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  1. anybody please ?? (yes I know getting videos from amazon is not easy) sorry to bump this thread again
  2. sorry to bump this thread but anyobody,please,King Features Syndicate had 220 shorts of popeye, 85 shorts are on dvd the remaining shorts are on amazon video and Amazon Video Android App only I recently read on Facebook that Warner's license from King Features for the TV-era Popeye cartoons has expired unless warner renows the license we won't be seeing the remaining episodes in the the near future on home media/dvd I am afraid unfortunately nobody has ripped the remaining episodes as far as I know
  3. The Garfield Show is a French–American CGI animated television series. Based on the American comic strip, Garfield, the series is executive produced by Garfield creator, Jim Davis, and co-written and voice directed by Mark Evanier, who also wrote most of the episodes for the Garfield and Friends series. Returning from Garfield and Friends are the voice actors Julie Payne (Liz) and Gregg Berger (Odie). Frank Welker replaces Lorenzo Music (due to his death in 2001) as the voice of Garfield, and Wally Wingert replaces Thom Huge (due to his retirement that same year) as the voice of Jon Arbuckle. Also returning is David Lander, reprising his role as Doc Boy from the earlier Garfield prime-time special A Garfield Christmas Special (1987). The show is produced by Dargaud Media and Paws Inc.[1] The show is directed by Philippe Vidal and the music is composed by Laurent Bertaud and Jean-Christophe Prudhomme. the following is a list of episodes missing from season 4 which are not posted they are not available on dvd/home media either the list: "Mother Owl","Home Sweet Home",Whatever Happened to Aunt Ivy?","Delicious Donut Day","Little Miss Mouse",The Stink, Stank, Skunk!","Jon 2","The Dog of My Cat","World Without Me","Fraidy Cat", "Very Very Long Night" if anybody has the missing episodes from season 4 then please upload them thanks
  4. The Wind in the Willows is a TV series that was originally broadcast between 1984 and 1987, based on characters from Kenneth Grahame's classic story The Wind in the Willows and following the 1983 film The Wind in the Willows. It was made by animation company Cosgrove Hall for Thames Television and shown on the ITV network. An hour-long feature, A Tale Of Two Toads, was broadcast in 1989, and a fifth season of 13 episodes was shown in 1990 under the title Oh! Mr Toad in some countries, whilst retaining the title The Wind in the Willows in others. does anybody please have dvdrips of this series if so then please upload them sadly the dvds are out of print
  5. Popeye the Sailor and produced by Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios (later known as Paramount Cartoon Studios) from 1942 to 1957. These cartoons were produced after Paramount took ownership of Fleischer Studios boomerang streaming service has popeye episodes never released on home media from (Famous Studios 1943-1957) 34 episodes of 114 are avaliable could somebody please rip them and upload them
  6. thanks I also found this I think they are the same thing amazon.es https://www.amazon.es/Caja-Metalica-Gadget-Gadgetines-DVD/dp/B0055KNI2M/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1502030705&sr=1-1&keywords=GADGETINES they are 5 discs 2 episodes on each disc together they are 10 episodes
  7. I second this request @szimek mentioned there is Inspector.Gadget.S01.DVDRip.x264-PLAiD on tv-vault.me (private tracker) could somebody please upload it for everybody and by the way do they have season 2 also
  8. they are only 4 episodes on dvd in english the series had 52 episodes there is a dvd release of the series but it contains french language only looking for english versions of this series
