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  1. Wake


    Seems in their (Rooster Teeth's) podcast for anyone wondering, it was said that RWBY would continue and Monty and the other writers for the show had already before his passing had several seasons farther planned out. So not sure if they will continue it after that, but at least for now the show will live on. Will be nice to see, and yet sad all at the same time.
  2. Wake


    Couldn't have said it better myself. Not really thinking about what they plan to do this the two series at the moment, they most likely don't even know yet. My prayers go out to him and his family and all of Rooster Teeth.
  3. I don't know, maybe it's just me, I'm seeing almost nothing interesting that's new here, a couple shows that have new seasons that I'll for sure watch, but this might be the first season of anime for me ever that I don't start up something new
  4. Wake


    Recently been watching this show and it has blown me away. The fighting is excellent, the dialogue is great with some really good humor throughout. Along with a pretty darn good plot that's really starting to develop over the first two volumes that have come out. Was wondering if anyone else on here has been watching this show? and if so what do you think of it? For me I would put it so far even as high as my fourth or third favorite cartoon of all time. I know its still not finished, but in the hands of Monty Oum (the shows creater) I know I will not be disappointed. I know this almost sounds like an add or something but I'm just that enthusiastic about it with my high hopes for it to continue to get even better as more comes out, along with I know this isn't isn't as necessarily as wide spread as big animes can be of people knowing this show even exists. So if you haven't checked it out I would strongly recommend it, if you like action, with some good humor and witty dialogue, a good plot that moves forward with fair pacing and overall just some unique and badass characters. If you have some free time to do so. episodes are on places like Crunchyroll, Youtube, and the company of the show even has them for free playback on their own website at Rooster Teeth Description... "The story takes place in the world of Remnant, which is filled with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the "Creatures of Grimm". Prior to the events of the series, mankind waged a battle of survival against the Grimm before discovering the power of a mysterious element called Dust, which allowed them to fight back against the monsters. In the present day, Dust is used to power magical abilities and weapons. Those who use these abilities to battle the Grimm are known as Huntsmen or Huntresses. The series focuses on four girls, each with her own unique weapon and powers. Together, they form team RWBY at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale, where they are trained to become Huntresses."
  5. Just finished watching the ending, gaw I have so many emotions from it all. Loved this series to death just as I do the first one. (don't read spoiler unless you've finished the show) I noticed it when I was watching it and then went to hit the web to see if there was anything on it and sure enough Korra and Asami did/do have feelings for each which I think was hinted at a few times throughout season 4; pretty well done in my opinion without giving it away. I really think how this went with everything, it didn't feel force, but natural within the show and especially the ending scene with the two of them, make it quite sweet and touching. For anyone interested A link to a quote from one of the creators about it HERE Over all I do think the Korra series did start off a little weaker then the first series, I also do have to remember I was in my early teens when I first started watching it and have grown up quite a bit since then, funny how Korra ends with the main cast at about an age where there main demographic would be if they started watching when the first series characters were their ages. Kinda makes you feel like you've grown with the series, or at least I do, also maybe why this ending of Korra feels a little stronger to me then the last. I've gotten to watch a bit more of this universe now with finishing Korra and grown up a little more in these 4 seasons, having to say good bye yet again to such a wonderful universe that I will miss dearly but always treasure. Just my penny of thoughts anyhow.
  6. Alright, thank you and will do.
  7. Hey I used to run a small site for psp encodes for anime here. However it seems like DMCA has lached onto the site and wont let go. I was maybe hopping to do one last ditch effort and toss all my encodings in one topic on here either in the small encoding section or just down at the botton here. I would keep the first post for whats there and where's it at and the rest of the posts would be my encodings. I just wanted to share all of it one last time. I don't think I'd be adding new stuff but idk for sure how I'll feel when I finsih. I wanted to get an ok by someone before randomly doing it and it getting removed. I understand if it's a no go, since it's not exactly within the rules but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for your time.
