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  1. Well it seems quite a few of us are doubting hiyori's intention. Also looking forward to Luffy's new way of using haki.
  2. This chapter was more hilarious inspite of title and the slashing scene. Shinobu part was really hilarious especially Haanzo's reply to Shinobu. Brook is one-uping himself ever since the whole cake island. And that kid loosing consciousness while laughing was a first. And lets not forget the best part, Hanzo got the best view.
  3. Soba Mask?! Sanji's should go back to Italian naming. I hadn't even considered Sanji using that Germa tech let alone so soon. And Big Mom and chopper scene was hilarious.
  4. Guess Momo's little sister is still alive. or is it big sister now?
  5. I enjoyed grimm series as well. It did got repetitive and that ending was really rushed; though thankfully atleast felt satisfying. Hopefully this new series builds up properly on the original.
  6. I was expecting kaidou to be salamander type of dragon considering his physical attributes shown. Guess Oda went with serpent type; probably so as not to make him look too overpowered and create a feel of power imbalance.
  7. Its no doubt a devil fruit's ability; wielder is probably one of momo's parents. No way they are going back to the past though. Its the Flame of Recca and Fairy tail situation.
  8. seems like this one (https://nyaa.si/view/362358) has a seed. Also if you want to request something post it here https://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/
  9. D.Knight


    Name some of your favorites so others can suggest.
  10. That chapter somehow felt satisfying. Seems like O-Tama is going to have feast for her birthday.
  11. I am still trying to understand how that lion devil fruit works. Is this one of those risk/side-effects of the artificial devil fruits that Law was talking about?
  12. It's not just the op, the jump magazine itself was on the break. Speaking on the chapter itself, that batman part was hilarious. Couldn't tell from last chapter but that woman O-Kiku is really tall and a samurai to boot. A tall woman samurai huh? Also I am guessing the one ones who stole the food from the farm were Law's group.
  13. Finally caught up to episode 66. Must say that fighting sequence with momoshiki was amazing. I am guessing since they used so many shots from the Boruto movie directly, the budget saved there was put in the fight sequence.
  14. AS EXPECTED - For Hawkins those Ten bodies are not enough considering the opponents . Here is to hoping Luffy meets the Law's group quickly. P.S : Next week again break.
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