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Found 28 results

  1. Here is some of my art works...hope you like it.
  2. Hiya everyone, I draw and paint as a hobby here are some of my works: My version of Hatsune Miku: Fashion Class Doodle: please enjoy
  3. <3 just coz i'm cracked out on chicken schnizels and chips right now so i want you all to look at my drawings =) Burlesque dancer attempt Little Witch ATOMIC BETTY!
  4. was watching adventure time, and it got me drawing so here's my take on adventure time
  5. okay, this is probably not going to be the best tutorial in the world, but it will hopefully help some people who are starting out. to start your webcomic, you need some sort of idea where you're going with it. maybe a story you have that you'd like to get across, or if it's a comedic piece, have some jokes written down somewhere to use. Secondly you need characters. try to make your characters reproducable, and by that i mean you're going to be drawing these characters over and over again, make sure you're happy and comfortable with drawing their design. i spent 4 year perfecting the design of my comics characters and some of the ones that haven't been revealed still haven't got their completed design. once you have those two you should find yourself a comic base, one that you can extend to have more panels if you need to. this is mine never fear that the lines are not transparent, a funky trick i learnt from a friend of mine it to throw the base as the top layer and change the blend mode to multiply! now i use Paint tool sai to draw my comics and photoshop to do all the text, but what programs you use is totally up to you LET US BEGIN THE CREATION OF A COMIC! STEP ONE! i have a base set up, with the top layers set to multply already so all i have to do is start drawing, the beautiful thing about sai is the multiply blend mode is EXACTLY the same as photoshop. another happy thing about sai is it saves things as .psd so you can transfer all of your beautiful layering into photoshop without any issues at all! STEP TWO! now that the base is set up, you need to start sketching out each panel you intend to draw, just use the air brush at something thick like 9 or 12 pixels, this is going to be really really rough. also a good idea to make note of what you want any text to say, it doesn't have to be exactly what the end text will say, just an idea to get you going. anyone that knows my drawings can tell that THIS is really, really, REALLY rough for me, so don't feel bad if your sketch looks like garbage, as long as YOU get the general idea of what's going on, emotion, position of characters etc then who cares what it looks like at this stage STEP THREE! making the dodgey sketch look more like what you want it to look like! simple enough, make the layer you just draw that sketch on transparent, anywhere between 20% and 60% it really doesn't matter. then on a new layer, draw over it, a little better than you did before, but still sketchy. you can use a darker grey if you'd like too. don't feel like you have to stay with the original sketch either, if you don't like how one of the panels is working out, go right ahead and change it! STEP FOUR! time to add the black lines for the final comic!, unless of course you're not happy with something in the comic, in which case, go back to step 2 until you think it's ready to go. anyway! use a slightly thinner airbrush size, 5-7 is usually good, and then, go over what you've drawn in black. DON'T FORGET THE NEW LAYER!!! it's an easy mistake to make and i do it all the time and have to start over. STEP FIVE! Save you comic, a good thing to do is to number your comics as you're drawing them rather than just titleing them, it keeps them in the right order rather than all over the place. anyway save as a .psd so you can open up in photoshop and keep you fancy layers, don't delete your sketch layers, i find it handy to ALWAYS keep them, you never know what you might need them for. purty lines lines with the sketches underneath STEP SIX! TO PHOTOSHOP! or GIMP or whatever image software you use that supports font open up you comic, in photoshop you will notice it will be transparent, this is because SAI keeps a white background under EVERYTHING and the individual layers have transparency. this white background is not in the actual image so it won't appear when you take it over into photoshop, to remedy the lack of white, just make a new layer under everything and fill it white. the fabulous thing about photoshop is it come PRELOADED with a speech bubble custom shape, so all you have to do is make the front colour white and drop one where you need it. double click on the layer to bring up the layer fun box and just tick stroke so you bubble has an outline. newer versions of photoshop are special and like to make text go all retarded when you try to drop it over top of the custom shapes, so it's easier to just start typing in a random spot and move it over top of the bubble later and make them fit afterwards. most comics have centered text too, if you don't make it centered it will look funny, and probably won't fit in the bubble right. forgive me for not posting more screenshots of that last step, it's a really easy one for anyone that knows what software they're using to add text, i didn't think it really needed the extra screenshots regardless, enjoy making your comics everyone =D ~ Shazi
