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  1. selenaknight

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Mamma Mia 2. Not a great movie. But entertaining.
  2. Not excited about this. I haven't like much of the live action Disney remakes. And Lilo & Stitch is already great as is.
  3. selenaknight

    Which order do you watch episodes of cartoons in?

    Depends on the show. Sometimes Wikipedia isn't accurate. Or I don't care because the chronology doesn't matter. But if it does then I do put the effort to make sure I'm watching in the order intended by the show runners/writers.
  4. I'm in my 30's and a lot of it is nostalgia but I also just love the medium. Animation can be so beautiful and interesting.
  5. selenaknight

    What are the Cartoons you grew up with?

    Another late '80s to mid '90s kid here. Voltron, He-man, She-Ra, Ninja Turtles, Jonny Quest, Scooby Doo, etc. etc. I also got back into animation thanks to Kim Possible.
  6. selenaknight

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Finally got around to registering here! Always good to introduce oneself. How did I get here? I believe I first heard about this site on another forum (focused on general ddl). I was interested in trying out Kametsu as I'm wanting to try something new, specifically Anime. What also caught my attention was the general animation love here. I love animation. I hope to be very active here!