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  1. the trailer's been out for awhile, but has anyone watch it yet. I don't really mind the XIII saga, but I think the design for XIII-3 is getting ridiculous. I know they're trying something new and what not, but Lightning's new look just looks horrible to me. Should've kept her valkyrie or old costume. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmD8XY6tf5U
  2. sorry, i meant to vote for poetictragedy, didnt realized i clicked on mine is there a way to add my vote to poetictragedy?
  3. was watching adventure time, and it got me drawing so here's my take on adventure time
  4. winning the blitzball tournament against the Luca goers at the beginning of the game in X on my first playthrough
  5. Marvel vs Capcom 3.... i'd be screwed if i myself have to fight them, but if i was one of the characters i picked then thats a different story
  6. for those who played the Yakuza series, their mini games are pretty fun, I think i spent more time on their mini games more than the actual game most of the time. The fifth installment seems to add more features and mini games the graphic looks better than the last one and more mini game distractions
  7. nothing in particular, just random drawings to help pass the time and make lectures go by faster
  8. Thanks, and yea they were done by pencil. I didn't used any fixative, since im right handed i start drawing from the left side first then head to the right so my palm dont smear anything. But theres always that occasional erasing some smudges
  9. The first thing i look for is the quality of the drawing of the anime, that is always a plus when the quality is up there, then after that i look at what genre, these are my main two.
  10. i thought the same at first, but i kept on watching cause i had nothing else better to do or watch, but it actually got good, a second season of this would be nice
  11. Watched it last week, and i actually got into it, ended up going online and looked for the rest of the episodes
  12. on most anime that leave a cliff hanger or just dont continue as being animated and it continues in manga, those disappoint me the most. Air Gear and Claymore for example, ended as anime, but the manga still keep going. Once you start the series off as an anime, reading the manga doesnt give the same feeling
  13. on nights i cant sleep, i put anime on as a background noise to help me sleep... works all the time lol
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