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  1. I binged watched it after a friend asked me to watch last year. It's pretty great, we couldn't stop making fun of shipping characters. I'm still spoiler free on the new episodes(2019) and gonna start when I'm not busy/tired.
  2. At last I've finished college, racked up student debt and got a job... I feel empty.

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    2. Xanders


      @LelouchVBritannia nothing colorful about there besides chasing deadlines, assignments, projects and insubordinate pals. I don't blame them for not being interested in coding, it's behind me now.

      @Koby Thanks, so this is how adults are like. *cries in the corner*

    3. (Kirito)


      If your college days weren't good, I hope it becomes better (if not colourful) from now onwards.


      Congrats on getting a job.


      Live your life to the fullest.


      *me cries in the corner hoping same for myself*(Cos I'm still in 1st year of not so good yet not so bad college life) 😅.

    4. Xanders


      @(Kirito) Thanks, I try too. At least I could game and watch anime when I come back home to wind down from work drama.


      Don't worry just face it head on and do your best in college and wish you the best, you'll probably laugh about it in the future.

      Now that I'm out of college I can actually behave as a friend/human being to my friends rather than chasing them for work deadlines, we don't argue anymore 😁.


      Edit: Tried to avoid summoning Grammar Nazis.

  3. I have surfaced once again annndddd back to the depths uuhhhghghg....

  4. What goes up must come down, I just hope my grades don't do that!

  5. Xanders

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Dark Souls 3(I WILL FINISH YOU ONE DAY, though my first time playing a souls game), Ori and the Blind Forest, Besiege
  6. Mark my word Dark Souls one day... I Will Conquer You !!!

  7. ALAST, been awhile since I last logged in and I can say. A lot has changed! *jaw dropped*

  8. Xanders

    Word Association

  9. Xanders

    Kingdom Hearts III (3)

    Frozen? Why Not, I wanna see Sora meet Elsa & Anna. But I want Big Hero 6 the most
  10. 2 Months Addicted to Dungeon Crawling, Finally Sick of It !! Hooray back to Anime

  11. I haz Surfaced once MOre

  12. Xanders

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been crawling in Witcher 3 since its release and gone off grid in the proccess. Now I'm online again and still playing it.
  13. Xanders

    Counting down from 1,000,000

    597548 !! We're sort of almost half way there!!
  14. Xanders

    1080 vs 720

    I'm with Kimiko, I too trained my self to differentiate the difference between 720p and 1080p because I was curious. Now I can't un-see the difference. All the way if you prefer to save space go 720p if your comfortable with it.
  15. Xanders

    What did you have for Dinner?

    Pizza !! with unusual ingredients that I can't name.
  16. Xanders

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Watch Dogs, finally found some time to play ACIV Black Flag is up next on the list after I'm done with the side quests
  17. I'm back after a month of inactiveness man home work really don't do themselves

  18. Xanders

    PCI Express Bandwidth Dilemma

    I have graphics card running at x16 I wish to install a wlan adapter as running ethernet is wayyy superior I'm afraid I can't do that, drilling hole or running cables on walls e everyone will murder me I don't wish to sacrifice the GPU lanes to PCI e 3.0 x8, though I know this equates to PCIe 2.0 x16 Question How do I not sacrifice GPU lanes for the wlan card? Asus r9 270x 2gb Asus h97 pro gamer mobo Single stick 4gb ddr3 1600mhz Need more details I can provide?
  19. Xanders

    PCI Express Bandwidth Dilemma

    Lol thx for the reply was doing so.e research before I read yr post, tur s out most games can't utilized all of the bandwidth I've seen benchmarks pciex16 2.0 working just as fine as 3.0 in x8 It would make more sense putting the wlan in the seconx pcie slot instead to get the most bandwidth Thx for the clarification John
  20. You got me there !! Thx anyway for answering my questions, (wondered what happend to AoD)...
  21. As the title says by common sense I should be using the AMD GPU for display just wondering what if I don't install the integrated GPU.
  22. Thanks for the Reply, I just realize Your name is different !!
  23. Rain, Rain Keep Comin I want To See the RAINBOW !!

    1. ChoeyXD


      Rain, rain go away that's what all my haters say XD

  24. Desktop: Gigabyte Gaming 3 LGA 1150 i3-4130 w/ Intel HD Graphics 4400 Sapphire Radeon 270X GPU Corsair CX500 Kingmax 4GB DDR3 Windows Ultimate x64 Question, Can I just install 270X graphics drivers only since the monitor will be connected to this card, without installing the drives for Intel Integrated HD 4400 GPU since the monitor will not be connected to the I/O ports. Sorry I Didnt provide the details earlier its hard to type the entire thing in my phone while im away Lesson Learned.
  25. Xanders

    Guess the next poster

    Nope Its ME ! The cat over the rainbow thing... whatever Next is LimitLess