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What is your age and why are you still downloading cartoons?

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Just turned 25.
Why I still watch cartoon?

  1. > Implying you can outgrew watching cartoon?
    Cartoon is just one style of animation. The style of animation doesn't dictate what age the viewer should be.
  2. Rewatching. Sometimes I just feel like rewatching stuff I watch years ago. Latest rewatch was Futurama. :3
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BUF, this question is a little bit complicated, I ask to myself each time I am watching cartoons like a teenager, well, in my case I like to watch cartoons in english because I am studying an intensive and oficial course of this language and I think that it will be good to learn a lot of vocabulary, sentences that I can use in the exams and because I can understand almost the complete chapter of whatever cartoon series I´m watching in that moment and it makes me feel good with myself xD, with the live action series I have to put subtitles in many cases :( but I really think that there are superb masterpieces cartoons series, which are drawn admirably well and the subject is also incredible... ( I am sorry wheter I have made any grammar mistake :P )


To conclude, I would like to say that be a child has no age and everyone has a child inside. 

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