  8. Only Skin Deep? They were essentially slaves to the humans now, made no better than to do their dirty work. Forced labor for all their lives just with the false promises that after serving their time they'd be set free one day, able to return to their home. The little blue eyed, four armed, two nosed person named Dan was in charge of research and development for the facility 108-A2. He worked at a 'company' owned by the humans. It was hidden away on planet Earth somewhere far from where any unsuspecting person could bump into it. Dan's people while on Earth were suppose to have all the rights of free citizens while staying here; but when communications went down and the last transport ship crashed do to an EMP blast by some rebels back in the late 1950's, the little blue eyed folk had no way of getting home. The White House said they'd get a plan started right away to send them back, but with their technology as uncivilized as it was, there was no hope. The White House first started with 'worker placement' to help them integrate into good living here on planet Earth and to start to build parts needed for a ship to get home or at least call for help. I mean someone should come anyway, they knew they were here, right? Months, then years went by and finally decades. The little creatures from outer space knew something was up; being made to work long hours on things that just did not seem to add up to anything of use. The humans however said they had a plan to get them back home. The small peaceful loving creatures at first didn't know about the concept of lies and manipulation to the extent of the Earthlings. They trusted the humans. Earthlings in their first encounter were so very friendly, the sharing they had, had and the wonderful thirst for knowledge. The people of Bumboodan were happy to finally have found others in the universe to talk with, as they had been searching such a very long time for people like themselves. As travel was long and had just started to get to the point of inter-galaxy transport. The Bumboodan’s only had but a handful of their native people on Earth. As the years passed they knew they may never see home again. They wondered; what were these strange things they were making. Dan was the third generation on Earth... having near the same lifespan of humans was something Dan did not like. He couldn't even outlive his suppressors. However, there was something, a plan, an upraising? It wasn't fast going, but it didn't have to be. One day they knew... even the humans could not stop this now. Too many had been distributed... too many eaten. *** Earth one day in the late 2020's started to make vast strides in technological advance in many fields, unknowing to the public it was just the government of the USA slowly implementing its plan that was over half a century old; now of the technologies from their 'little friends' of another planet that they had just sat on till the right time, to become the overwhelming leader in every advancement known world wide... medicine, engineering, biotechnology; and much, much more. Dan sat down in his office chair as the government aid sat down across in his. Dan being a mere two feet tall might have been intimidated if he was worried about the size difference, but he wasn't. The man across from him could do him no harm. No actually he was quite helpful, he just didn't know it yet. His name was Sam. Sam was a bitter man that would do anything to get ahead in politics, though somehow or another pissed someone important off to land him this job. All he did was check in on each factory and see how production was. If there were any problems of the non-'human' kind he would need to report them to make sure everyone 'got along'. There never was any problems. “Like I was saying, Dan, you keep this place in quite the tip top shape, so don’t get down in the dumps. I'm sure you might have been some fancy hot shot on your planet, maybe if you had been born there.... Maybe an astronaut or something, but here on Earth, this is as good as it gets.” Glen laughs out load with grin on his face as he pounds his hands on his knees like it was some amazing joke he just told and had to laugh along with. Of course Dan didn't really laugh, but politely smiled, “No worries sir, I personally never knew my planet so I couldn't care less. This job ain’t so bad; nice hours, good pay, and I get to go home to my family at the end of the day.” “We talking about the same job, Dan?” “Of course, speaking of family, how’s yours? I heard you had to take a bit of time off last February because of your wife; Martha was it?” “Really? I don't remember telling you that; and you shouldn't really have known that otherwise...” Glen scrunched up his face trying to think back, did they ever talk about each others’ families? “No no, you did mention it. It was