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  2. Random! Where are you?! :(

  3. Lets spam his wall until he gets back! xD

  4. randy? what have you gone?

  5. Get your butt back here RANDY!!

  6. No one knowz Raz, i think the FBI got himz. Q.Q I told him his pranks would be the end of him one day but nooooo, he never listenz to meh! Come back Tandy, I miss you, i miss killing your plants, the place is just not the same without you!ali_044.gif

  7. Hmmmm..................

  8. RANDY i can't remember if i got i pic from you to use for your nolight character, if so i've clearly lost it lol. i can has one?

  9. Hey whats up, just wondering if you are ever going to start Kametsu Wars ? I was looking forward to that :P

  10. The order goes like this for me: 1st - Sony 2nd - EA 3rd - Nintendo 4th - Microsoft
  11. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't interested in the PS Vita, however, my only reason for buying it would be the ability to import my game data from and to my PS3. If it has that feature, then i'm sold outright. I'm going to wait a year anyway after the release - hopefully allowing any issues that have slipped under Sony's production radar to be addressed.
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