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  1. sent you something important check your pm please

  2. my dad lied to me I wasn't there personally to sign up and i don't have a email myself  he told me they ask for a phone number it seems in reality theempire.bz doesn't require one (he probally suspects the site contains malware or viruses)(he thinks some private torrents are suspicious)
    and he want to doesn't want sign up there (he doesn't allow me to have a email for the same reason) if you or DawnShadow could upload the missing episodes I would really appreciate it I truly am sorry guys I hoenstly didn't know (fortunately my sister is less suspicious she signed me up on kametsu.com i don't see her much anymore beacuase she is busy with her small daughter

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    2. Pacific85


      I think your Dad may never heard of this site before. Here is the Norton status of the site. Most email services are safe. *cries* You dad is worried about your safety. *cries* He wants you to be safe. *cries* Your Dad still loves you. *cries* He cares for you since you are born. *cries* This is what life is all about. *cries*

    3. Andi


      i know he loves but unfortunately I can't change his mind by force fortunately my sister is suspicious I will ask here to sign me up there by the way please read the blinky bill topic for some unknown reason Smileyyakadoo said they disabled his account on that site for some unknown reason and he signed up there only the other day yes (theempire.bz unfortunaly)

    4. Andi


      goodbye all !

      due to a sad misunderstanding between me and dawnshadow  I have very sadly decided to leave kametsu I have tried to explain It to him but he deliberatly refuses to listen to me I wish you all well people enjoy life !

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    hi there