right after mine came down with the flu and then your wife coincidentally right after that did too.” It was Dan's turn to laugh, but his was more like a breeze of carelessness; just a whim of conversation. “Oh well, she's doing better. Seems a lot of people have been getting sick lately, but back up and around in a few weeks, so no harm no foul I guess.” Glen shrugs and gets up to leave. “Well I'll see you in a month,” he turned to go. “Hey I got a few too many apples from home. My kids packed my lunch today and just got way too many to eat, you want one?” “Don't mind if I do,” Glen reached out and grabbed the apple offered to him in the out stretched green hand of Dan and took a bite. “Mmumm, good stuff,” Dan heard him saying as he rounded the corner out of the office doors. “Could never eat enough of these things,” Glen's voice faded as did his footsteps. Dan leaned back in his chair as a worker rushed in with a clipboard in two of his hands. “Your Eminence, did he eat it, did he eat it?” “Yep he ate it,” Dan smiled a big grin showing his sharp smile... and teeth. “I wanted to do that personally. Might take years, but soon, so soon...” Dan trailed off. It was a good idea he thought for his father had decided to get into the food business. *** A little boy sitting in front of the TV waiting for his favorite program to come back on saw the most colorful advertisement for... “Hey mom, Can I get a pair? Please!!” “Johnny dear, I have already bought you six new pairs of socks this year, you don't need another.” The mothers’ voice bellowed down the hall from the open room where she was happily waving her ‘All in One’ remote wand, to make the weave run. With a swift flick of the wrist having the weave make a new pair of dress ties for her husband. *** “Hey Martha, is this green apple on the counter mine?” The husband asked later that night as he came in from work. Chomp. THE END
  9. Actually I watched the first few episodes and almost dropped this. It was nice looking but I didn't see much depth in the story and didn't like the main character. Took a break from it after episode 3 and didn't start watching again till last week and watched the rest get back up to speed and I have to say I was presently surprised that it just kept giving me more and more and just when you think you've figured out the direction of the story it reveals more. I do also like the progression of the main character and can see why it was needed he had to start out that way for the progression of the story. It does have it's simple elements but it does a very good job of not focusing/relying on those parts to make the show cliche. Not sure how well the anime is following the manga but if this keeps up I may just have to start that up ounce this finishes.
  10. Wake


    Still keeping my hopes up for something ounce the manga is finished and since it is close... though with only 1 chapter a month might take a while time wise. Still a really good manga to pick up if people have only seen the anime. I'm hoping it's like Fullmetal Alchemist series and a new one comes out after manga finishes. I don't see why not, the anime was popular and the manga still is.
  11. The match is coming along along with the story. I wonder just how good the team will be this year, looking forward to reading me!
  12. CHAPTER 4 “Long walk this morning?” Tony's voice echos through the apartment sounding like it's coming from his room. “Yeah,” I yell back, “Got lost in the park, but it's fine." I start to take off my shoes at the door way, "Just need to remember that the thing is like a forest with a sidewalk in there next time, that's all.” Tony laughs at my remark. He pops his head out into the hall, “Sure is. How about we....” * * * * * “Hey the bell rang.” I hear a girls voice from behind me. “Uh?” Pretending not to hear her. “I said the bell rang, Jay!” She repeats raising her voice as she is walking towards me. “Oh, sorry...” I look away from some papers in front of me that I'm currently hunched over working on. “No need for that, just thought you would want to get out of here that's all.” I start to look around and see the last few others shuffling out into the hall and no teacher to be found. He's normally the first one wanting to escape. “Why would you think that?” I ask innocently. “Well isn't that assumed for any student? I mean what high schooler want's to stay after school?” She tries to say with an over amount of enthusiasm as she leans on a near by wall to my seat, which is to my right. “I see what you mean... naa, I actually don't mind this place at all oddly enough. I mean when I think about it I should be annoyed with this place, but when everyone rushes out of here so fast after school is over and when it's all quite it's actually quite nice you know.” “I see... heading up to the library then?” Her eyes