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  1. ultimate

    Forum Converted to IPB

    I find it funny that we have status updates lol Anyway, the new look is awesome. Looking forward to seeing a theme and a banner later
  2. ultimate

    No Anime....

    It wouldn't be that big a deal for me since I've already done it before lol Usually just play video games, catch up on/watch TV shows/movies or hang out with friends in my spare time lol
  3. ultimate

    First Video Game

    My first video game was years ago, but were probably either Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario All Stars lol Both on the SNES, and I still consider both decent games lol I remember thinking the bosses being pretty hard on Donkey Kong Country, but they're probably easy for me now lol
  4. I don't watch much ecchi anime but High School of the Dead and Great Teacher Onizuka so far lol High School of the Dead doesn't necessarily have a great story but the action scenes are good and it can be kinda funny lol Great Teacher Onizuka actually has great characters and a good story to go with it as well. Currently watching Ben-To and it's not too bad so far as well.
  5. ultimate

    Your least favorite Genre of Anime to watch?

    Yep, also dislike Magical Girl and Moe. I usually just find characters in those types of anime annoying lol I enjoy Slice of Life though. As for Shoujo, I usually don't like them but I have seen some decent ones. I also don't like Bishounen or Harem anime either. I enjoyed High School of the Dead though, but that barely counts as Harem in my opinion lol That's all I can think of at the moment lol
  6. ultimate

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    I don't have many of them to be honest lol I have: Final Fantasy VII (for PC and PS1) Final Fantasy VIII (for PS1) Final Fantasy XI (for PS1) and Chocobo Racing (for PS1) if that counts lol Pretty much a rip-off of Mario Kart though lol I haven't played any Final Fantasy games in a while to be honest lol
  7. First anime was probably the original Dragon Ball when I was a kid lol At the time I didn't know it was anime though. Afterwards I started watching Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, and when I was watching Dragon Ball Z, only then did I realise what anime was lol I began looking for and downloading other anime after that, and first anime I downloaded was Trigun which I still consider one of my favourites
  8. ultimate

    File Parts like .001, .002, and etc

    Since others are mentioning lots of different ones... I recommend File Splitter and Joiner. It's similar to HJSplit except that it's faster and can join more types of files. It's what I started using after I realised that HJSplit couldn't join all the types of files I wanted. It's free as well.
  9. ultimate

    how do you choose a good anime?

    Same here. Usually trial and error. Other than that, I will usually read the synopsis, maybe a review, and then give the first few episodes a shot. Having good animation, character designs, a nice plot and a nice soundtrack usually helps though lol
  10. ultimate

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I usually watch anime more than I read manga but currently reading: 1. Silver Spoon - From the author of FMA; extremely hilarious manga, and also surprisingly extremely educational lol 2. GE-Good Ending - Not that great cos it can be a little repetitive and the characters can be annoying. Started off well though. 3. Naruto - I'm sure I don't need to explain this one lol 4. Bleach - Same as Naruto lol 5. Kurosagi - Good manga though chapters can take a while to come out. I'm 2 or 3 chapters behind at the moment though. I might also start reading Soul Eater again, though I forgot where I left off lol
  11. ultimate

    List of possible suspects for Tobi's identity

    That would be the greatest strategy ever for Tobi lol Cooking poison ramen for everybody in Konoha so once he starts fighting them they'll be easier to kill lol And since Naruto has the Kyuubi inside him and he seems to go to the ramen place the most it would make even more sense lol Anyway, I think it's possible that Tobi is secretly Madara's brother cos he knows a lot about the Uchiha clan, its secrets, and their powers. He might also secretly be the Sage of the Six Paths himself for the same reasons I just stated and he has previously stated the Rinnegan originally belonged to him, not Nagato. However the Sage of the Six Paths has generally been portrayed as a good guy so that might rule him out. It might also be possible that Tobi is not even from the Uchiha clan and just stole the eyes and implanted it himself similar to Kakashi (except it was given to him) and Danzo. As for his knowledge about the Uchiha clan, he might just have an extremely long lifespan and possibly even switched bodies to continue living longer and was there for majority of the Uchiha clan events.
  12. ultimate

    The greatest Ninja/Samurai Anime

    Greatest samurai anime for me at the moment would either be Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal or Samurai Champloo. Great stories, great action scenes, and both well animated. As for ninja anime, unsure at the moment cos I'm sure there are better ninja anime than Naruto. I heard Basilisk was good though so might check it out one day. If Katanagatari goes under ninja anime then I think Katanagatari would probably be the best ninja anime I've seen so far or remember of at the moment.
  13. ultimate

    Best Browser (FF, IE, Opera, etc..)

    I prefer Firefox. It has pretty much everything I need to be honest. It has good addon support though I only use 1 or 2 addons. My main issue with it is that it uses quite a bit of memory in comparison to other browsers. I've used Chrome before which is also pretty good but I prefer Firefox.
  14. ultimate

    Bleach Live-Action Movie

    LOL Nice one Anyway, no to a live action Bleach movie. I hear Hollywood is thinking of making one anyway lol Dragon Ball Evolution was terrible so a live action Bleach movie would be a bad idea too. I downloaded and watched Dragon Ball Evolution with low expectations and it was still worse than I thought. Maybe if it was all CGI it might be good but I doubt it. Astro Boy (which was all CGI) is the only decent Hollywood movie so far that I liked based on an anime.
  15. Definitely agree with that lol The whole anime wasn't that great to begin with either lol They should probably remake the whole thing lol Anyway, High School of the Dead could do with a season 2 as the ending was pretty open ended. Darker than BLACK could do with a season 3 as well since the ending left more questions unanswered. Time of Eve could do with another season as the movie version brought up more questions at the end. Rurouni Kenshin also needs to animate the Jinchuu arc still lol