with.

facial expressions i can handle, but it's the damn bodies that don't fit!!!

whenever i try drawing a body, it always ends up like a bloated banana or sumthing

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A little update here:

Well a while ago, I began practicing a lot in anime studio with animations and what not and although it was pretty crappy I was able to come up with this as one of my first projects ( my youtube channel ) and well now I've decided to pick back up anime studio and try to do something a lot better using frame by frame instead of bone animations, not all to sure yet what it's gonna be, but I think I'll start of with something involving this girl here.


So, yeah, just thought I'd let everyone know Xp look forward to it, some time in the distant future.

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