almost sparkle as she knows that she just forced me into asking her about it. “How'd you know?” I start to grumble a bit now at the thought of me being this easy to toy with. “Don't you go there after school every day? I mean I see you walk that direction after every 7th period; isn't that where you go?” She pushes off from the wall and walks around behind me and flops over in the seat next to mine to my left. “Yeah,” I sigh and turn my head back to what is looking more and more like homework now, “I like to finish my homework so I don't have to take it home.” “Oh... so that's the reason?” She asks sounding genuinely curious. “What you sound like I have other motives.” I feel a rye smile spreading across my face a bit. “Maybe it's just me then; mind if I come with you?” She asks this in a very calming almost serene way, “I have some things to look for.” “It's a free country Ashley, you can do what you want..” Her aura seems to sway me easily. “Is that so.” She stands from her seat next to mine in the empty science room and picks up one of my textbooks, as do I the pick up the rest of them and we together start walking down the hall to the stair case. I'm not sure if I should feel trapped or amused by this. “Don't like going home much do you Jay?” She asks this almost like the question it's self is breakable. Normally I'd give a half-ass answer, but she truly sounds like she cares... that kind of annoys me in a different way however. “Nope.” “Being too nosy?” I look at her as she says this and her nose wrinkles up a bit. “Nope.” “You weren't lying when you said you were bad at talking to others huh.” She giggles “Nope.” I sound worse with honesty then my half baked answers. I sigh again. “Well since you don't mind and I like talking, I shall be the gravitational center of making conversations of our little tandem then.” I raise my eyebrow realizing that she has a very amused look on her face right now. Can't say I feel any differently from her though. Who knew Mondays could feel this pleasant. End of Chapter 4
  13. CHAPTER 3 “Hey! You by yourself?” I turn and see a girl around my age with long silver hair briskly walking to me. I stop so she can catch up to me, then we both start walking together down the long park path. “You mind for some company?” she briskly asks as she comes beside me. “I don't mind, but can't say I'm good at conversations...” I eye her up and down quickly before putting my eyes back on the sidewalk in front of me. Grey sweatpants and hoody, with her hair swooshed off to the right side as not to get caught up in the hood? “That's fine... not too many people come out here in the morning, definitely not anyone our age.” “I'm staying at a friends house right now so," Damnit... I sound so stupid right now, "I normally take walks closer to home.” “Oh, is that so. Well then, if you ever need a walking buddy again, just let me know and I'd be happy to .” I glance beside me for a moment to see a small smile on her face. She looks almost pale white, without any kind of tan at all. “Let you know?” Did I miss something? “Yeah... you know, since we see each other in school and have a few classes together it's not hard to say hi if you want to.” “Oh... wait... you; we go to the same school?” I just can't stop sounding stupid can I. I sigh to myself. She laughs. “Yes we do. Remember I asked to borrow your pen yesterday in science and you without even glancing up from the worksheet dug through your bag and handed one to me. Then when class was over you were gone before I could give it back. “Oh... that was you? Sorry, I don't really pay too much attention at school. Just kinda go through the motions you know.” I start to fidget a bit with my hands. For the life of me I can't remember where I normally have them. “Yeah, that's easy to see,” She laughs again... a light laugh, almost like music to my ears. A long pause goes by before either of us speaks again, but it seems nice just to have someone beside me walking and it seems she is enjoying her self as well. I ask tentatively, “Do we know each other?” “I told you we....” “That's not what I mean,” Still pondering if I should even bring this up at all. “...Oh," Her eyes seem to focus as she seems to understand what I mean, "Yeah we did... not well I mean, but yeah, we did know each other. We used to talk in school. I hung out with you every now and again in middle school, but ounce high school started you and I didn't really get together anymore.” “I see...” I would say I'm sorry but that would be pointless sympathy from a stranger plus that seems rude and I don't think she sees me as that person. Normally people wouldn't make a point to say they had a falling out with me if they wanted to talk to the old me. They'd say something about how I couldn't spend time with them because I was just so busy being a sports