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  1. Glad the forum is back, even in this form. I'm also glad that IkarosBD is also back on his feet, judging from the optimistic post he made :), really had me worried there with that open letter . God knows I'm a lurker, that's my nature, just look at my join date and post count, but I have kept coming back here going on 5 years now. For what it's worth I wish you all the best and promise to return every now and then, although I do see some of you on other sites as well . Judging by the OP they're getting pretty desperate to stop piracy, even issuing gag orders I presume. As a small fry in a small fry country that cares not for the copywrong laws I haven't been targeted in any way until now so I can only assume what you went through Koby. Many would have thrown in the towel. Who knows, maybe in the near future we'll transcend into a society past money and abusive aholes doing anything and everything for said money. I feel something is brewing, but I might be biased. Until then, have a good one.
  2. Saw that today through another source, idk how you keep up with all the news so fast Koby, you posted it a few days ago. As a proud palemoon user with ublock installed I can say it won't affect me much. Firefox might gain some traction but I won't be rooting for it, as they also chose to take a dump on their users by breaking backwards compatibility with extensions, offered no help for the most popular ones, then pushing their update even though it was explicitly disabled in the settings (yes I am bitter :D ). Hey maybe vivaldi will take over or maybe opera. Who knows. It seems everything is through a transitional period right now, this forum included, and not in a good way :(. Reminds me of this video, the ending in particular:
  3. Hmm, that one was pretty short imo. More like a movie of sorts. Definitely good, but I didn't find it as revolutionary as many ppl have. Maybe there was something I missed, idk. But lets add it and Adventure Time, since I also watched that for a while, not lately though. You can count the shows on the fingers of one hand. Compare that to the 90's 2000's era. Same. Movies, Shows, Cartoons, Anime, Music, Games; doesn't matter. If it's ok by my standards then idgaf. Even random youtube parodies
  4. 26 here and the biggest 2 reasons are nostalgia and the fact that most of today's stuff are trash tier. Besides Rick and Morty, Legend of Korra and Gravity Falls there is nothing in the past 5 years that has even remotely grabbed my attention. Ok, samurai jack, but that probably doesn't count since it's a continuation of sorts. Not to mention the fact that most of the older series have many puns and sly stuff you couldn't pick up on when you were little. Just watch some Ed, Edd'n Eddy or Johnny Bravo and you'll see what I'm getting at. J.B.: "It's a beautiful day ... but not as beautiful as me.". Gets me every damn time.
  5. Hey! PLEASE!...Could you reupload Mad Jack the Pirate (DVD) again? I desperately need it and I will make a backup and post it! PLEASE! :(

    1. 4a857436@mailna
    2. Googler123


      You are in great luck my friend. Just now I'm in a place with good internet. Gimme a bit of time and it'll be up. I'll hold you to your end of the deal though :D

  6. Thank dog. I'm glad you're in on this Cartoons. I remember you from right after the CW exile. Indeed most of the shows were yours. Would it help if we compiled a list of down shows? Do you mean you're gonna re-download from iTunes? Sooo .... 1080p too? No pressure, just asking :D. @DabDeity710 I'm also still pretty pissed myself, but idk how banning people from reddit would work. Even person by person screening would be a tough sell. Interviews would be useless, anyone can lie. Some guidelines to posting links would help a lot; something on the lines of what EccentricOne did here : Make the process a bit more difficult. something like http://ncrypt.in or http://share-links.biz/ . I know these seem shady, but they would cloak the real links as much as possible and would prevent a nuke attack of this sort. It's just so easy to copy when you just plop a folder link. Also some diversification of the hosts wouldn't hurt any, but ppl upload where they want I guess. I have some filehost suggestions but some might think I'm spamming.
  7. That's good to know. I haven't talked much to the admin and I'm not in the 'inner circle' so to speak but I can tell the cartoons section is not his main thing, however sharing links outside of the site is still breaking the rules. Maybe linkcrypting becomes mandatory. It should help with anime section too. It will protect against these determined fucknuts. At least a bit ...
  8. It seems not. Yin Yang yo is down though. Edit: But we need some input from Koby on what can be done. Idk how concerned he is about cartoons but they're still part of the site.
  9. Archived 4chan thread is here http://archive.is/06og7 we have to check manually for dead links. But we need better anti-leeching in place before we upload our stuff just to be taken down again.
  10. What pieces of shit. Who would do that kind of thing. Just kill a community for reddit karma. GOD I'm so pissed right now. Yin Yang Yo is down ffs. These people are utter trash. God damnit. Edit: there needs to be some encryption like ppl said. Some anti leeching in place. This site works because it's a walled garden. We also need some other hosts beside MEGA. Edit #2: there needs to be a rebuilding initiative. I can contribute some of the shows, but there are a lot here. Maybe a list with what we can salvage or not?
  11. Thanks for the explanation. So it's more than meets the eye with this. Was wondering why it had such a lead. I admit to only having a quick look at a fight scene that seemed pretty static, not much at the plot and was quite surprised when saw it here. The start life in another has been quite used lately I see. Also lol at 30 y/o man in loli body. Same thing with Shinobu in Monogatari. Lolicons are getting smart: "She's actually 200 years old officer. I swear." Seems interesting enough though and only 12 eps. Probably gonna grab a BD rip when it appears.
  12. Damn, I nominated Masamune's revenge but just finished Scum's wish and couldn't vote for my own nominee. Is Evil Tanya really that good? Saw some clips and a loli besting adults is so braindead that I cant bring myself to watch it. I get she makes a smaller target but still, dodging 20 thousand bullets while landing every one of hers is just bullshit. Also enemy soldiers were just set pieces, sitting there, no evasion like in trash tier MMOs, waiting to get killed. Is there something more to it? Do fights actually become interesting? It's not the genre mind you. I watched Drifters and really liked it, but they at least strategise, dirt walls, shock and awe and other stuff. From what I saw Tanya just wins by plot armor which is a snorefest.
  13. Masamune-kun no Revenge. A few nice curveballs on this one, but disappointing ending. Maybe a season 2 will give it a proper finale. Gets my vote anyway. Edit: Put just one show because of limit lol
  14. Ah, so multiple paths, I get it. Then there wouldn't be continuity problems. They wouldn't be actually sequels. More like Re:zero's possibilities after Mr Automobiles deaths. I get you about Illya. All I've seen is loli.dance and some random youtube videos but definetly not my thing either. But anyway ... we probably derailed the thread more than enough Edit: I have another one for you guys. Don't even ask me how I came by it lol: Looks like Mio from K-ON but for the life of me I cant find the original artwork with her carrying the books. So if you do ....
  15. Hmm ... maybe a good time to start binging the series then. This series always pops up when I search for new things to watch but somehow never ends up on my plate. But if it's not really complete, like monogatari, I'd rather stay away until its actually over. I hate watching ongoing stuff. Edit: got HQ images of both of them is anyone's interested. They are from vector traces of ~2000 and ~8000 px resolution. Probably should post this in gfx though.
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