  9. Gadget & the Gadgetinis is a Canadian–French-Italian TV series spin-off of the 1983 series Inspector Gadget, developed by DiC Entertainment in cooperation with Haim Saban's SIP Animation and released 2001–2003. There are 52 episodes Gadget & the Gadgetinis is today the property of DHX Media, which holds the rights to most of DiC's library Having been recruited by an elite international peacekeeping group called, the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), Lieutenant Gadget (now promoted from his previous position of Inspector), and fights crime with a pair of mechanical assistants called, the Gadgetinis, who are small robot versions of the Inspector who were created by Penny (due to Brain retiring from active duty) and who are the unintended victims of Gadget's bumbling does anybody please have tv rips of this series if so then please upload them
  10. you can find it on scene-rls.net http://scene-rls.net/danger-and-eggs-s01-1080p-amazon-web-dl-dd5-1-x264-qoq/
  11. yes I can popeye episodes on streaming but not home media the list season 1 episode 1 Hits and Missles, Plumbers Pipe Dream, Jeep Tale and From Way Out episode 2 Holly Jalopy, Popeye's Pepup Emporium, Baby Phase and Weather Watchers episode 3 Golden-Type Fleece, Dead-Eye Popeye, Coffee House and The Billionaire episode 4 Popeye and the Phantom, Mueller's Mad Monster, Popeye's Pet Store, and Blinkin Beacon episode 5 Caveman Capers, Popeye and the Spinach Stalk, Azteck Wreck and After the Ball Went Over episode 6 Ski-Jump Chump, Popeye's Car Wash, Popeye and the Dragon and Mississippi Sissy episode 7 Irate Pirate, Muskels Shmuskels, Interrupted Lullaby and Goon With the Wind episode 8 Foola-Foola Bird, Swea Pea Thru the Looking Glass, Skyscraper Capers and Hamburger Fishing episdode 9 Childhood Daze, Jingle-Jangle-Jungle, Popeye the Popular Mechanic and Popeye in Hawkeye episode 10 Incident at Missle City, Fashion Fotography, Sea No Evil and Popeye's Junior Headache episode 11 Dog Catcher Popeye, Popeye the Piano Mover, Take It Easel and Popeye the Fireman episode 12 What's News, Voo-doo to You Too, Matinee Idol Popeye and Popeye and the Giant episode 13 The Sheepish Sheepholder, Sea Serpent, Little Olive Riding Hood and Invisible Popeye episode 14 Track Meet Cheat, Scairdy Cat, Popeye's Trojan Horse and Aladdin's Lamp episode 15 Crystal Ball Brawl, Uranium on the Cranium, Shoot the Chutes and Out of this World episode 16 Swee' Pea Soup, Two-Faced Paleface, Spare Dat Tree and Frozen Feuds episode 17 Weight For Me, Potent Lotion, Paper Pasting Pandemonium and Tiger Burger episode 18 Old Salt Tale, Seer-Ring is Believer-Ring, Popeye Revere and The Glad Gladiator episode 19 Jeep is Jeep, Strange Things Are Happening, Popeye's Testimonial Dinner and Popeye and the Ugly Ducklin episode 20 Pop Goes the Whistle, Giddy Gold, Around the World in 80 Days and The Troll Wot Got Gruff episode 21 My Fair Olive, Which is Witch, Kiddie Kapers and Popeyed Columbus episode 22 Popeye Thumb, Barbeque for Two, Astro-Nut and Popeye's Used Car episdoe 23 Popeye's Tea Party, Time Marches Backwards, The Wiffle Bird's Revenge and Bullfighter Bully episode 24 Fleas A Crowd, County Fair, Popeye and Buddy Brutus and Lighthouse Keeping episode 25 Popeye the White Collar Man, A Mite of Trouble, Butler Up and Popeye's Picnic episode 26 Love Birds, Skinned Divers, Bell Hop Popeye and Popeye's Cool Pool episode 27 The Cure, Forever Ambergris, Going...Boing...Gone and Oil's Well That Ends Well episode 28 The Baby Contest, Spinach Shortage, Bird Watcher Popeye and Who's Kidding Zoo episode 29 Motor Knocks, Timber Toppers, Robot Popeye and Popeye the Lifeguard episode 30 College of Hard Knocks, Duel to the Finish, The Medicine Man and Hagway Robbery season 2 episode 1 Messin' Up the Mississippi, Egypt Us, Myskery Melody and Popeyed Fisherman episode 2 Beaver or Not, The Big Sneeze, Westward Ho-Ho and The Green Dancin' Shoes. episode 3 Deserted Desert, The Ghost Host, Wimpy's Lunch Wagon and Popeye's Folly episode 4 The