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One Piece


One Piece Rating from 1-10.  

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  1. 1. One Piece Rating from 1-10.

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i voted 9.

FTW! someone voted 1? who on earth is that damn retarded?

well, it's just really bad if someone votes for 1 (it's probably some fan of some other anime's around there).. that's just retarded not appreciating an anime with good sense of story and character development.

considering the fact that im almost near the end of my 5th run watching the series from episode 1 to the latest episodes in this point of the series (just finished episode 478).. i gotta say that my score of 9.5 / 10 never changes..

its a good run especially when i watch episode 474 for the first time, damn.. it was too....

EPIC!, one of the most epic scenes that i've seen in the series making it one of my most favorite parts of the marineford arc and the whole series itself

the funimation episodes are good (1 - 182), i could give it 8.0/10 since that i still prefer jap audio than english (i somewhat feel the emotions if it's jap audio), and the fact that i don't have the uncut version of the series.

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The characters for one thing. It also happens to be one of the more unique long running shonen series. Bleach & Naruto rely heavily on copying past series such as Dragon Ball Z, and heck even One Piece as well, but One Piece is out there and trying to be as original as possible. I also happen to love pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean FTW!!!).

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why did i like one piece and why did i love it?

1. the art style is very original - although the artworks is a little weird from the start, it's very different from the other animes around. most of the anime series around these days. i.e. gundams, they have similar artwork over them. but of course, i don't despise mecha animes.. it such that im getting used to on how the characters on that particular genre are similar.

2. character development - i just cant compare on how the characters in the series are being develop to any other series that i have watched so far. you can tell it by seeing them act, fight and think in the story. one of the best things here is their own backstories, past and what's their purpose in the story.

3. a good storytelling and an epic finale - the series so far exceeds it succeeding arc predecessors. as you watch it longer and longer, keeping the episodes in line. you will notice that it gets better and better. the story starts in a slow manner but turns out in a remarkable finale.

4. this is not a bias opinion from me but, one piece does seem to strike any kind of emotions to its viewers like sad, happy, action, and inspirational moments. there are times that the scenes are too serious, scenes that can make you cry or feel enlighted, and scenes that you can probably brag when telling one piece to other people.

5. soundtrack - a good story and plot is always keep up with an excellent soundtrack and one piece has it. its like final fantasy 7 and chrono cross, these are good games but it certainly been the best around because of the soundtracks behind which is a good x-factor.

6. lovable characters - as stated above in my #2. most of the characters in the series are very lovable. they have different dreams and have different personalities.

7. despicable villians - some villians in the series that are not that strong and only talk which makes me feel sometimes that i should be the one to punch them =).

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