  6. okay, i'm going to show you all how i draw, but first you're going to need two of either 3 programs. to do the initial drawing i use paint tool SAI. the portable version of SAI is free. since sai is a drawing based program to do any lighting effects, you will want to use either Photoshop or GIMP. i tend to use Photoshop CS5. Step 1 draw your "skeleton" this is to start your posing of your character.to do this, use a light grey, airbrush tool with a radius of 4 pixels. here is my "skeleton" Step 2 next you draw a basic body on a new layer. in a darker grey then the skeleton draw curvy shapes to reprisent the torso, head, arms and legs. Step 3 now we get into some details. hair, clothing and facial details to be exact. again in a darker grey and on a new layer, sketch what you're imagining. as you can see i have modified my drawing from the skeleton and original body sketch. this is because i noticed my proportions were off. so i edited accordingly. here she is without the sketching lines underneath. now, if you're happy with you last sketch, you can just darken the layer by going "Filter > Brightness and Contrast" and lower the brightness on the layer. or you can clean your lines with a black or near black airbrush on a new layer. i opted for the first choice. next i will be showing you how to colour, shading and highlights!
  7. Here are some sketches and stuff I did for a kinda Gundam inspired manga/comic I was making a while ago. Any thoughts or feedback would be amazing guys! Thanks! =)
  8. Random stuff i do while sitting in class waiting for it to be over, best time to draw ill say
  9. DRAWING OF THE FORTNIGHT! This fortnight theme as chosen by Mute Point is: Mythological Creatures Rules Images must be your own work Can be black or white sketch, or full colour work the choice is yours Must follow the theme for the fortnight please put your images in spoilers to avoid clutter Normal Forum Rules apply Entries Close Friday 30th March Voting Closes Thursday 6th April
  10. Just a quick sketch really, but of the four pics I tried taking pictures of, this one came out the most like the original.
  11. Heres where i will post some pictures i've made if you guys ever wanted to see some of my artworks still not too good yet but i'm lacking a tablet making it harder to make better looking pictures. Now here are some of the pic's i've made recently hope u guys like it =) Last updated: 30/1/2012 Heres a pic of my current avatar that i made in a much larger size An Avatar picture i made for Saidon on this forum without the text
  12. ----- Just the other day I had something to say My chest pounded uncontrollably As the words came out so unexpectedly You make me laugh but never cry Time always seems to fly when your online I never thought I'd have feelings For someone so far away But the distance between us is to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) I didn't expect for a moment you'd share the same I was prepared to take the blame In the internet it is so easy to hide You didn't see my guide Some people can do this, some can't Just layin' it out flat Meeting up in real life someday Finding out the way But the distance between us is to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) So lets game on Start the computer up Won We'll win together We'll never falter I'll be your friend through it all I may have feelings but that wont brake my fall because.... The distance between us may be to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) Together we're friends until the end Believe me when I say I'll never pretend Never (never) Pretend (never) Never (pretend) I'll never pretend. ----- Dedicated to an online friend of mine. Parody song of SClOITk5LmY
