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  1. Well, my very first Fallout was Fallout New Vegas and oh boy was it good. Putting graphics aside, I say it's the best Fallout since you can kill everyone, like literally everyone from the VERY beginning and you still can finish the game being a psycho murderer who leaves nothing but mountains of guts. Or you could be a nice guy who does everyone's chores and get reputation and all that, then proceeds to slaughter them for XP, yeah you can do that. And the story is pretty awesome, you may want to get "Fallout New Vegas Ultimate" to get all the DLCs.
  2. Hollow Knight, excited to play this one.
  3. Payday 2 at 949 hours, game was great, got completely bored with it. Killing Floor 2 at 720+ hours, game is still great, headshots are very satisfying to do in this game, oh and the guns too. Sexy butter smooth animations. Borderlands 2 at 490+ hours, really liked the many unique weapons in this game. Maliwan rocks
  4. Happy birthday to the princess. Give her the best toons
  5. pretty good songs here's the first thing I remembered when playing GTA San Andreas
  6. Was desperately looking for Teen Titans (2003) in HD, and finally found it on this website along with other cartoons
  7. After Ben 10 (2006), the villains, aliens, transformations were all pretty great. Then Ben 10 Alien Force came, and it wasn't good. I forced watching it hoping that it would get better. I kept on doing so until I reached the point where I finally stopped watching until now. This kinda goes the same with Spongebob's seasons after season 3
  8. Regular Show, Spongebob Season 1 - 3, Teen Titans 2006, Tom and Jerry. Everytime I plug my HDD, at least once I play one of these cartoons episode, good times
  9. Ahh, Gaige. My very first blind playthrough was with her, great at normal and TVHM, on UVHM my game starts going down hill and eventually I went try on other characters. Future plans is to do an Axton run, never really played that far in the game so might as well see what he can do at OP levels.
  10. Flipping through Regular Show at the moment. Rewatching Amazing World of Gumball from season 2 as I noticed Gumball's getting really good in the coming seasons. Superjail was damn nice, my eyes were very pleased with each of its sequences, it was a trip to remember. And MLP: FiM because this show has an upcoming 8th season and I'm curious if it's just that good or the channel was only milking it.
  11. I always replay Borderlands 2 and all of the DLCs in that game, gameplay is quite addicting. Also Fallout New Vegas and its DLCs, mainly that game was the perfect Fallout for me.
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