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  1. Gona pick up right where i left :)

  2. lookin for animes like code geass or air gear, most of u might be wondering wats the similarity.... ahm.. red heads ;P
  3. Red - Lie to me FTW!!!

  4. This is Effin Awesome!! Still I Miss the chatbox, those Stupid bots on the Irc channel are soo Annoying...

    1. Emotional Outlet

      Emotional Outlet

      You could always start your own IRC channel, haha. Or just hang out on the forum.

  5. Its all a new, looks really neat nicely done Kobester! But ya its missing the Kametsu flavour. I rekon a couple of banners and some art work ought to make it the way we all adore. ^^
  6. Hey koby ul probly dnt remember me now, its been a while since iv showed up online previous nick was Ratedanubis that might ring a bell, anyways wat i wanted to talk to u abt was since megaupload is down and most of us dnt have vip acess on rapid shre could u plz start uploading bleach and naruto 720p english dubbs on mediafire ive tried to get a hold of skidicass but i didnt have much luck in that regard kindly consider my request and hope to see u around more now that ive got the time to stay for good :D

  7. I play mario, radin, MK, PAcman, and whole lot of other classics from time to time
  8. Why dont i see nicks next to the sigs .. ?? the contest is over i shud b able to see them right?
  9. Koby thank you very much for ur dedicated work to the anime community!! ur a legend bro
  10. Guys i think we should run the poll again, In my oppinion It depends on the anime, english dubbed is really comfortable to watch but with time it gets boring at a point cuz the voice actors are usually the same and u can tell like omg she sounds just like sakura or this guy soumds like ichigo .. and sumtimes english dubbed voices dnt do justice to the character.
  11. Lol Im not new here, But welcome guys have fun and keep it real...
  12. Personally i agree Sh4 was way ahead of its time .. so was nightmare creatures .. used to be scary back when i was a kid ... there are games that mess u up really bad but i dnt thnk ill call em scary .. also Doom 3 was epic when it comes to scary games
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