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  1. sunako77

    Count to 100,000

    5,605..... my first post in weeks!!!
  2. sunako77

    Happy Halloween Kametsu!

    whoa! dark-skinned kametsu. hehe. nice!
  3. sunako77

    ^ < V

    ^ Ich weiß nicht, wie man Deutsch sprechen (don't know how to speak german) < is eating v is getting ready to sleep
  4. sunako77

    Count to 100,000

    2,324 flies a-buzzing... bzz bzz bzz bzz
  5. sunako77

    Counting down from 1,000,000

  6. sunako77

    Favorite Naruto Episode?

    hmmnn.. so many battles to choose! so, i'm not gonna choose a battle scene.. hehe.. i like the episode where naruto, sasuke and sakura were trying to make kakashi take off his mask so they can see his face.. hehe..
  7. sunako77

    Ichigo from Bleach

    *drool* *drool* .. man, i WISH i could draw even just half as well as you do..
  8. sunako77


    uh, hi.. i don't think posts in the seed hallway are counted.. you have to post in other topics.. this is just a place where you introduce yourself.. anyway, there are LOTS of interesting topics in this forum so, i don't think you'll have any problems meeting the 5-post quota.. oh, btw, you need to post something periodically to continue downloading.. it IS hard to download, encode, upload, etc.. maybe just post a thank you after downloading stuff.. well, enjoy!!
  9. sunako77

    Count to 100,000

    2,314.... hey!! iki, you skipped a 2,311...
  10. hi! thanks for telling me 'bout the r1 and r2. haha. i've googled it and have started to dl. thanks! thanks! thanks! :P