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  1. The Puppetoon Movie (DVDrip or BluRay-rip)

    Found it on streaming sites, if you do a thorough search you should turn those up.
  2. Everybody and their grandma doesn't need to rip "Martha Stewart's Cooking School". Yet on one site I browse (since TehParadox went down) that's just what they do, page after page of the same show encoded, re-encoded, decoded and whatever else by what must be over a dozen rippers in different file sizes. It's ridiculous, then they'll do the same with web-dls.

    They really need to get together and synch up.


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    2. emjay911


      There was a time you could really rely on TehParadox for the latest media ... too bad its gone.

    3. spaceman99


      Yeah, now it's WBB and a few other sites. I checked most out and stuck with WBB and the ones that don't require joining a board, but you have to scroll through pages and pages of the same material to find whether anything decent has been posted. More annoying than anything else. The number or rips of the same episode of the same show by different rippers baffles me, especially stuff that most would consider junk.

      TP ruled, had the best board and search engine.

    4. emjay911


      WBB is huge .. but now, its not as it used to be.

      I remember years back, before the megaupload fiasco and before knowing about private trackers, when you can find so many "library threads". 

      One thread would contain working links of 10-30 movies.

      I remember I bookmarked a thread that had working links to asian movies .. I was curious to watch them and because of it I was introduced to Korean movies .. and since than I would download the latest Korean movies to this day. 

      Ahh .. those were the days were I would actually hunt for links for specific movies and shows from different "DDL" sites.


      Anyone actually remember the shortlived DDL-anime links?

  3. The Missing Links

    I'll nip this in the bud, at this point since TCs newest links seem to have went down I don't know IF he'll ever reup and doubt he'll answer any requests. This all started a while ago when some former members started posting links on Reddit and other sites, getting his links taken down. They were DMCA'd once as well, whether it was just a random check or someone remains unclear, a lot of drama during that time. Koby took care of the offending parties, but the damage was done as many links were lost and ever since then TCs links have suffered. One cannot blame him if he never uploads another thing and I certainly wouldn't expect him to reup all he once had, he was in the process of restoring when stuff went down again. Your best bet is to request what you want and hope someone has archived it to drive and will up it for you, otherwise sadly, it's all lost due to some jerks-and in the process they angered one of the best sharers on this site. You may want to search other sites for other rips, though TCs rips were excellent.
  4. So the FCC plans to repeal net neutrality to allow ISPs to pick and choose which sites we're allowed to see. Nice, am I missing something? Since when have we become China or North Korea?

    We all know money talks and all the sites we currently frequent will be on that blacklist.

    1. IkarosBD


      @spaceman99 that's the key - the control is purely in the ISP's court. Meaning if you already know you have an ISP that couldn't give two shits about Ajit Pai's FCC...like mine...then nothing will change for you.

    2. Octirius


      >Ajit Pa

      So.. immigrants ruining civilized world once again? Why am I not surprised?

  5. RoboCop: Alpha Commando from KidsClick's website

    JD2 won't grab the links and neither of the download helpers I have installed on FF will grab them either. I figure that site is a bust, more trouble than it's worth considering the series is up and ready here.
  6. RoboCop: Alpha Commando from KidsClick's website

    480 webrips here, they're great quality.
  7. Gummi bears season 4-6

    Tooncore has this, however the links are down, search for his post and ask if he can re-up them for you, I do now some of the episodes were corrupted and he was going to re-rip them. You'll have to be patient though, he's quite busy. There were VideoTS's up but I'm sure those links are down also as Blitz hasn't been on here for quite some time. Ok, Blitz VideoTSs appear to be still active (I forget how many discs there were, TC can answer that as he has the set), they're 6 or so GB each so to burn them you'll need some DVD9s or rip them from the VideoTSs yourself and make your own disc, I'm sure you know all this however if you do need any help ripping them from the ISOs there are plenty people here who can guide you with proper programs and some may even be willing to do it for you if you ask nicely. Good luck!
  8. How to find proper cartoon episode order?

    I've run on this very issue, usually I search for (title) and episode order/guide, etc. then after checking a number of guides, wikis, whatever I either go with the the order that I see most or if I find a wiki that seems like it knows it's stuff... It can be a pain, though in the past most cartoons didn't really have any order, I mean no continuity rather. Of course with today's production if you mess up you wonder why character X is an Avenger when last an episode ago he was running from the Avengers.
  9. Splitting and merging two SPECIFIC files losslessly

    Not sure what you're doing or if you want to convert/reencode them but when I have file problems I use avidemux and handbrake, re encoding them then using my preferred program. It's been my experience if both those won't open the files they're corrupt in some way and unusable. Sorry I can't be of any real help as i'm sure you've tried both those already.
  10. Sad thing is, it seems all these reddit people DO want to take links back there and share them for some reason. I guess they like the "pat on the back". IMO you find a good thing, have fun and keep it to yourself unless you know someone you trust to let them in on it, once Kametsu and links start hitting reddit it seems they never stop.
  11. Any tehparadoxers here? In case you're wondering why they're down no one knows, Gandolph, Schopi and Earthnet have popped up on reddit with updates, which are that no one has heard from Tehparadox himself for months nor has he logged in for a while. So far the fate of the site is unknown. Just an FYI because I know some of us are members there too.


    1. Duckgoose


      I was saddened when it went down. Quite a few of the older good sites are shutting down.

  12. I don't know if MEGA had suspended the bandwidth limit for free users, seemed like it to me as I haven't had a bandwidth limit reached for a month or more, well, now they're back.

    Anyone else have the limits disappear for a while?

    1. Ka44tsUU


      Yeah, actually MEGA has recently implemented a server side method for IP bandwidth limitation as opposed to the AppID that has always been used and cleared in apps like megadownloader to provide no limitations. So for now, free users can only download about 5GB per 7-8 hours unless you change your have dynamic IPs or use a VPN to switch.

  13. Help needed:Error there is not enough memory

    Windows 7. No. Runs fine in safe mode, but in normal start eats RAM until it tops out and crashes. Right now I have JD2 going and a few tabs open, memory running at 1.42 GB, that's in safe mode, if I was in normal it would be over 2 GB and climbing fast.
  14. Hi all, recently I was updating AVG free antivirus (which for some reason seemed to stop at 97%) and have started getting "Error there is not enough memory" ever since. I actually repaired AVG, then noticing downloads in JD2 and Firefox stopping uninstalled the whole thing and got Avast, thinking AVG was somehow blocking the downloads. Everything in Jdownloader 2 becomes "invalid", programs (except windows) won't open, cannot transfer files to external drives, get the error message. Ran Avast scan, nothing; Malwarebytes scan, clean; cleaned web cache; used disk clean up (nothing of massive size), ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, says memory fine (I'm taking it that means RAM). When this happens not only do JD2 downloads stop, but browser DLs also do, nothing will start, sometimes internet access is gone as well. Upon a normal shut down and restart, same results but if I manually shut down and restart internet access is back up, downloads start and files can be moved without the error. It's like something is removed with the manual shut down. Right now I'm running the resource monitor and notice I have 2300+ physical memory in use and standby keeps dropping. Seems like there's something I can't find sucking my RAM because the numbers of running processes don't add up. Any help is greatly appreciated!.
  15. Ed, Edd N Eddy - The Thai PAL DVDs

    I'd say you're right, TheOneWhoSees. I think I've visited that site and all they do is sell TVrips.