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  1. And so this topic is turned into an naruto-onepice. I say that those two got about the same side of story just for strong purpose, and thats death, but those 2 wore cool in story. And so i can chose.
  2. Hey. I don't think I got around to thanking you for the friend request. Thanks! ...And sorry it took me so long. ^^'

  3. nothing much just chilling watching Rosario + Vamp Capu2. it's crazy good.

  4. Thanks for the friend request. Sorry it took so long to reply.

  5. thankxx for added

  6. cheers for the friend request

  7. Lol what's up? Thanks for the friendship =)

  8. NC 2 meet u 2 :), I'm the stereo type, :F I crack my self, I'm from Romania :)...

  9. Yo :D nc 2 meet u, now i'm craking study on a piece of breed :E... How about u :)...

  10. Hey Cheers for the invite! So tell me a little about yourself, I usually like to know my friends.

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  12. Friends out the wazu up in here. What's crackalacking, my dude.