star and all but now their glad that we can talk like we used to. I don't get that vibe from her. It's more like she just wanted someone to talk to about the past with. It didn't have to be me. “So am I much different?” I just realized I have no idea where this path is taking me; just how big is this freaking park. “You mean from before?” A frown slightly comes across her face. “Sorry I don't mean to be insensitive or anything. I just haven't been able to ask anyone outside of my family and my only friend didn't live here before I lost my memories so....” I say tentatively. “Don't worry about it; yeah you are different. Quite a bit actually.” My ears perk up a bit as she says this. “Oh, well then...,” maybe this was a bad idea. Not about asking her, but I start to worry if I'd actually want to know intimately how I was before. “I really like you. The other guy was a jerk.” I look at her and she's watching her feet was we continue walking under the tall trees in the park on the sidewalk pathways. Her hair now covering her face a little as she is looking down. I can feel my cheeks heat up a bit on this cool morning. “Thanks.” End of Chapter 3 Notes: Thanks again all for the constructive criticism, I do plan on working of some of the suggestions later, but thought I'd just put up another chapter for now. Did redo how it was written before for this chapter so hopefully it's a bit easier to follow the conversations on this one. @Emotional Outlet My thinking was the reader what be able to figure from late at night to morning part that in between that he just went to the sleep bag on the floor but maybe I should make it more clear that it was laid out or something the night before on the floor.
  14. CHAPTER 2 “Hey you wanna watch the rest of this crappy movie? Or go to sleep... it's getting pretty late.” “Movie... I don't know why, but I like it,” deciding to spend the night at Tony's house was a good idea... even if he has a crappy little TV in his room. “Alright man, you can stay up and watch... I'm just gonna hop onto the bed and take a nap... you sleep on the floor when you decide to. I don't swing that way.” Big grin on his face. I stick out my tongue and turn back to the old vampire movie. I hear him flop onto his bed as I stretch out in the bean-bag on the floor. * * * * “Hey man, it's morning... wake up sleepy head...” “I'm not asleep... your sleep... go wake yourself up first.” “Ok... I really don't get your logic at all dude. Your really going to have to explain it to me sometime.” “Later after you wake yourself up so you can go wake me up.” “Now you really lost me...” I open my eyes without moving as he pulls the shades to his windows closed again and then walks back across the room to plop back onto his bed. For someone who say he doesn't get what I'm saying he always understands just fine. Even when I don't get it myself sometimes. I smile at the thought of it. “Want breakfast or something?” I hear his voice from muffled pillows. “Yeah... gotta take my med's or....” “Well, we got toast or burnt toast... which you want?” We both laugh. I get up from my sleeping bag and he gets off the bed as we both decide eating is warranted enough reason to get up on this seeming sunny Saturday morning. “Parents leave already?” “Yeah... talked to them, then they left to head to the airport around seven” “Thought it seemed too early for you to normally be up.” “Well it's not like I'll see them for a while, so I wanted to wish'em well and all that.” “Yeah... I know... just teasing.” A long pause ensues for a few minutes as we both make toast and use what is left of the orange jam in the fridge, then make our way through eating. * * * * * “Sorry about before... I know you really don't like thinking about those kinds of things.” “No worries Tony, you never have to tip toe around subjects like that... not you.” “Well we each have are own messed up issues don't we my brother.” He laughs whole hardheadedly and then frowns. Looking like he's thinking too hard on a math problem he knows but can't quite remember how to solve. “You should call your parents?” “Naa, it's fine... I left a note when I stopped at home to grab my things for the weekend.” “Oh... ok.” I can see he still finds it hard. I like to keep my distance from my family because everytime they look at me they see what was and not what is and it hurts both me and them. And Tony cares so deeply for his family because he can't imagine losing someone else so close to him ever again without being able to say goodbye. End of Chapter 2
  15. Thanks everyone for your reply. Yes, that was exactly what I was think/talking about, thank you very much for the info... I'd really just like to self publish something/things and kinda go from there, was my train of thought so that's fine.
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