  13. Solitude of the Seven Seas Chapter 1 ~ Iota’s Sorrow San Francisco, California, the year is 1994. “I love you Iota”. Her soft voice carried through the living room, as she collected her keys and purse. Iota half paying attention sitting on the couch, watching the news on the television that Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He mumbled to himself, “Can you believe these celebrities nowadays Suzanne? Millionaires, they have it all, yet, so eager to throw their lives away.” He turned to look and noticed an irritated look on Suzanne’s face from being ignored. “Huh? Oh, you be careful Suzanne. Call me when you’re off work.” “You worry too much Iota”. She sarcastically chuckled, irritably walking out the door of their apartment. That would be the last time Iota ever saw Suzanne alive. The blistering night wind seemed to add to the drop in his body temperature as the tears rolled down his face. Iota could feel the damp squish of the grass beneath his body, the moisture from the grass seeping into his clothes; he began to speak aloud to the night sky in front of her tombstone. “Dammit! I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her. Why god?! Why was I so fucking nonchalant!?” He balled his fists in anger, clenching the grass and mud into his palms. Iota could feel the anger beating violently through his chest cavity, the strain on the carotid arteries in his neck. Iota reached to touch her tombstone, softly stroking the engraving of her name. “Cursing the God’s won’t bring her back Iota.” Said an eerie voice hidden somewhere in the cemetery. “What the fuck do you know about it? Leave me alone, whoever you are! I’m warning you!” Iota’s blood pressure raced even higher, his head felt like it was going to explode at any second. He seemed to ignore the fact this dark figure knew his name. “Well for one, ‘I know’ the God’s from above aren’t to blame for this, but the demons below.” The eerie voice revealed its true form. An old baldheaded man wearing a white scarf and kaki jacket stepped out of the shadow. The man seemed to have more hair growing out of his ears then on his head. Iota ignored his features as the man began to approach him.
  14. Believe it or not, for a good while I've messed around with anime studio quite frequently,(and failed even more frequently) however, the times when I fail a little less than usual I'll post it here.. so yeah, feel free to say words and stuff about it. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jryL4AdH6s&feature=channel_v%E2%80%8Bideo_title [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGqC7HuZRFA&feature=channel_video_title
  15. Had a little free time, and didn't feel like writing anything, so I came up with these three drawings to share
  16. A little comic series i've been working on, hope you all like it
  17. Just some random stuff that I found I drew a few years back, just wanted to share. Nothing that impressive but always looking for feed back.... Quality is kinda bad I know (sorry), I drew them on a sketchbook and then just took a pic of them from a camera.
  18. one of our assignments at tafe was to design two different weapons with two upgrades each, so i'm sharing what i came up with. kudos to eve and kro for the colour schemes of these =) added the second weapon! hope you guys like them
  19. I will need a Mod to do the polls on the due dates again and I will be going on vacation the 29th to March 2nd so if any mods wanna set up the next one go for it. * Any Original or non Original Drawing * Theme -(Lantern89) Dynamic perspective... this leaves it more open to a range of drawings from figures in motion to moving cars to landscape/cityscape(meaning a picture that looks like it's moving) * RAW/Pencil Colored/Digital Colored Art Entry Closing Date: 6th May 2011 6:00PM (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Poll Closing Date: 8th May 2011 6:00PM (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) I don't really understand the theme so much but anybody that does please comment lol The winner decides the next theme. Poll dates changed Poll dates changed again
  20. aight so ima put some old drawings of mine so you can all see them xD
  21. Here are some of my sketches... They are more like figments of my imagination! Things that are usually in my head .... I would love to hear what you guys think about them so please do comment...
  22. Art drawn by me years ago when I use to draw before I gave up the hobby. The ones with all the shadowing etc.. where from when I was taking classes outside of school and being taught by a real artist. She'd place stuff out and have us draw them and watch us do them, giving us tips, and such or showing us how to do it right when needed, etc.
  23. this is one of my drawings. i'm gonna upload more later when i finish up on the detailing. it's not much right now, but i'm gonna try to make my style better with every attempt.
  24. Well since this is becoming so popular might as well post my amateur attempts at art*just refering to myself by the way) that's all for now, don't know when I'll update though. I don't think this is fanart since it isn't really based of off anything
  25. don't ask me how often i'll be uploading. this thing takes me only 1 day per page, but only if i'm in the mood. here's the first page.
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