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  1. i would prefer you watch it atleast until arlong park! so that you can appreciate it!
  2. FF7,8,9 and Star ocean would be nice!
  3. Mekster

    Favorite Anime

    Onepiece is my favorite anime.
  4. my first anime is Pokemon and Manga is Onepiece
  5. I will go for luffy because when luffy say i will kick your ass! he will difinitely kicked you ass!
  6. Either dubbed or subbed it still is OP.
  7. I like We Are. and i also like the We Are!(Strawhat Crew)
  8. 1st is luffy, 2nd is sanji because of being a Womanizer and lastly Franky!
  9. Mekster

    One Piece

    10/10 i have watched til episode 400 because im waiting the arc to be finished
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