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Forum Converted to IPB


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After many hours (actually a whole day and then some), I finally got the conversion finished. I had to borrow a copy of vB3.8 to upgrade the forum to so that it'd be compatible with the Conversion software IPB has, then install IPB, convert the database, and finally edit all the settings of the forum (including setting up user groups, user permissions, and fine tuning things).

I'm sure there is likely some thing I missed/forgot/overlooked, so if you notice anything strange, out of the ordinary, or broken let me know.

Members may need to use the forgotten password feature, I'm not sure if passwords were converted over or not. You'll also likely need to check out your profile information and edit/add things back such as gender, age, etc.

Also, chances are you're all still Crusader-0, as it didn't convert members into correct groups. If I have things setup correctly, you should be able to simply post once (if you're over 15 posts) and you'll be upgraded (and unlike before, it should be instant).

For those who had registered, but not gotten their validation email, or got it but didn't validate from before the conversion.... you'll need to click the resend validation link as the old one will not work.

Also most links to threads, etc.. probably don't work (Anime Index comes to mind), as the naming scheme of the software pages is different, and thus things like that will need to be altered.

Any comments on the switch, problems you notice, etc.. please post here about it. Thank you.

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I think I speak for many people here when I say F*** YES woo Koby *hi5*

Thanks for getting the job done so fast :). Now to complete the transformation we just need a new color scheme and maybe some new arts for the subforum icons :D. And of course more new banners ^-^.

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i like this forum you've converted to, it looks great.

Any chance of getting donator status back for those of us who did donate?

Yes, Koby said he is working on it, and if you do not get your Donator status back, message him with the email you used to donate with.

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WOW, this place went some major remake. It looks totally different. I am happy to see that the forum is back again. Some themes and banners should make the place awesome now. And I am surprised by the fact that we have status now. LOL.

I can't find where to edit gender. I think I saw just about everything else though.

Yeah, i am facing this problem too. How can i change my gender?

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