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  1. Hey its you Sara? right ? been a while how you been?

  2. I agree! I actually disliked Vocaloid music until I heard Gumi. <3
  3. The Gameboy Color was my first introduction to video games! I had a lime green one, and my first game was Pokemon Red. It's so crazy to see how much technology has changed in the course of 20-some years.
  4. Gumi~
  5. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
  6. I just switched to this theme today, and it's my favorite so far!
  7. Whoops, double post. Just changed it to my cosplay of Lavi from D.Gray-man.
  8. I'm doing a Fullmetal Alchemist rewatch right now. I'm cosplaying Winry to a convention in February, and it's been so long since I watched any FMA that I want to see it all again before I go, haha!
  9. She has such pretty hair!
  10. I think I read somewhere that it will start at the Alma arc, so it's a continuation in that regard. But I'm not sure how much of the old cast & crew is going to work on it, so it could be like a reboot on that front.
  11. Oh wow! That's a super cool function! I didn't realize!
  12. I like Animate. It reminds me of the old forum. I also like Uniform. I'm not a fan of the ones with transparent boxes. I find them really distracting and hard to read.
  13. Thank you! I feel like Bravely Default is kind of an underrated game. D:
  14. boop, I never posted photos of my finished costumes from Halloween weekend, SO HERE! ps. I'm in costume constantly, even though I never have a chance to actually celebrate actual Halloween. But it's still like Halloween all year long for me~ Edea: http://i.imgur.com/YWNUhQI.jpg I'm the Lavi on the left! http://i.imgur.com/iOQ1R9w.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nBwBeLU.jpg