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Fourth Quarterly Forum Superlatives!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone. Hope your week is going well enough so far!


Sorry for the delay, I'm pretty much a goldfish who is also blind and cannot ride a bicycle.


As previously mentioned, this quarter's superlatives will all be tiebreakers! Here's the form. I'm going to trust everyone to be honest about who they are when filling out the form. If not, then I guess we will suffer severely skewed results and we'll just never use this particular venue.


Again, here is the form! It is multiple choice, takes about five-ten minutes to complete, depending how fast you read. If all the ties are broken, then we'll only do a tiebreaker special once a year. Otherwise we might have to do them more often, which would be pretty lame.


Let me know if you have any problems with the form!


Responses are due by the 31st of March. Because I don't have to tally up the results myself--Google will do it for me, haha.

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Yeah, and that was only for the two superlatives we have available, haha. The first one lives on in our hearts.


Although it's not as convenient as multiple choice, we can use forms for future iterations, since it's still more convenient than copying and pasting, haha. I promise they won't all be pink and flowery. (Only most.)


It might even bring some folks out of the woodwork, since it's not as public as making a post on the forum.

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lost out on the most perverted slot because of my vote. :hguit5: :hguit5: :hguit5:


that was easy and fun, hoped there were more questions and other users.


@lama: you'll never be forgotten, you are the first person to escape after being abducted by E.O. and brave enough to post in a thread started and monitered by her.




hope you are not captured again :nothing_to_say: :nothing_to_say:

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I am The Adventurous Rainbow Source With Nice Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like a totally fabulous superhero name or something.

Maybe I can convince Loki to be my equally fabulous sidekick, The Alien From Another Planet With So Much Swag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or perhaps EO, The Informative, Trustworthy Social Butterfly With Long Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was hoping the tie between Bluenoser and me would be broken, but apparently it's just not meant to be. We will spread our verbose prose until one of us dies, and even then, who's to say that we won't haunt people with lengthy speeches? You're all doomed, basically.


Some of the superlatives are rather open to interpretation, though my intention with "agreeable" was "one who readily agrees with others" and not "this person says a lot of things I agree with". Either way, it's a funny result. I accept the ambiguity with open arms.


We do have some fabo members, it's only a matter of time before it comes to blows as we argue over who actually has the nicest shoes. (I've been wearing the same pair of black sneakers every day to the library for the past five months.)

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