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  1. I always do, if i tend to like the animation and the catchy music, i usually watch them and not skip them. most of them are the OPENINGS. but if it does not catch my ears, then i will skip them but still watch that opening for 1 - 3x
  2. the english dubs last until 205 (Funimation), but that's not the end of it, if you can manage to watch it until the latest episodes (Japanese w/ subs).. you can appreciate one piece to its fullest.
  3. i still have not, but the last think / information that i have for F/S/N is the movie which was aired at japan last year (2011), just correct me if im wrong with the date
  4. that is the mindset of most people that animes are for kids, but in reality, even kids do watch those serious-live action series every year.. does it make sense? it also goes par in videogames, we think it is only for kids but just look, even the developers who are practically aging around 30, 40 are playing videogames. anime's are fun, some of them have depth in story, and we can learn something from them that we can not see from watching other things around. it's an art, and is also a part of entertainment. it's just my honest opinion, and btw, i'm already in my middle 20's and i'm still eager to watch anime's and play videogames while pursuing my professional growth and career.
  5. i actually watch F/S/N around 2 years ago, i was so hooked up that time that i watch the whole 24-episode series within a day, it was really worth it.. there are really good parts in the series, especially to the part of "saber".
  6. yeah, i realized that too.. just balance things out since im also getting older =). working and attending to many kinds of activities are pretty hectic, of course it's manageable but there are really some things that we can just leave out, right? i have the one piece episodes, most of them are subbed, but i don't know, the "anti-piracy act" is just waging around the corner.. that's why i can't make myself to upload or download any files either torrent or filesharing
  7. that span's until the sea train episodes?! wow, that's great.. assuming that summer is already coming this year =)
  8. ahahaha, those times... Dragon Ball Z Yuyu Hakusyo Ranma 1/2 Gundam Wing Slamdunk what else? too many
  9. Playstation 1: Parasite Eve 1 Xenogears PSP: Super Robot Taisen Z-II
  10. Oldest to date that i've watched (based on anime's production) Voltes V Daimos Voltron Gundam Wing (1985 by sunrise?) Oldest ones to date when i started to watch animes Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Yuyu Hakusyo Slamdunk (it was 1994 i think)
  11. The Sassy Girl (English Version) it's good, but IMHO, i still loved the original Korean Version ahahaha
  12. I certainly want to watch "The Vow"
  13. yep, just getting there again ahahaha.. but those 10 months changed some of me, and i'm practically getting myself to balance some things in my life =) like, before i can watch 20 - 30 episodes of anime in a day, now, after those 10 months of stoppage, i can barely watch 10 episodes in a day ahahaha..
  14. Xenogears Chrono Cross Shin Megami Tensei 3 Shin Megami Tensei 4 Ar Tonelico 1, 2 and 3 Wild Arms 3, 4, and 5 Genso Suikoden Titles Ragnarok Online (It's PC, but i know, it has the best tracks that i've heard from a OST Game Collection)
  15. during the 90's i could say that i will watch both of them "DBZ and Yuyu Hakusyo", both of them are good titles, had decent fights and interesting characters. i've watched Yuyu Hakusyo around 4x, but in our local networks during those times.. it's aired from mondays to fridays and during late afternoons as for DBZ, it's only aired once a week and only at sundays. maybe, if i watch Yuyu Hakusyo in Japanese - English Subs, the opinion will change but i would still watch it once, but not as repetitive like the others animes that i've watched already
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