Spinach Scholar, Psychiatricks, Coach Popeye and Partial Post episode 5 Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be, Model Muddle, Poppa Popeye and Pest of the Pecos episdoe 6 Madam Salami, I Bin Sculped, Abominal Snowman and Golf Bawl. episode 7 Spinachonara, Operation Ice-Tickle, Quick Change Olie and Popeye's Museum Piece. episode 8 Popeye's Pizza Palace, Popeye's Service Station, A Poil for Olive Oyl and Jeep Jeep episode 9 Battery Up, Popeye in the Woods, There's No Space Like Home and Hamburgers Aweigh episode 10 Hill-Billy Dilly, Ace of Space, Strikes/Spares An' Spinach and Sneaking Peeking episode 11 The Blubbering Whaler, Popeye's Travels, Bottom Gun and The Lost City of Bubble-Lon. episode 12 Autographically Yours, Popeye and Brutus the Herring Snatcher, Where There's A Will and The Last Resort episode 13 The Mark of Zero, The Square Egg, Super Duper Market and The Rain Breaker. episode 14 Double Cross-Country Feet Race, Rip Van Popeye, Sea Hagracy and Popeye and the Magic Hat (With Jeep) episode 15 Insultin' The Sultan, Down The Hatch, It Only Hurts When They Laughs and Wimpy The Moocher. episode 16 Mirror Magic, Jeopardy Sheriff, Canine Caprice and Camel Aires episode 17 Popeye's Double Trouble, Rags to Riches to Rags, Hair Cut-Ups and Popeye Goes Sale-ing episode 18 Spinach Greetings, Popeye In The Grand Steeple Chase, Valley of the Goons and William Won't Tell. episode 19 The Day Silky Went Blozo, Amusement Park, Me Quest For Poopdeck Pappy and Roger. episode 20 The Golden Touch, The Bathing Beasts, Moby Hick and Ballet De Spinach. episode 21 Gem Jam, Popeye's Hypnotic Glance, Bordering on Trouble and Olive Drab and The Seven Swee' Peas episode 22 The Leprechaun, The Black Knight, I Yam Wot I Yamnesia and Popeye's Fixit Shop episode 23 Popeye and The Polite Dragon, Have Time, Will Travel, Intellectual Interlude and Voice from the Deep episode 24 Private Eye Popeye, Disguise the Limit, Spoil Sport and Popeye De Leon episode 25 Uncivil War, Dog-Gone Dog Catcher, Popeye's Corn-Certo and Seeing Double the have 2 seasons
  12. popeye the Sailor is an American animated series produced for ABC through King Features Syndicate TV that was released in 1960 amazon video and Amazon Video Android App seems to have 55 episodes which are not on home media Popeye the Sailor (1960 King Features Syndicate (amazon named them Classic Popeye) amazon.com link https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B06XKYT857/ref=pd_cbs_318_2 could somebody please rip them and upload them
  13. any word on this yet Akai-Shuichi please
  14. When Dr. Claw is thawed out of an iceberg and reactivates M.A.D., Inspector Gadget is brought out of retirement and is back on the beat to stop Claw once again, but this time, with Penny and Brain officially by his side. A new character in this series is Dr. Claw's nephew, Talon, on whom Penny has a slight crush. The series is more comical than the original, with Dr. Claw being portrayed as less sinister, and Gadget even more inept and bumbling (season 2) 13 new episodes were released on Netflix on June 2, 2017 can somobody please rip them and upload them episode guide list http://instantwatcher.com/title/80176800?content_type=1 2&source=1 2 3&q=Inspector Gadget instantwatcher.com shows it is season 3 but it in reality it is season 2
  15. Popeye and Son is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and King Features Entertainment, and aired for one season and thirteen episodes on CBS. It's a sequel to The All New Popeye Hour. Maurice LaMarche supplied the voice of Popeye in this series, succeeding Jack Mercer in that role. It is also the first set of Popeye cartoons that were produced since Mercer's death in 1984 the entire series is now available on amazon video can somobody please rip this series and upload it amazon video link https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B06XGP9W3D/ref=pd_cbs_318_2